Dear Expectant Mother,
Hello! I’m Jasmine from Southern California. Thank you for taking the time to review my profile and consider me as an adoptive parent to your child. As you can see Lucas would love to become a big brother and I can’t wait to grow our family through adoption again!

There is nothing in the world I want more than to be a parent again and share a world of love and family with another child. I was born, the 7th of 8 children to parents who were married 59 years prior to my Dad’s passing. I grew up in a nurturing environment, where I always felt loved and safe, and family was always the priority. I look forward to providing the same kind of warm home and unconditional love to a child, that my parents did for me and my siblings.

Hello! I’m Lucas and I want to be your child’s big brother. I was born 6 years ago and my Mommy, Jasmine, adopted me when I was just three days old! Since that time, we have had so many wonderful experiences.

First, my mom is from France so we go there a few times a year to meet with all my big family. Mom makes sure I learn all my French words and Dad keeps me on my toes with English. I also go to a great school that teaches both languages. My favorite class right now is robotics and I just love figuring out how to make things work. After school I get to do all kinds of neat things, like learning how to swim, surf, skateboard, ride horses, Jiu Jitsu, piano and chorale. I stay pretty busy, but still have lots of time to play with my friends and my family.

As a family we like to:
• Attend festivals & movie nights at the park
• Surf
• Play games at the beach
• Looking at the stars

Our Top 10 Favorites:
1. Exercise: we love activity indoors or out
2. Snuggle up and read a book together
3. Enjoy a wonderful meal as a family
4. Exploring the outdoors
5. Impromptu dance party: we love to break out cool moves in our family room filled with lights from our Disco Ball
6. Have fun planning our annual vacation
7. Going to the movies
8. Barbecuing at the beach
9. Going whale watching on a boat
10. Spending time with friends and neighbors

“Maman” (my Mom Jasmine):
I guess I should tell you more about my mom. My mom is the best mom in the world! She always makes me feel so good and takes great care of me. When I’m sad she always knows how to cheer me up and lets me cuddle with her any time I want. But sometimes when I get up to mischief, she puts me in a time out. My parents say it’s for my own good that I learn how to play nice and be polite.

My Daddy’s name is Shawn! Daddy is big and strong, and we like to play different games together. Sometimes he pretends to be a monster that’s going to catch me and eat me, but I know that he never would really eat me, I think! Daddy is a doctor that knows how to take care of all my boo-boos and what to do if I get a cold.


More About Jasmine

More About Jasmine – By Jasmine: They say “it takes a village” … to raise a child. Having come from a family with eight children, I have seen from my parents what a huge commitment parenting is and have always known I wanted to be a mother. I am outgoing and self-motivated, which has helped me to be successful in my career. I am a vice-president of a furniture company. I am very fortunate to be financially stable in my career and to be able to work from home with a very flexible schedule.

Things I Look Forward to Doing with Lucas and my Future Child:
• Teaching them how to cook
• Looking for shells on the beach
• Slumber parties
• Trips to visit family in France
• Learning to swim

I will offer your child not only my love and commitment but that of so many people in my life who cannot wait to welcome he or she into their hearts as well!

More About Jasmine

About Lucas & Shawn

Lucas – By Jasmine: It is hard for me to believe that more than 6 years ago my life changed forever in an amazing way.

I adopted my son Lucas and he has changed my life in ways you can only imagine.

Lucas is a sweet, gentle kid. He cares about people and truly believes in helping others.
I have loved every day of being Lucas’s parent and I can’t wait to welcome another child and their birth family into all of our lives.

About Shawn – By Shawn: Hi, I’m Shawn, Jasmine’s partner and Lucas’ Dad
I met Jasmine at a friend’s dinner party in 2013 and I have been with her and Lucas since. From the moment I saw her I was in love, and over the years, I have been amazed by her energy and enthusiasm. She is an excellent mother to Lucas.

My time is spent as a physician, author and public speaker and a vital part of our family. One thing I can say without hesitation is that Lucas is loved beyond measure. This is the same environment that we wish to provide for another child. We want our children to feel tremendously safe, loved and able to succeed. No two children are ever the same and we look forward to watching them grow and develop their unique talents. Our greatest joy is the family we have built. Our son and our future child are the center of our family.

About Lucas & Shawn

About My Family

About my Family: I come from a very close, tight knit family. Love, laughter, singing and dancing are my childhood memories.

Family gatherings and cooking were a part of my upbringing. I am the second youngest of eight children and have always been protected by my siblings. I have a great sense of adventure which led me to move to the United States, but not alone- my sister Sophie, who I am in contact with daily. I lost my Dad eleven years ago and my mother two years ago and miss them every day. My relationship with my mother was quite remarkable. She was funny and loving and always taught me to be kind and generous to others. We speak several times a week and share confidences, gossip and recipes.

I visit France as often as I can and am always with my family every other Christmas. My older sister, Malika, comes to visit often and gets to spend a few months with us. My large family is loving and caring and cannot wait for a new addition to the family!

5 Favorite Family Traditions:
• Christmas tree decoration is a big deal for us!
• Our annual trip to France in the summer is always Epic!
• Trick or treating on Halloween
• Call up family in France or San Francisco once a week with Lucas: It is a great way to stay in touch
• Star gazing in our second home in Clinton, Washington: We learn about constellations

About My Family

Our Homes & Thank You!

Our Homes and Communities: We recently moved into a wonderful home in Laguna Hills, California that is just waiting for another baby. Our three-level home is perfectly located close to the beach and has access to horseback trails right from the backyard. It’s a wonderful property with a beautiful garden, pool, jacuzzi and basketball court; a perfect set up for a wonderful childhood. The lower level of the yard has a fun little casita with two horse stables and an adjacent arena. Just up the street is a wonderful playground.

We enjoy a second home, too! My home life in Washington State is peaceful and nurturing. My warm, three bedrooms home in Clinton, Washington State, has a spectacular ocean view. We enjoy kayaking, crabbing, hiking, walking at the beach in the summer. Every year, in February, we go up and spend the week where Lucas enjoys skiing. We enjoy spending time there during the summer. We can’t wait to raise another child in our lovely homes and communities.

Meet Our Pups!
Sacha, an English Golden Retriever, is likely the sweetest dog alive. She enjoys lounging in the house, running on trails and especially getting petted. She loves to lay on the ground and have her stomach rubbed. Sacha is the family guardian and truly is a vital part of our lives.

Maximus, is a surely part clown. He is a fluffy white little ball of fur known as Cotton de Tulear. Maximus has brightened our lives and gives us a laugh on an almost daily basis. He loves to play chase with Lucas and Sacha.

Thank you: Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and the life we would like to provide to your child. Please rest assured that if you place your child with us, they will enjoy two lovely homes, international travel and a quality education, lots of cousins and of course, our unconditional love and undivided attention.

This is my promise to you. I want you to feel comfortable with the decision you make and hope that if I am chosen that you can find comfort in knowing, your child is being raised in a loving and supportive home by a devoted parent. Your child would be loved and treasured by us, every day of his or her live. I hope that my experience can guide us all and assist in this process.

Our Homes & Thank You!