Jason & Kian

Jason & Kian

To A Very Special Woman: Hi! We are Kian and Jason from Orange County, California. Thank you so much for considering us as your child’s future fathers. Adoption has always been how we wanted to make our family, and we couldn’t do it without you. Your bravery and your love for your child will send us on the adventure of a lifetime!

We’re excited for you to learn about the amazing environment we have ready and waiting: a safe space, a loving home, and endless food, family, and friends. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Our love story started with a swipe and as soon as we met, we knew it was right. Two dates a week turned into four, we started sharing drawers in each other’s apartments, and barely three months passed before we got a place together. We married the next year. It’s been five years since we met and we’ve never looked back!

We’re the kind of couple both of us used to find annoying when we were single—we spend almost all our time together, we always get along, and we’ve totally got each other’s back in everything we undertake.

Despite our very different personalities we balance each other so perfectly that it’s been easy to grow as a couple. We respect one another, communicate easily and honestly, and start and finish every day with “I love you.”

We Like To Make Every Day Special: WHETHER IT’S bringing home fresh flowers for one another, inviting friends and family for a big meal, or enjoying any of our made-up holidays and traditions. One of our favorites is “Try Something Sunday,” where the only rule is that we do something we haven’t done before!

In the quiet, day-to-day moments, we like to stay present and enjoy each other’s company. We love taking walks in our beautiful neighborhood, streaming the latest popular show, playing with our cat, and of course we’re always cooking or baking something delicious.

Jason & Kian


A Little About Kian, by Kian:
• I was born and raised in Orange County, California, and I’ve lived up and down the California coast. I came back home when I knew I was ready to lay down roots.

• I work at an environmental nonprofit, MANAGING OUR BEACHFRONT GIFT SHOP! Not only do I get to work someplace beautiful, but my organization emphasizes work-life balance and is super supportive about us starting a family.

• Cooking is one of my creative outlets and one of the ways I show affection—so it’s no surprise that I’m the family chef!

• I love books and I have a passion for creative writing. I try to practice every day and I dream of publishing a book.

Kian Through Jason’s Eyes: Kian’s infectious laugh and beautiful smile put him at the center of any room. He’s so fun to be around! He’s always singing and dancing as he makes his way around the house, turning every little task into a mini musical.

He’s beautiful inside and out—he overflows with passion and affection and never misses an opportunity to tell me how much he loves me. I love coming home from work knowing that he’ll be waiting at the front door for me with a hug and a kiss.

Kian is so curious about everything around him – he speaks three languages fluently (English, Spanish, and Persian) and is comfortable in any tongue when we travel. He’s always discovering some new interest and learning how to master it. I can’t wait to see him express that same passion as a father.



A Little About Jason, by Jason:
• I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I lived there until a particularly brutal winter in 2010 when I realized that enough was enough: I wanted palm trees and the ocean and most importantly, no more shoveling snow!

• I am the HR and PAYROLL MANAGER for a software company. It gives me a lot of perspective on human relationships and how to keep things organized! It’s great to have a job with a flexible schedule and which lets me work from home.

• I’m interested in design, whether that means redecorating a room, hanging a new piece of art, or decorating for the holidays. I’ve already picked out the wallpaper for our nursery and I’m so excited to put together outfits for our future little one!

• When Kian’s buried in one of his books, I’m usually digging for inspiration in one of our art books, our pile of architecture magazines, or one of the design blogs I love to follow!

Jason Through Kian’s Eyes: Whenever I show up anywhere alone, the first question anyone asks me is “Where’s Jason?” That’s not just because the two of us are inseparable, but also because everyone is always excited to see him. That’s because Jason has a unique ability to make everyone he’s with feel special. He’s an amazing listener, he’s got the most peaceful energy, and his smile is enough to warm any heart.

Children (and animals!) are drawn to him, and I always laugh whenever we go to friends’ homes and he gets bowled over by their puppies and kiddos!


Family and Friends

Love Makes A Family: We’re both extremely grateful for our loving and supportive families for helping shape us into the people we are today. Both of our parents have been married for over forty years and have instilled in us a lot of the values that we think make us so successful as a couple.

Kian’s family immigrated to the USA from Iran just before he was born. His parents, sister, and cousins all live nearby and get together frequently. Jason’s family lives in Utah, but either visit frequently or host us at their homes. They’re all so excited for the new addition to the family and to become grandparents for the first time!

We think of our friends as an extension of our family and count ourselves lucky that so many of their little ones call us ‘Uncle’. We also love sitting around the fire listening to our friends bicker about who gets to babysit our child first! We’re so lucky that our child is going to be surrounded by so much love and by such a diverse group.

Family and Friends

Our Home and Promises

Home Sweet Home: We own a beautiful home in a newly developed, quiet neighborhood in Irvine, California. If you’ve heard of it, it’s because our city’s been rated the safest city in America for 15 years in a row. And, because we live in a newer part of town, all the local schools, parks, pools and playgrounds are brand new, state-of-the-art, and at our doorstep (the truth is, Kian can’t wait to have an excuse to hit the playgrounds himself!)

Our home is a retreat filled with houseplants in every corner, cozy furniture to cuddle up into, and relaxing music. We want our home to be the kind of place where friends and family always feel comfortable just swinging by to hang out. Our home is a holiday hub for everything from Persian New Year to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Meet Zzyzx (our cat!) Hard to pronounce, easy to love! Lots of people are sure they have the best cat in the world, but we actually do. Zzyzx is a Bengal, a loving and loyal breed that’s known for behaving like kittens throughout their entire lives. She’s always waiting to greet us at the front door when we get home, she brings us toys so we’ll play fetch with her, and she wiggles her way under the covers at night so she can cuddle up even closer. In short, she’s the purrfect candidate to be our child’s first best friend!

A Promise To Your Child:
• We will LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY. We will be their advocates, teammates, and cheerleaders, no matter what kind of person they grow into.

• We will create a home where THEY ARE SAFE to learn, play, and grow—and make mistakes, too.

• We will TAKE THEM ON ADVENTURES around the world so they can learn about other cultures, see new places, and meet different kinds of people.

• We will provide EVERY EDUCATIONAL ADVANTAGE and opportunity that we can. We will empower them to live out their dreams, whatever they are.

• We will encourage them to be CREATIVE and EXPRESS THEMSELVES FULLY, whether that’s singing, dancing, painting, or playing ball.

• We will make sure they know the story of WHERE THEY CAME FROM and to appreciate the strong woman who made our family complete.

One Last Thing…Thank you.
We truly mean it. Both of us have been dreaming about fatherhood our entire lives. Without your strength, none of it would be possible. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better, and if you have any questions, please reach out!

Our Home and Promises