Jason and Tim


Hi from Tim, Jason & Colt from Erie, Pennsylvania! We are looking forward to when the paths of each of our lives will cross. We chose to adopt Colt nearly four years ago and it was the best decision we ever made which is why we’ve chosen adoption again to grow our family. We admire your courage in considering adoption. Thank you for taking the time to get a glimpse into our lives and get to know us and Colt a little better. We would be honored to have your child be a part of our family. We also can’t wait to have YOU as a part of our family!

Our Love Story: We met over 20 years ago while Tim was in college interning in Virginia. A night out turned into a lifelong partnership. One request to dance quickly spiraled into wanting to talk all night and spending time with each other as much as we could. Our share of a strong work ethic, love for family and craving for adventure has kept our marriage strong. Our next chapter is to grow our family which we are excited to do through adoption again.

We’ve always enjoyed spicing up our life with travel and adventure. One of our favorite countries we visited was Peru. We have a newfound love of cruising. We love going on cruises for its simplicity of having everything on the ship and the many ports of call to explore.

We enjoy sharing our love for travel and adventure with our son Colt and our extended family. At least once a year we plan a trip with Jason’s family to somewhere we haven’t been. One year we traveled to Hershey, PA and made our own candy bars.

We feel lucky that we don’t need to travel far for adventure. Our property offers 20 acres of adventure, from swimming in the summer to sledding in the winter.

Five Things We Will Teach Our Children

  • Be kind.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • We love you unconditionally.
  • Work hard for what you want.
  • You can do anything.

About Jason

Meet Jason by Tim: I admire Jason’s strong work ethic and how he can take on very high-level projects within the hospital that he works at while still coming home and being a dad.

He is very involved when we take Colt out to classes or adventures. He especially enjoys the Home Depot classes with Colt.

Jason has a love for anything that is ‘behind-the-scenes’. When we go on cruises, he’s always the first to sign up for a tour to see the inner workings of the ship and to visit areas on the ship that aren’t allowed to other guests. He can get away from everything when he is taking his Corvette for a spin or taking the four-wheeler out for a ride on our property. His love for hats means you’ll rarely see him without a hat on. I will never understand his love for claw machines but I root him on even when the objects drop. Jason is the rock and foundation of our family.

About Jason’s Work: Jason started off as a 911 dispatcher and fire-rescue volunteer before I met him. After years of hard work, he earned his spot in Executive Leadership at our local hospital. He is admired by a lot in his profession and respected by his peers across the country. I think it’s uncommon these days to work in a field and place that you are truly passionate about. Jason has that.

It’s not uncommon to see Jason in an interview on the news. He is often chosen as the representative for the hospital in emergency situations. He has most recently taken lead in many aspects of the current pandemic and vaccination process. Colt enjoys Jason’s work as well since he’s been able to get personal tours of a medical helicopter, ambulance and fire truck!


Dessert: Funnel Cake

Game: Monopoly

Holiday: Christmas

Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


About Jason

About Tim

Meet Tim by Jason: I admire most seeing Tim become a father. Anyone that knows us will tell you becoming a father was Tim’s dream. Since the day he held Colt for the first time, his priority has been Colt. Once we are able to grow our family, I know his commitment to being an amazing father will only grow! Tim is naturally a nurturer. He has a tendency to research almost everything to make sure he is providing the best care for Colt. He has been fortunate to work in the graphics industry from home which allows him to spend even more quality time with Colt before his school years.

I enjoy Tim’s love for baking, especially seasonal cookies. He is addicted to anything HGTV. Since we’ve had our home, he’s done a lot of DIY projects and builds. I admire his patience for following through with these. He’s most proud of a Monster Jam Monster Truck arena he built from scratch for Colt for his second birthday. He also built an above ground planter which Colt and him have been experimenting with gardening every Spring and Summer. Tim shares my love for travel and adventure from skydiving to the Amazon jungle. Tim loves that he now gets to share his adventures with Colt and also become a kid again through Colt’s adventures. I can’t wait to see Tim become a father again, because he has so much fun with it!

More on Tim’s Hobbies: My favorite hobby is renovations and anything HGTV. I have also grown a love for gardening. My biggest gardening attempt last year was a pumpkin patch. We grew 20 pumpkins! I really enjoy traveling, especially to less developed countries. I like ‘roughing’ it and being immersed in a different culture. Even though I like traveling, I’m just as content sitting in the house binge watching seasons of the latest hit on Netflix.


Dessert: Carrot Cake

Game: Mario Kart

Holiday: Christmas

Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies n’ Crème

About Tim

Our Neck of the Woods

We love our home in Erie, Pennsylvania! Our house sits on 20 acres of mostly wooded land. This means there are a lot of adventures! Our favorite are the four-wheeler trails. It also means that we see all kinds of wildlife in our backyard. Our above ground pool is a hit in the warmer months. Tim has built above ground planters that we started a garden that includes strawberries, carrots and tomatoes. We look forward to experimenting with different vegetables and fruits each year. Our property is in a semi-rural area that gives us privacy while still being close to the big cities Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo.

With the changing seasons in our area, the land we live on provides a different adventure depending on the season from four wheeling and picking fruit to sledding and building snowmen. The inside of our home, let’s be honest, is full of toys! We keep our home tidy, but it is not a museum. You will find a Peppa Pig kitchen in our foyer and construction trucks in our living room. It’s not for the lack of space since Colt has a playroom plus a good portion of our basement as a play space, but we follow his imagination which sometimes means toys leak out into shared space.

Our Pets: We rescued our cats Natalie and Marley as a sibling pair 3 years ago.

Natalie is very vocal and affectionate. If you sit down, be prepared for Natalie to come next to you for some attention.

Marley is a little pickier with his affection, but once he comes to you, he almost immediately flips on his back for belly rubs. Yes, a cat that loves belly rubs! He especially loves getting belly rubs from Colt.

Our Neck of the Woods

Our Family

Meet Colt – Big Brother to Be: We adopted Colt when he was a newborn. He is now 4 years old and has grown to be a very adventurous little boy with a big imagination. He especially loves all kinds of trucks. He enjoys dressing up in costumes like a UPS man. In the summer you will find him at his favorite beach or jumping in muddy puddles in our back yard. He loves to explore our property with his side by side or his tractor. He has a big sweet tooth! He loves to learn more about different animals through our local zoo classes.

He is a very energetic and talkative little man. He has a huge heart and simply enjoys life. He has the most knowledge of us all about anything construction related and has talent for remembering lyrics to songs. He is gentle and playful with our cats. He is extremely excited about teaching a baby everything he knows. He can’t wait to have a baby brother or sister soon!

Colt’s Favorites

Food: PB&J

Book: Little Excavator

Movie: Frozen 2

Song: International Harvester

Our Loved Ones: Tim has a brother and sisters on each coast of the US. We FaceTime often and enjoy when they are able to visit us or when we travel to see them. Tim’s mom and dad also live in our same city. We have a family dinner at least once a week and we often get together for adventures at the Zoo or even a Monster Truck show. Tim’s parents have a playroom for Colt in their home that he loves to go and visit.

Jason’s family live in Virginia. We FaceTime every week, most of the time multiple times a week. Colt enjoys getting cards and surprise packages in the mail from his Grandma and Grandpa. We plan a couple trips every year to meet up with them. We enjoy the quality family time and going on adventures like paddle boats, an escape room and Lego museum.

Meme (Jamie): Jamie, or Meme as Colt calls her, has been a part of our family since Colt was 10 weeks old. She is Colt’s caregiver and comes to our home to take care of Colt while we are working. The bond Jamie has with Colt is special. Her genuine care for Colt and her heartfelt support of our family adds strength and support for us. We have a lot of fun with Jamie being a part of our family vacations and special events! She is also looking forward to us growing our family.

Our Closing Thoughts: Being parents was a natural next step for us in our relationship. We are patient, adventurous and opportunity-providing parents. We look for different opportunities in our community so that Colt can thrive, mentally and physically and it has paid off. We look forward to growing our family to share that with.

One of the things we look forward to the most in growing our family is seeing how Colt develops with a new baby in the family. We know how special bonds are with siblings and look forward to Colt experiencing that. We look forward to sharing our passions of love, travel and adventures with another child.

It has been an honor for us to share a peek into our lives. It would be a great pleasure to also learn more about you and your hopes and dreams for your child. We commit to provide you strength throughout this process and would be grateful if you allow us to be a part of your journey. We hope your journey doesn’t end with adoption, but instead, continues as part of our family.

With Love and Admiration,

Tim, Jason and Colt

Our Family