Jake & Heather

Hello! We are Heather and Jake

Dear Birth Mother or Birth Parents: THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW US. We admire you for considering adoption and it’s definitely not lost on us that what could be the happiest day of our lives is likely the hardest day of yours.

We chose open adoption because, through all the research we did and people we spoke to including both adoptive parents and friends who were adopted, it seemed the best option for everyone involved. If you decide to make an adoption plan, we want to assure you that we promise to respect you and honor the level of openness and contact we all agree upon.

We promise your child will definitely know they are loved. They will know they are adopted from the start, where they come from and the circumstances of their adoption.

We look forward to growing our family of two to three. If you choose us, we would be honored to go on this journey with you.

Casting the roles of Husband and Wife: We met when we were cast in a production of The Philadelphia Story. Though we had chatted throughout the run of the show, it all really started when, the night the show closed, the cast went out to celebrate and we ended up sitting next to one another. We talked pretty much nonstop all night but Jake left without asking for Heather’s phone number. Heather decided to take charge and sent Jake an email saying how much she enjoyed talking to him. This time, Jake took the hint and responded asking for a date.

Our first date was seeing a play in Berkeley. Jake proposed, at midnight, exactly one year to the day after our first date and we were were married one year after that.

We had a beautiful wedding during the holidays in a historic San Francisco hotel surrounded by family and friends joining us from all over the country.

Jake works as a professional actor focusing on independent films, voice overs and, when that work is scarce, he works in customer service for a large security company. Heather handles education for a global beauty company.

We enjoy living close to family and friends so we can hang out at a moments notice whether it’s getting together for a family dinner or catching a movie on a weeknight.

Just For Fun:
• We both are avid readers.
• Heather rides horses.
• Heather is a big college football fan and she loves her USC Trojans.
• We both love cooking and trying out new recipes.
• We love to watch movies. We have at least 1500 in our DVD collection.
• Jake plays video games as well as tabletop RPGs.
• Jake enjoys listening to vinyl.

Hello! We are Heather and Jake

Meet Heather

Meet Heather by Jake: Let me tell you a little about my favorite person, my wife Heather. Heather likes to spend her free time with me, our pets, our friends and our family. She has recently been volunteering with a rescue program to find homes for senior German Shepards. It is the same program our dog Bonnie came from and she was so moved by what they did, she decided she wanted to do more to help them.

SHE IS AN AMAZING COOK – always eager to try new recipes throughout the week. Every night we have a unique dish for dinner. We both believe that dinner is a very important meal. A time when we can share our work day as well as thoughts and ideas. We both look forward to the time so we can reconnect.

By day…
Heather runs the education program for a large cosmetics company. She’s always looking for ways to do her job better by incorporating feedback she receives. I love how she’s smart and independent. An excellent example of a role model. At a recent company retreat, her peers gave her a Spirit Award because of her teamwork.

One thing I really love about her is her laugh, it’s infectious. You can’t help but laugh with her. As soon as she starts laughing, everyone starts laughing. She’s my best friend and I truly believe she would make a wonderful mother.

Meet Heather

Meet Jake

About Jake, by Heather: Jake grew up on the peninsula right outside of San Francisco and went to college in southern California. In high school he developed a love for acting and decided to focus on that as his major for college. He also has an interest in computers so he decided to get an Associates Degree in Computer Science as well.

Jake’s love and dedication to acting is one of the first things that impressed me about him. He is completely committed to being the very best actor he can be and he puts in the hard work to make sure that is a reality. He doesn’t want to be famous – that’s not why he decided to become an actor.

I appreciate that he will instill that type of tenacity and passion for doing what you really love to do in our child.

Since getting cast for acting jobs is never guaranteed, Jake also works in Customer Service for a large computer company. He works equally hard there by always volunteering to take on extra hours or shifts. These two careers will allow Jake the flexibility to be a STAY-AT-HOME DAD once we are chosen to become parents.

I am thankful that our child will get to benefit from staying home with Jake. Not only does he exhibit love and caring freely, he also has a terrific sense of fun. He’s a huge movie and music buff so I can see him sharing that love with our son or daughter. He encourages me to always feel good about myself so I’m confident he’ll do the same for our child.

Meet Jake

This Is Our Village

We have both our families living nearby. Heather is the godparent to two little girls so we like to spend time with both girls and their families whenever we can, attending their dance recitals and sporting events.

We find our families and our friends have merged and we tend to celebrate life’s big events all together. This group of people is excited to support us as we become parents through adoption and can’t wait to meet our child.

Meet the “fur” babies:
• Henri is a 7 year old Pomeranian who is the boss of the bunch.
• Betty is a 9 year old teeny tiny terrier mix. Betty takes a bit to warm up to people but, once she does, she’s your friend for life.
• At 10 years old, Bonnie is considered a senior citizen by German Shepard standards. She is a beauty with the calmest, friendliest personality.
• Jeezy is our 14 year old Miniature Pinscher. He is blind but it hasn’t altered his sweet personality.
• Jack is our cat we rescued several years ago. He’s been around dogs so long that he thinks he’s one of them.

This Is Our Village

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Where We Live: We live in the San Francisco Bay Area in a safe and diverse neighborhood filled with families and children. We are close enough to downtown that we can walk to have lunch or dinner at our favorite restaurant or catch a movie. The best part is we are perfectly situated between San Francisco and San Jose in a great school district.

Our Commitment: Raising a child will change every day, evolve each passing week and month, as we all grow and change. What we know for sure is we won’t go a single day without saying thank you for what we get to create together. We definitely know we have some commitments we’ve made to one another where raising a child is concerned.

• We promise our child will know they are loved.
• We promise to teach our child to take responsibility for themselves.
• We promise to teach our child respect – for people, nature, animals, the gift of each day.
• We promise to teach our child to be compassionate, to recognize the importance of how others feel and to know that they can make a difference in other people’s lives by being kind.
• Generosity has the potential to be life-changing. We want our child to know that it is much better and more rewarding to give than to receive.
• We will teach that gratitude is everything.
• It’s natural to make mistakes and we want to exemplify the importance of being as honest as possible – to evolve is to be honest and reflect.

In Closing: WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BECOME PARENTS. We appreciate you taking the time to read about us and considering us to be part of your child’s life. We understand this is a decision that will connect us for a lifetime and, whatever you decide, we are wishing you and your child all the very best. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts