Jason & Nia

Nia & Jason

Dear Beautiful Birth Mother! Hi! We are Nia, Jason and Astrid from warm and sunny Long Beach, California. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us… we are humbled that you are considering our family for your baby.

We will always be open and honest about your child’s adoption story, and they will know of your courage, love and strength.

Having both grown up in big families, we always knew we wanted to be parents. Having our daughter Astrid was the best thing that’s happened to us. After having such difficulty conceiving Astrid, we truly understand what a gift and privilege it is to have a child. We always knew we wanted to adopt to grow our family, and when Astrid asked us for a sibling, we knew it was the right time.

Like you, we want to give them the best life possible, full of love and stability. We want to raise children who are curious, confident, thoughtful and most importantly, kind. We promise to share in their laughter, wipe away their tears, and be there for everything in between – we will be there to cheer them on throughout their lives, during all of their accomplishments, big and small.

About Us:
We met 14 years ago at a friend’s Halloween party. Jason was dressed as Andy Warhol and Nia was dressed as Tinkerbell, an unlikely match at first glance but somehow our friends knew we would be great together and thankfully they stepped in to play matchmaker.

On our very first date, Jason was nervous as it was the first time he had ever cooked for anyone. Nia was so impressed because no one had ever cooked for her on a date before. That night, Jason happened to make her favorite dessert (Creme Brûlée) and that pretty much sealed the deal.

Fast-forward to today:
we still love cooking together, trying new foods and discovering new restaurants. That’s only part of the recipe for our relationship. As it turns out, Jason is an extrovert and Nia is an introvert. Nia likes planning, Jason is more spontaneous, but it creates balance in our relationship and at the end of the day, we’re in it together and are true partners.

Now more than ever, we want to have even more adventures as a family. We can’t wait to continue making new special memories together as a family of four.

Some Family Favorites:
WE’RE BIG FANS OF GOING TO CONCERTS AND SHOWS. We never miss a chance to see our favorite musicians and bands whenever possible.

WE LOVE TRAVELING AND EXPLORING NEW PLACES and experiencing other cultures. We believe that kind of experience helps us to understand the world around us and teaches us about other ways of life. We can’t wait to take our children to explore different cities and countries and learn about the great big world around them.

Nia & Jason


About Jason: I grew up in a small town in Michigan with so many happy memories. I come from a family of seven kids, so our house was always lively with conversation and playful banter. My family was athletic, with each child playing different sports. I was on ice skates since I was 3-years old, and played on various hockey teams until high school graduation. I remember riding bikes and playing outside every day until the sun set. My parents would take us to Chicago a few times a year to watch a Cubs baseball game. In my early twenties, I was a professional touring musician and traveled through Europe and North America. I even received a gold record for my work on one of the albums.

Today, I am a video assist engineer and work on the production of commercials, music videos, and sometimes TV shows and movies. My job gives me the opportunity to be creative. I am grateful that my career gives me a flexible schedule, allowing me to stay at home most days to take care of the kids.

There is nothing more I want than to hang out with my girls, even if it’s just running around doing errands. I enjoy encouraging Astrid to get in touch with her creative side; we are constantly doing art projects together. I love introducing her to music from all genres. Being a dad is my greatest joy, and I can’t wait to welcome another child into our family and become a father again.

More About Jason, by Nia: JASON IS MY BEST FRIEND AND NUMBER ONE SUPPORTER. He is the first person I call on, every time. He is consistently happy and has a positive attitude. Jason is not only funny, but the most down-to-earth person I know. I am amazed at his ability to connect with everyone he meets. He is honest and has the biggest heart. Jason is dependable, generous, kind and playful and he’s always making me laugh, even when I’ve had a rough day.

Jason is an active and present dad. He always makes sure that we spend time enjoying ourselves as a family. He shares in all of the parenting duties including walking Astrid to school, helping out with homework and reading bedtime stories. He loves music and enjoys taking Astrid to Cubs baseball and Kings hockey games. I KNOW THAT HE IS LOOKING FORWARD TO BECOMING A FATHER AGAIN BECAUSE IT BRINGS HIM SO MUCH JOY.

Fun Facts About Jason:
• Has been to all 50 states
• Began collecting vinyl records when he was 19 and now has over 700 albums
• Can play the guitar, bass, and drums



About Nia: I was born in Vietnam and came to America when I was one year old. I grew up in Orange County, California with two younger brothers, both of whom I can’t imagine life without. Growing up, we were surrounded by extended family and cousins, so family is very important to me. I grew up swimming, playing tennis and taking piano lessons.

I’ve been a pharmacist for a decade now and I am grateful for a stable career that has provided our family financial security, a flexible work schedule and most importantly, excellent health benefits.

I enjoy going on hikes, practicing yoga and trying out new foods and restaurants with friends. I believe in working hard but I also believe in enjoying life as well. I want my family to have an abundance of experiences together, from traveling to different cities and countries to sharing everyday activities together like going to the beach, movies or a delicious meal.

About Nia, by Jason: NIA IS SWEET AND VERY LOYAL; SHE MAKES FRIENDS FOR LIFE. She has known most of her close friends for over 30 years. She is thoughtful, loves her family and friends, and always puts them first.

Nia is not only an amazing wife and mother; she is also loving and supportive. SHE BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN US AND CONSTANTLY ENCOURAGES US. Nia is dedicated, kind, intelligent, and compassionate. There’s no one else I’d rather go through this journey called life with.

Fun Facts About Nia:
• Loves breakfast for dinner, especially French toast and fluffy pancakes
• She and her brothers were all born in different countries
• At 5’2 in high school, she was on the hurdling team in track and field and even went to the California semi-finals
• Loves to dance to all kinds of music


Our Family

Meet Astrid: Astrid is genuinely a happy child. She is always smiling, singing and dancing. She constantly amazes us with her enthusiasm for life. She loves swimming in our pool, working on art projects, listening to Jason’s records, laughing and being a silly goofball.

Astrid says she can’t wait to share her “STUFFY animals” with a brother or sister. She has a big heart and gives the best hugs. We know she will be the best big sister. We make sure that she knows she is loved every day, and believe that’s the reason she is such a happy kid.

Meet Our Family: NIA comes from a close-knit family that includes her two younger brothers, mom and stepfather. Everyone lives within 30 minutes of each other and they enjoy meeting for Sunday brunch and of course spend all of the major holidays together. Nia’s mom (“Mema”) is quite possibly the world’s best grandmother and now lives to dote on her grandchildren. Nia’s stepdad is also a devoted grandparent and is typically the last man standing during playtime with Astrid, having endless fun and laughter together. They are both very excited and eager for a new grandbaby to cherish (and spoil!).

JASON comes from a large family and is the youngest of seven siblings. He has four brothers and two sisters. His family is scattered between a few states, but he has a brother and two nephews close by in Los Angeles. His extended family remains close and keeps in touch via Facetime. They visit each other yearly, either in California or Michigan.

Everyone is thrilled at the idea of a new addition to the family!

Our Favorite Family Traditions:
1) Easter egg hunt with friends
2) Lunar New Year celebration with Nia’s family
3) Annual visits to the strawberry farm during the spring
4) July 4th neighborhood block party and bike parade
5) Visiting the pumpkin patch
6) Making Christmas cards and decorating cookies

Our Family

Our Home & Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Our Community: We live in sunny and coastal Long Beach, California, just a few minutes from the Pacific ocean. Our spacious and stylishly modern home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac, filled with young families and kids playing outside every day.

Our neighbors have become more like family, always looking out for one another. Our neighborhood park is just at the end of our street. Astrid’s elementary school is a short walk from home and we enjoy our morning and afternoon strolls to and from.

As a family, we enjoy: monthly trips to Disneyland, going to the ice cream and frozen yogurt shop, having Friday pizza and movie night to celebrate the weekend or having a picnic at the park or beach.

THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING IN LONG BEACH is that we are so close to fun; from the aquarium to great neighborhood restaurants and shops, and we’re surrounded by miles of beaches and just a quick drive away from the mountains or desert. We love the California lifestyle: terrific year-round warmth and sunshine, great places to visit and diverse communities – we can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Our Promise:
• To love your child unconditionally and provide a safe, happy and supportive home.
• To be open and honest about your child’s adoption story and celebrate their unique background.
• To raise them to be respectful, kind and honest.
• To create fun and loving memories with them.
• To give them the opportunity to travel, and have adventures
• To nurture their creativity and help them reach their dreams

In Closing: We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. It’s hard to summarize our life and all we have to offer in a booklet, but we hope that this gives you an idea of who we are and what’s important to us.

We wish you peace of mind as you make the decision that is best for you and your baby. We know it’s a decision that requires courage and faith. We would love nothing more than to bring another child into our family and we would never take a minute of that for granted.

Our Home & Closing Thoughts