Jason & Lori

Jason & Lori from PA


Some heartfelt thanks for taking the time to learn about our story! We hope that someday we can meet you face to face to learn about your story. So, to start, here is a glimpse into our life!

While Lori was attending college, she went to a local festival with a friend. Lori’s friend introduced her to her cousin, Jason. It was love at first sight! (It took Jason a little longer).

Once Lori finished her college degree in Animal Sciences Business Management, we got married. We later moved to Jason’s family Dairy Farm to live and work there.

We have always had a desire to have children. After several discouraging and challenging years of infertility, adoption was placed on our hearts through a church program. We are very excited to hear little foots steps, and young voices call us Mom and Dad!

With love,

Jason and Lori

Jason & Lori from PA

About Jason by Lori

Jason- By Lori
Jason is a sincere, hardworking, dependable guy! His farming and faith roots go back many generations. He has a love for the Lord and the land that shows in his everyday faith.

He is the quiet, gentle type that when he speaks, you listen as it is meaningful and needs to be heard! Jason has a quiet sense of humor and generous heart and often does things in the background that people don’t notice to show that he cares, like checking family’s vehicles to make sure everything is okay, or helping a friend in need.

He is a faithful, stable, loving husband and a loyal friend. He enjoys dairy farming, especially the machinery and field work. He can usually fix anything that breaks and enjoys doing it! He has taken welding classes and is very handy at working with metal!

Family time is very important to Jason. Jason also likes to show Lori his love by giving her gifts and buying her new clothes, he knows how to make someone feel special!

Fun Facts about Jason

– His favorite food is Ice Cream-Good thing we have lots of milk!
– He enjoys camp fires with friends and family
– His favorite place to be is a spot on the family farm that has a great view!

About Jason by Lori

About Lori by Jason

Lori has a bright and bubbly personality. She will talk to anyone who will talk back. On some occasions, she has been caught thanking a gas pump!

Lori makes friends easily by making people feel comfortable around her. Lori enjoys singing and dancing around our home. She will many times bust out in song and come dancing across a room. She makes up her own song, no music needed!

Lori works hard around the farm and our home. She takes care of all the animals on the farm and makes sure they are all healthy. She does not stop until they are feeling well.

Lori loves her family. She is always excited to see her nieces and nephews. Often when leaving time comes, a few tears are shed.

She is a person who keeps busy. During spring, she can be found in her garden, summer in her kitchen canning, fall preparing for the holidays and winter crocheting for friends and family.

A general quality of Lori’s is that when she does something, she puts her whole heart into it. I know that she will put all the love she has into being a mother and caring for our family!

Fun Facts about Lori
Lori like a lot of “C” items!
Crocheting-Lori’s Grandma taught her a year ago and Lori hasn’t slowed down since!
Canning- Jason and Lori grow a garden, then can it to have home grown fruits and veggies year around
Cows- Lori didn’t grow up in the country but always loved animals-especially Cows!
Camping/ Camp Fires- Memories are made while roasting hot dogs and marshmallows
Carley Mae- Jason and Lori’s puppy Dog!

About Lori by Jason

Our Families & Farm Life

We live on the farm by Jason’s parents. Their home is a short walk away. We work together and see each other daily. It is good to have caring, loving family close!

Jason has a younger sister that lives 2 hours away. Her and her husband are expecting their first child the end of 2018. Jason’s parents are excitedly awaiting to be grandparents.

Jason has a set of grandparents that are close by and visit with frequently. Jason also has a large extended family so there are always different holidays and celebrations to gather for.

Lori’s mom and her grandparents live in her home town which is an hour away from the farm. Lori has a brother and sister that live out of state. Lori’s brother is married to his high school sweetheart. They have two boys and live in Virginia. The nephews are excited to add another cousin.

Lori’s sister and her husband have 2 young daughters that are growing very fast! We keep in touch a few times each week and see each other multiple times a year! Lori grandparents still host Thanksgiving dinner for their family. It is a very special tradition for our family

Lori’s family likes to go camping around the 4th of July at a State Park near our farm. We also do trips to the beach together.

Any chance we get to spend with our families is where good memories are made!

Farm Life
We live in a valley in Central Pennsylvania. Our farm is 150 acres. The farm is also home to 150 dairy cows and calves. We have a stream running through that farm that can provides lots of opportunity for adventures and family fun.

Animals on the farm

-Cows -all ages and a few different colors! (Black and White, Brown, and Red!)

-Chickens- We have free range chickens that go where they please

-Cats- Wilma is the name of one that Jason’s mom bottle fed when she became an orphan.

– Our Dog, Carley- She loves living on the farm and “helping” with the chores.

-Horse- Cinnamon is Jason’s Sisters childhood horse. She is a gentle horse that loves to eat!

– Ducks- They like to hang around the stream.

Our Families & Farm Life

Our Promise

As parents, we promise to:

-Provide a happy, healthy, safe, and fun home environment
-Pass our values onto them and encourage them to walk with Christ
-Encourage the child to use the gifts God has given them
-Support them in the life journey God has for them
-To listen to our friends and family who have already raised children
-Find everyday moments to teach our child new things
-Instill the values of generosity, honesty, and hard work
-Share the story of your courageous decision and the special way we became a family
-Daily hugs, kisses, giggles and laughs
-Make silly songs and dances
-Surround them with loving, supportive friends and family
-Share our love for the cycle of life and God’s promise of provision through plants and animals

Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We will continue to pray for you. We hope this gave you a glimpse into our life and hope we can meet you someday and hear your story. We thank you for considering us to embrace, love, and cherish your beautiful child.

❤ Jason & Lori

Our Promise