Hubert & Stacy

Hello! We are Stacy & Hubert

Hello & Thank You for taking the time to get to know us. We’re Stacy and Hubert. We have so much respect and admiration for the loving and courageous decision you are making.

Both of us are excited to meet you and hear what your hopes and dreams are for your child. We’re also excited for you to learn a bit about us. We want you to be just as excited in choosing us as we will be raising a child!

THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US FOR THE HONOR AND JOY TO PARENT YOUR CHILD. Adoption is our path to having a family, and we are so very excited to begin this amazing journey!

A bit about us – we’ve been married for nine years, together for fifteen years. Our first date was in Omaha, Nebraska (we’re both from the Midwest). We met online and after a month or so of emails and calls, we met for a drink that soon turned into a long dinner eating sushi and talking about us and our families.

After a year of dating filled with concerts, plays, baseball games, college football, golf (did we mention we’re sports fans?!), Hubert asked Stacy to move to San Francisco with him. Stacy immediately said yes and before you knew it we were apartment hunting for our first home together.

We still live in San Francisco, and quite honestly cannot imagine living anywhere else. We both have successful careers, volunteer at local food banks and our synagogue, and have season tickets to San Francisco Giants baseball games. At home, we enjoy hosting our friends and family for dinners. We also travel to Nebraska, Texas, Kansas and Virginia to see our family and friends.

We have a four-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Ernie. HE’S INCREDIBLY KID-FRIENDLY. Our friends’ children are endlessly entertained by Ernie and he in turn adores them.

We refer to Ernie as a “marshmallow”! He’s very gentle, good natured and loves his “couch time” after playing at the dog park or walks in the neighborhood and/or beach. One of our friends’ toddler son loves Ernie so much he refers to our house as Ernie’s house!

Hello! We are Stacy & Hubert

Meet Stacy

I’m the oldest of four girls – interesting fact- my two youngest sisters are 20+ years younger than me. My Mom taught elementary school and my Dad worked in higher education. A favorite childhood memory is vacationing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

After graduating from college, I worked in college recruiting and then transitioned to corporate recruiting. I am an executive recruiter for a large retailer in San Francisco. I LOVE MY CAREER; YET, BELIEVE IN THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY FIRST. I also believe in a healthy, active lifestyle. I work out consistently during the week – huge fan of spin and running. I’ve completed two half marathons.

More about Stacy from Hubert: Stacy is fun loving and good natured. I’m inspired by her everyday as she loves unconditionally, lives life to the fullest and brings out the best in everyone she meets. She’s the person we turn to for activities to keep the mind, body and soul healthy. She’s also the one to suggest we go to Friday Night Services or have a family Shabbat Dinner. Stacy’s attention to family and friends is incredible. She’s fun and energetic. I cannot wait to see her as a Mom! Her passion for life, unconditional love and good-natured demeanor are just a few of the reasons why I know Stacy will be a great mom.

Fun Facts:
• Shopping is my jam. I’m excited to shop for books, clothes and toys for our future child.
• My happy place is hanging out at home in front of our fireplace with Hubert and our dog, Ernie.
• Hawaii is my all-time favorite vacation spot – we travel to the Big Island for both fun and work. Hubert’s company has an annual meeting there for families, with events centered around kids and families.
• I love farmers markets, and can’t wait to go with our toddler in a stroller nibbling on fresh fruit.
• Another favorite is a great read by the pool or on the beach. I dream of the day when I’ll be able to read stories to our future child.

Meet Stacy

Meet Hubert

Education, sports and family were a big part of my life growing up. In high school I was on the swim and golf teams, and played competitive golf in college. Favorite memories growing up were golfing with my Dad, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle. I now work for a Fortune 500 tech company based in San Francisco; where I’m Vice President in the Finance Department.

More about Hubert from Stacy: HUBERT IS THE KINDEST, MOST CARING, LOVING MAN WHO HAS THIS INNATE ABILITY TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ROOM. Hubert has a love for life that is infectious. He loves to find the fun and joy in everything – from finding the latest gadget in a hardware store to scouting out a new ice cream flavor to booking our next trip to Hawaii – he’s the best example of joy in the doing.

He supports me, brings out the best in me and showers me with unconditional love and support. I can’t wait to see him exhibit these same traits and more as a Dad.

He’s going to be a great Dad because he sees the bigger picture, doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and is always positive. He’s amazing with our nieces our nephew.

Fun Facts:
• Family is number one for me.
• SF Giants and the University of Nebraska athletic teams are my all-time favorite sports teams.
• Giving back to the community is really important to me – I sit on a neighborhood community Board of Directors, am a member of the Board of Directors for Jewish Vocational Services and we also give back to my alma mater, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I look forward to the opportunity for our family to volunteer in the community together.
• My all -time favorite food is Stacy’s homemade risotto.
• I love walking our dog (Ernie) with Stacy and taking him to different dog parks throughout the city and bay area.
• My workout routine is pretty standard – a few days a week swimming at our gym. I can’t wait to accompany our little one to swim lessons!

Meet Hubert

The People We Love

Hubert’s parents live in Nebraska where Hubert’s Dad is an avid golfer and his Mom is an epic baker! They visit San Francisco several times a year.

Stacy’s parents divorced when she was a senior in high school, each remarrying when Stacy was in college. Her Mom and Stepfather live just outside of Austin, Texas. They love to travel and also visit us often. Stacy’s Dad and Stepmother live in Virginia and have a summer home in northern Michigan that they hope will become a family cottage where we all meet for summer vacations. Stacy has three younger sisters, two of whom are still in college and another sister who lives in Nebraska with her husband and infant son.

HOLIDAYS ARE SPENT WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Jewish High Holidays are split between Nebraska and San Francisco. Stacy’s parents, sister and brother in law spend Thanksgiving at our house where it’s a tradition for Stacy’s Mom to make cinnamon rolls before we gorge on turkey and all the fixings. Hanukkah is spent at home lighting the menorah every evening, exchanging a gift and devouring delicious latkes. For Passover, family and friends join us for the first night meal.

The People We Love

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Where We Live: California has everything we want and we love living here! We live in San Francisco, California, in a multi-level, four-bedroom, three full bath condo that we own. Our kitchen is perfect for Hubert making waffles on Sundays and Stacy making cookies Saturday afternoons!

Our home is on a tree-lined street where other families live with children. We’re within a block or so of a playground and within walking distance to grocery stores, farmers markets and one of Hubert’s Dad’s favorite ice cream shops and bakery. An elementary school is just a few blocks away, where one of friends’ daughter is a first grader.

One Last Thank You: Thank you for reading our profile, and taking the time to learn a bit about us. We can’t imagine what you may be feeling right now, but we admire your courage and the love you have for your child.

You would be giving us an incredible gift to entrust us with the care of your child. If you choose us, we promise to shower your child with love, encouragement and support and provide him/her with the brightest future possible. WE VALUE THE OPENNESS IN ADOPTION SO THAT YOUR CHILD WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW THE PEOPLE THAT GAVE HIM/HER LIFE.

Our Promise To You:

We promise you we will create a home for your child that is filled with love, compassion, happiness and humor.

Our Promise To Your Child:
• A safe home filled with unconditional love
• He/she will be cherished by grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends
• Education will be top priority
• Laugh and have fun every day
• Know their adoption story
• Always be your child’s biggest cheerleader and supporter

Our Home and Closing Thoughts