Jason & Jennifer

Jennifer and Jason


Thank you so much for considering us. We respect and honor you for carefully considering what is best for your child. If you choose us, we promise to let your child know what a selfless and loving decision you made and you will always be respected and honored in our home. We look forward to getting to know you and learning about your hopes and dreams for your child.

The Beginning:

We met through online dating. On our first date, we realized that we just missed meeting each other at a mutual friend’s birthday party the week before. We had much in common and quickly connected about our love for family and children. We believe it was fate that we were meant to meet! We have a happy and strong marriage built on a foundation of love, respect, honesty and daily laughter. We have a happy life and want nothing more than to share our love with a child.

We both very much want a family, but we aren’t able to have children. What’s important is sharing our love with a child. When Jennifer’s friend adopted a child, we saw how adoption can make the circle of love and family even bigger for a child. If you choose us, we promise to give your child a safe home, a happy childhood, and all our unconditional love.

We Will Teach Our Child:
1. Laughing is one of the most important things to do each day.
2. Be true to yourself.
3. Treat others with kindness and compassion.
4. Live with honesty and integrity
5. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn.
6. That we love her/him unconditionally.

Jennifer and Jason

About Jennifer (by Jason)

Jennifer is my favorite person in the world. She has integrity and she lives her life with compassion towards others. She volunteered in homeless shelters and on a crisis hotline for abused women.

She became a vegetarian because of her love for animals. One of her favorite memories is about her volunteer visit to an elephant refuge overseas. She recently cooked meals and babysat for our friends when they were having a second child. She will be a wonderful role model for our child.

Jennifer also has a gentle and caring way with children. She loves to laugh and play with our nieces and nephews and our friends’ children. They do things together like playing card games, making favorite foods, reading books, or playing at the playground. She has an incredible way with kids, and she’ll be a wonderful, caring, and fun mother.

Jennifer’s Career:

Jennifer works in a school district, providing research and data to improve educational programs. Her job is flexible and she plans to work part time once the baby is born.

5 Things That Make Me Happy – by Jennifer
• Laughing with Jason (something we do often)
• A walk in the woods
• Gardening
• Cooking and sharing dinners with our good friends and their kids
• Curling up at home with our cat and a good book

Fun Facts About Jennifer

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Went to college in: Indiana, England, and South Africa
Favorite Quote: “Your greatest strength is love. Your greatest weakness is fear.” – Yogi Bhajan
Favorite Children’s Book: Charlotte’s Web
Favorite guilty pleasure: Super fudge chunk chocolate ice cream.
Dream job: Florist (I love flowers)
Favorite smell: Jason’s homemade waffles topped with raspberries.
Favorite childhood memory: Sleepovers at Grandma’s house

About Jennifer (by Jason)

About Jason (by Jennifer)

I feel so blessed to have met Jason, and look forward to raising a family and growing old with him. Jason is a genuinely happy and easygoing person who is a natural with children.

Jason likes to make everyday a fun and special time, especially for kids. During a recent visit from our niece and nephews, Jason put up a tent in the den for them. They loved “camping out” in our house. He is very focused on family, and enjoys taking them to our favorite outdoor places in the Rocky Mountains. He is so excited to share camping and many fun and beautiful outdoor places with our child.

Jason was once a math teacher, and he enjoys helping other people learn.

Once when we were on a summer vacation with his family, his two older nephews wanted to learn how to play a difficult board game. Jason enjoyed staying at the cabin to teach them while the rest of the family went off for an outing. Their mom told me that Uncle Jason is a “rock star” to her children. Jason is the perfect combination of a highly responsible and dependable man who also has a fun, playful side, especially with kids. I can’t imagine a better father for our child.

Jason’s Career

Jason worked for many years as a math teacher and has coached other teachers who want to improve their teaching skills. He completed a master’s degree in statistics and now works in educational research and administration at a University – his work helps to improve education. Jason is hard-working and is a very patient teacher. He is looking forward to helping our child learn and grow into a happy person.

5 Things That Make Me Happy – By Jason

• Being with Jennifer
• Camping with my family in the Rocky Mountains
• Listening to my favorite music
• Doing a job well
• Being the handy-man of our house

Fun Facts About Jason:

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Lived and Taught School in: Berlin, Germany for three years
Favorite Quote: The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.
Favorite Children’s Book: Where The Wild Things Are
Favorite Odd Food Combination: Macaroni and Cheese with Ketchup
Favorite Sentimental Childhood Keepsake: Christmas stocking made by my grandmother
Favorite App: Pandora (I love music!)
Favorite Source of Inspiration: Nature

About Jason (by Jennifer)

About Us

How We Spend Our Free Time:

• Camping and picnics in the Rocky Mountains, a quick drive from our home
• Cooking delicious, healthy meals together, like our favorite: lasagna and salad
• Vacations with our nieces and nephews.
• Dinner out at our favorite Thai food restaurant
• Cuddling with our cat, Chloe
• Watching a funny movie
• Going to the local park with our friends and their children
• Picking out fresh fruits and vegetables at our local farmer’s market
• Going to a concert in at Red Rocks Amphitheater
• Bike-riding around our neighborhood

A Few Words From Our Friends

“Jason and Jennifer are responsible, intelligent people who have huge hearts. The child they raise will be well-loved and cared for.”
—from our friend John

“Jennifer and Jason would bring a strong combination of love, caring, and attention, along with strong values and an ability to create structure, routine and boundaries that would support a child. They would be at the very top of my list to care for a child of mine because they consistently show good judgement. They would be devoted to their child, and would do everything they could to care for and create opportunities for their child to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled.” —from our friend Naomi

“Jennifer is a smart, kind and dependable friend. Jason is a hard working, fun guy with a good sense of humor. They make a great team. A child will live a very happy life
in Jennifer and Jason’s household and will enjoy stability, guidance and fun.” —from our friend Haya

“Jason and Jennifer are both fabulous with kids. They can set good limits without being too strict. I so look forward to our kids growing up together! I just can’t imagine a better couple to provide a loving home.” —from our friend Debbie

“Jennifer and Jason are loving, kind, generous, and fun people. My two daughters always love being with them and they will make fabulous parents.” —from our friend Tina

Our Cat, Chloe

Jennifer rescued our cat Chloe from the local animal shelter. We both love animals and had many pets growing up. We look forward to giving our child the joy and friendship of loving a family pet.

Our Family and Friends:

We were both raised in loving families and remain close to them. Your child will have two grandmothers, a grandfather, three uncles, two aunts, six cousins, and many second cousins too. Our entire family is very excited to welcome a new baby to our family.

We treasure holidays and summer vacations with our families. At Christmas, we have a huge family gathering with Jason’s family with all the aunts, uncles, his brother and sister and cousins and all of their children. Last year Jennifer’s family joined Jason’s family for the holiday and it was wonderful to have everyone together at Christmas! Jason’s brother and sister each have three kids and we enjoy spending vacation time with them and their visits with us.

Our child will be Jennifer’s mom’s first grandchild—she can’t wait to love and adore a grandchild! Jennifer‘s family has a tradition of the entire family (with cousins, aunts and uncles) taking vacations at a lake in Indiana. Your child will be a part of these fun family holidays, vacations, and gatherings.

Our close friends with children have become like family to us. They’ve been in our lives for many years, and are kind and supportive and lots of fun. Their children are eager to welcome our child as another playmate.

We are also in an adoptive families’ group in Denver that gathers often for fun times with other adoptive kids and parents. Your child will grow up with friends who share that common bond.

Our Home:

BEAUTIFUL COLORADO: We live in the best of both worlds—in the fun town of Denver with
it’s many opportunities for plays, music, and shopping and just minutes away from the majestic Rocky Mountains! Our neighborhood is full of tree-lined streets, parks and playgrounds. Our home is a very comfortable and pretty red brick home with a front porch, a sun room, and a peaceful, sunny yard.

Our neighborhood is filled with families with young children, so our child will have lots of playmates nearby. We are so excited to raise a child in our happy, peaceful home and

Fun opportunities: We are close to Denver’s museums, plays, and music concerts. We plan to give our child every opportunity to grow, and we believe that those opportunities are all around us in the form of adventures. We look forward to sharing the wonder of beautiful Colorado with our child.

About Us

A New Beginning

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Our wish for you is that whatever decision you make brings you peace and comfort. If you choose us, we will always have deep respect for you, and will teach your child that you love them. We look forward to building a positive relationship with you and want you and your child to maintain contact at a level you are comfortable with. We want to know what your wishes are for your child. We promise to provide a stable, safe and loving home, a place of encouragement, laughter, opportunities and growth. We wish all the best for you and hope that this is not an ending, but a new beginning…

Thank you again, and we hope to talk to you soon!


Jennifer & Jason

A New Beginning