Jeffrey & Kathy

Jeffrey & Kathy

Hello! We are Jeffrey and Kathy from Southern California!

We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us to consider us as adoptive parents for your child. Adopting a child has always been a dream of ours. We admire your incredible strength, courage, and selflessness and are honored to possibly be parents of your child. We hope that this glimpse of our lives will show you how much love we have to offer your child.

Please know that your child will be raised in a loving environment, supported by family and friends, and always listen and spend time with them, so we can be the foundation of their life.

We plan to give your child every opportunity learn, grow and travel to be a well-rounded individual who will give back to society. We both believe in helping others, and adoption is the deepest way we know to show that.

Jeffrey & Kathy

About Us

Growing up in sunny Southern California, our paths crossed many times until the right timing. Our similar past made for an easier reunion later. For instance, we both grew up in Chinese speaking households and observe traditional Chinese holidays and celebrations.

After going to the same high school and working together at the same city library, we went separate ways: Kathy to UCLA and Harvard for her Master’s in Public Health, Jeffrey to UC San Diego and Southern California University of Health Sciences for his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

We reconnected on Facebook 10 years later through our mutual love of visiting waterfalls. Our first dates were always hiking to the many waterfalls of Southern California. As our love grew stronger, so did our area of travel, spanning the West Coast of Oregon and Washington, and even National Parks in Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Arizona. Our goal of visiting all US National Parks is half accomplished! Jeffrey even proposed to Kathy atop a waterfall, and our wedding was waterfall and cherry blossom themed. We can’t wait to take our future baby to see his/her first waterfall!

Besides our jobs, we look forward to Sunday “Family Day” when we have our “dates”. We take walks to explore Southern California, read at the arboretum, hike the local mountains, and attend cultural places and events such as museums, farmer’s markets, musicals, and ethnic events.

This keeps us active and healthy since we regularly exercise, travel, and eat healthy during the weekdays so we may indulge on weekends. We are fortunate our parents live close by so we can visit them weekly. They are just as excited about adoption as we are!

Adoption came naturally for us. For Jeffrey, in 7th grade, he found his calling to serve others and proceeded to become a doctor. To complete his life, he knew at an early age that adoption was a must in his life. Kathy shares the same feelings of helping others, which is why she is also in healthcare field. We feel we are fortunate to fulfill our destiny by adoption. When we share our adoption dreams with family and friends, we discovered we have many friends who already have adopted, or planning to.

We are excited to start the next chapter of our lives with a family. We are here with open arms to give your child the best life possible and expose them to all that life has to offer.

About Us

About Jeffrey

I grew up in South Pasadena, CA, a small town where you knew your neighbors, and a graduating class of just over 300 seniors. My interests then and now are basketball, computers, and cars.

At University of California, San Diego, I majored in Animal Physiology and Neurology, which prepared me for entry to Southern California University of Health Sciences where I became a Doctor of Chiropractic.

After running Cross Country and Track in school, I continued to run several marathons and still do now. I am also deeply involved with professional badminton, as I am the physician to USA Badminton and Chiropractor to US Olympics.

Because I have my own private practice, my schedule is very flexible. I am able to go part-time to care for our future child, drive them around to doctors’ visits, day care, and activities. I look forward to showing my future child the world through traveling and teaching them to be an entrepreneur.

My favorite animal is a tiger, and my favorite fictional characters are Batman and Stich from Lilo & Stitch.

5 Things that Makes Jeffrey Happy
1. Hiking to waterfalls
2. Exploring local culture
3. Watching movies with Kathy
4. Trying new foods
5. Off roading

About Jeffrey

About Kathy

I am Chinese born in Vietnam and grew up in Los Angeles’s Chinatown. My family is very important to me. Some of my favorite childhood memories include camping with family and cousins, opening Christmas gifts with cousins, and going to aquariums, flower fields, and Disneyland with family.

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family meant being instilled with strong Chinese cultural values including speaking Chinese and cooking traditional Chinese meals. A typical Chinese New Year celebration with my family involves my dad cooking a delicious 5 course meal for us or we eat out at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant or Chinese restaurant.

To connect with more people, I speak English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin. To further improve my Mandarin, I lived in Taiwan for a year teaching English at elementary schools. I love kids as they are so full of energy. It brings me joy to see them have a thirst to learn and play fun games. I also spent some time in Puerto Rico to further my Spanish skills.

My Career
I currently work as a Program Manager at LA Care Health Plan in the Managed Long Term Care Services Department. My training is in Public Health so I’m great at my job doing policies/procedures, grants, workflows, managing large projects and data analysis to improve the health of low income populations in Los Angeles.

I enjoy my job everyday as I love analyzing data but also have a creative side so I balance it out with drawing, painting, jewelry making at home. I decorate Jeffrey’s office and my work whiteboard with beautiful drawings of the seasons or holiday theme. In the past I have done research in increasing colorectal screening, worked at a community clinic to prevent breast cancer in our patients, and providing population data for our doctors so they can provide quality care to the low income uninsured patients.

In high school and college, I enjoyed volunteering in the community leading after school program tutoring programs, teaching art to homeless women, or spending time with the elderly in nursing homes.

My favorite activities:
* Jewelry making
* Watercolor and acrylic painting
* Hiking to waterfalls
* Traveling to National Parks to see beautiful nature
* Reading (you will always find me with a book reading at the local arboretum or café)
* Playing badminton with my husband (we have fun and laugh a lot)
* Decorating our home, office or for birthdays (I decorated our home all cherry blossom themed and handmade cherry blossoms items for our wedding. I also decorated Jeffrey’s chiropractic office for every occasion)

5 Things that Makes Kathy Happy
1. Jewelry making and painting
2. Decorating the home and office for all holiday occasions
3. Hiking to waterfalls
4. Reading
5. Going to all the US National Parks

About Kathy

Our Family and Friends and Home

Family and Friends
We are both very close to our immediate families. Both our parents live just 6 miles away, and they are just a half mile apart. Jeffrey’s father Robinson is retired, but continues to work as a building contractor as he loves working with his hands and seeing his creations and remodels come to completion.

Kathy’s dad Jim is a flooring specialist while her mom Vicky is a semi-retired esthetician. Our parents are eager to participate in our future child’s life, willing to help with daycare and teaching them about our Chinese culture.

Jeffrey has 2 older brothers. Recently married Steven is a network engineer stationed in Taiwan, and the greatest influence on Jeffrey in the hobby of cars and computers. Kevin, who’s married and lives locally, was valedictorian (ranked 3rd) in high school academics, double major at UCLA, a personal finance consultant, and a nurse.

We are all very close to Robinson’s side of the family, with traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas gathering at Uncle Tommy’s home with 30 or more relatives.

Kathy’s younger sister Karen, soon to be married, is a successful international packaging specialist designer for Beats By Dre. Kathy and Karen are very close growing up, acting as best friends. Kathy’s family places great emphasis on birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other family celebrations and achievements. Each one is observed with a family meal, presents, and still singing Happy Birthday complete with cake and candles.

Although we have many friends, we keep just a handful close, specifically those that were at our small wedding. Jeffrey’s best friend Joey lives in Taiwan now, though they attended grad school together. Although miles apart, they Facebook chat nearly nightly, as Joey is newlywed just like us, and on their way to having their first child. Jeffrey’s other friend Thai is our emergency contact. He is deeply involved with professional badminton, as well as a sports fan.

Kathy’s best friend Jean, who was our Maid of Honor, is a professional of many degrees in cooking, hotel management and urban planning and also has a 1-year-old daughter. Their intelligence, open mindedness, and free spirits make for great friendship.

With such great support from family and friends, we can’t wait to have them be a part of our child’s life. They are all eager to help out if needed, weather to watch your baby, or lend an ear.

Our Home
We live in the beautiful city of Arcadia, CA which is a small suburb of Los Angeles County. We recently moved to a 2-bedroom apartment in Arcadia because of the safe neighborhood and great public schools. Arcadia schools are ranked one of the top in California and many of their students graduate to attend UCLA, USC, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

Many of our neighbors have kids who play together. Our apartment is spacious and welcoming and is bright with pretty Christmas lights and cherry blossom décor as Kathy loves cherry blossoms.

We have a large backyard as well for your child to play in. Days are always sunny and warm in Southern CA. We live only 5 minutes from the arboretum, mall and restaurants. We like to take walks at the arboretum to see geese, ducks, peacocks and turtles and flowering trees and plants all year round.

Our Promises to Your Child
* Provide unconditional love
* Encourage creativity through art, fun, and exploration
* Spend dedicated quality time together
* Listen to them
* Teach them good moral values and respecting their parents and loved ones
* Provide educational opportunities and support so they may go to the best college of their choice
* Praise and reward when they try their best
* Know about their biological parents and honor them in our home

We hoped that we provided a glimpse of who we are and our lives. More importantly we hope that we have shown how excited we are to possibly adopt your child and welcome him/her with an open heart into our lives.

If you select us, we promise to love your child unconditionally and provide a life of love, happiness and stability so he/she can reach their fullest life potential and become a great caring person. We promise to always be there for them and will always remember that it is an honor and privilege to be able to raise your child.

We could not thank you enough for this amazing opportunity to be parents. We would eternally grateful to be chosen by you. We hope to hear from you soon!

Our Family and Friends and Home