Jen and Joseph


We are Jen and Joseph from Orange County, California. We can’t imagine the strength it has taken for you to make such a brave and hard decision. We thank you for having the courage to get to know us and hope we are able to show you how much love we have to give your child. We have known adoption would be a part of our journey since our first date and we are excited to be fulfilling our dream!

We live in Southern California with our two boys and three dogs. Our son Hayden is 18 years old. The three of us became a family when he was 11 years old. Before that Joseph and Hayden were on their own since Hayden was a toddler. Our youngest biological son, Wilder, is 14 months old. Wilder came to us in a very special way. We tried to conceive for over four years and it just didn’t happen. After we had given up, Jen’s friend, Angela, asked if she could be our surrogate. After a lot of thought, we accepted her offer and Wilder was born a year later.

We promise your child will grow up with a life full of love, laughter, stability, education, travel, a big extended family, more hugs and kisses than they will want, and lots and lots of dogs.

About Us: Jen is a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse and one of her patient’s mom decided to play matchmaker. Ten months after our first date, we were engaged behind a waterfall in Hawaii with family cheering us on. Six months after that we were married and that young patient was one of our groomsmen.

We love being together. We love spending time outdoors, hanging out with our sons and our dogs and traveling the world. We’ve been to Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy as a family. We enjoy concerts, hosting parties, holidays and spending time with our family and friends.

A Few Fun Facts:

  1. Joseph and I are both the youngest of 3 siblings. Joseph has two older sisters and Jen has two older brothers.
  2. Joseph raised Hayden as a single parent.
  3. We both moved to California when we were 6.
  4. We both grew up Lutheran.
  5. Ohana, our third dog, was named after our Hawaiian engagement. Ohana means “family you choose for yourself” in Hawaiian.

About Jen

About Jen – by Jen: I was born in Minnesota and I have very fond memories of my childhood. I moved to Carlsbad, California when I was 6 and lived in the same house until I went to college. I have two very loving parents and two older brothers, Jeremy and Jason. My parents, brothers and I are very close. My dad is a retired Lutheran preacher and my mom is a children’s piano teacher. My dad currently coaches high school basketball, which is a lifelong passion. I also grew up with 4 girlfriends and we are still best friends 34 years later.

I have a bachelor’s degree in child and family development and another in nursing. I have been a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse for over 12 years and I LOVE what I do. It’s a very challenging job, but also very rewarding. I also LOVE being a mom! I can’t wait to add another little one to our crew.

More on Jen – by Joseph: Jennifer is the best person I have ever met. She is extremely smart, funny and very patient. Jennifer’s job is saving babies lives every day, and while the harder days can take a toll on her, she knows it’s her calling. I knew Jennifer would be a great mother and that I wanted to raise my kids with her. She immediately welcomed Hayden as her own and has offered him stability, encouragement and a picture of what a healthy, loving relationship should be. With Wilder, she is everything I knew she would be. She is able to understand what he needs even when it’s hard for him to express it. More than that, she offers so much love, affection, support and, when its time, she can be the world’s biggest goof.

About Jen

About Joseph

About Joseph – by Joseph: I was born in South Carolina and shortly after moved to England. When I was 6 my father’s job relocated to Huntington Beach, California. I grew up boating, camping, hiking and surfing. We traveled as a family around the world and this continues to be a passion of mine. My two older sisters, my brother and I are very close, but sadly my parents have passed away.

From a young age, I always had a passion for the ocean and when I was 17, I got my captain’s license and started working for a company that dispatches rescue boats. When I was 23 my son, Hayden, was born. The life of a Captain did not allow time for family. Fortunately, I was able to transition within the same company. Twenty years later, I have progressed within the company and I still love what I do. One of the perks of my job is I can work 4 days a week which allows more family time.

More on Joseph – by Jen: Seven years later he is still taking my breath away. Joseph is the kindest, most nurturing person I know. I fell in love with him from the very start. Our first date, July 5th, he knew I didn’t get to see fireworks the day before. So we went to a park and when Joseph opened his trunk he said, “Since you didn’t get to see fireworks yesterday.” In his trunk laid a bunch of fireworks for us to light off. It literally took my breath away. He puts our kids and me above anything or anyone else, including himself.

When I have a particularly hard day at work he always makes a nice dinner. Even if he is exhausted from his own day, he sets aside time to spend with both boys. Joseph is the kind of person that talks to everyone. You can put him in a room full of strangers and he’ll know everyone by the time he leaves. He has the brightest smile and his laugh just makes you happy. He is the most amazing, calm, patient and affectionate father to our boys.

About Joseph

Our Home and Neighborhood

We bought our house a few years ago. We have had a great time taking on DIY projects in our home and yard. We have plans to design and build a seating area in our backyard so we can watch movies outside during the summer. We have a large fenced in front and backyard that we spend a lot of time in. Wilder loves to be outside and so do our three dogs! Jake and Ohana are Australian shepherds and Kahlua is a miniature pincher mix.

Our neighborhood has a small-town feel. We know all our neighbors and we all look out for each other. Our next door neighbor has a two year old granddaughter and we have play dates 3-4 times a week. We spend a lot of afternoons walking the dogs and heading to the neighborhood playground. There is also a library within walking distance that has story time in English and Spanish. We feel so very lucky to have found this neighborhood!

Meet Hayden: Hayden is our 18 year old. He is a kind, quiet soul. He enjoys spending time with friends, but is also very much a homebody. He will be starting college this year and currently plans to become a nurse. We could not be prouder of this young man.

Meet Wilder: Wilder is our one year old. He’s full of energy and running all over the place. He loves to eat, loves to climb and he LOVES books. He also loves to dance. Music from the movies “Frozen” and “The Greatest Showman” are his favorite.

Our greatest joy is watching these two brothers. They both light up at the sight of each other despite a 17-year age difference. We’ve always wanted more children and we know another sibling would fill our home and hearts even more! We look forward to all the beautiful chaos and laughter that comes with a house full of children.

Our Home and Neighborhood

Meet Our Crew

Almost all of our large family is local so we can get together often and for all the holidays. There is a lot of cooking, laughter, kids and dogs. It can get a little loud, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We love our big family get-togethers. Jen’s family is Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish so there is always plenty of desserts from those countries. Jen’s parents, Carol and Tom, or Amma and Afí (which means Grandma and Grandpa in Icelandic), are very supportive and active in our lives. They are so excited that we are adopting because they cannot wait for another grandchild.

In Closing: We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us, our family and our life. We are very much looking forward to growing our family and have so much love to give. We know this is a difficult choice for you and we hope you find someone who brings you the peace of knowing you made the best choice for your child. Thank you for considering us and having the courage to go on this journey!


Meet Our Crew