Jen and Josh

Dear Birth Mother

Hi! We’re Jen & Josh from Long Beach, California and we want nothing more to become parents. We’re excited that the time is finally here! We appreciate you for taking the time to learn more about us as you read our profile and are humbled that you would consider us as adoptive parents to your child. We admire and have a tremendous amount of respect for you for making this tough and courageous decision out of love for your child. Please be assured that your child will be cherished dearly, adored beyond measure, loved and supported by parents and an extended circle of family and friends.

About Us: We have been married for the past five years and we just love being together all of the time. We have a strong bond and connection, even though we met at a later stage in our lives, it feels as if we have known each other forever. We both have a large extended family and circle of friends all over the country and across the globe. We make an effort to visit all of them as much as we can, because we cherish family more than anything.

While Jen was living in Korea, during her Christmas break visiting her family, we were introduced by a mutual friend. Knowing that she was going back to Korea we only exchanged emails. We began to gchat casually. Soon our occasional gchats developed into short conversations over Skype, and then eventually long phone calls over night. The best part of our dating story is that we really got to know each other on a deeper level and began a friendship before actually dating. We did this for about six months before Jen moved back to California. Five months later we were engaged and six months after that we were married. Josh always says it was love at first sight.

Our Adoption Journey: We tried to start a family naturally and went through years of unsuccessful attempts and heartbreak. We remember the conversations we had when we were dating when we both agreed that we would love to adopt children. Not only do we know that adoption is the right path for us, we have faith that adoption was always going to be a part of our story.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Us:

  1. We have traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Europe, and England.
  2. Josh loves soccer and is a longtime season ticket holder to LA Galaxy games.
  3. Jen loves the theatre, so we go see musicals frequently and we are also season ticket holders to a smaller local theatre.
  4. Before we were married, Jen lived in South Korea for two years and did a lot of traveling all over Asia.
  5. We love weekend getaways.
  6. We are members of a community garden that allows us to grow our own fresh fruits and vegetables.
  7. We are the events coordinators at our church.
  8. We love to sing and dance and do so often around the house.
  9. We are both bilingual (Spanish/English), but we each dabble in a third language; Jen, Korean and Josh, French.
  10. Josh was in a rock band that went on tour and Jen was in theatre.
Dear Birth Mother

About Josh

About Josh, by Jen: Josh is the kindest, most patient man I know. His family and friends love him because he is sweet and thoughtful. He remembers the little things about people: their birthdays and details about their lives, that most would normally forget. This is why I love him. He makes everybody feel special and I know he will love this baby dearly.

He’s an air drummer, as well as a real one! He loves music and keeps a lot of music trivia trapped in his memory. He loves helping me draw connections between music, culture, movies, and historic events. He is also a huge soccer fan. When we go abroad, Josh makes sure that we can see a match at a historic stadium.

However, the biggest attraction is that Josh and I share the same faith and look forward to sharing our values of love, kindness and goodwill for others with our child. I know Josh will be an amazing father to your child and I can’t wait to become a parent with him!

By Josh: I am a Southern California native and have lived in Los Angeles County all my life. I am a musician at heart. I collect vinyl records and CDs. I love to go to concerts and music festivals. I also played in a few bands. Additionally, I enjoy going to soccer games, especially the LA Galaxy.

Josh’s Favorites:

Favorite Books: Books by Nick Hornby and anything historical

Favorite Subject in School: History and Political Science

Favorite Movie: High Fidelity and Motorcycle Diaries

Favorite Music: All things New Wave, especially Depeche Mode

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere soccer has a rich history and historic stadiums (South America and Europe)

About Josh

About Jen

About Jen, by Josh: Jennifer is the sweetest, smartest, and most considerate person I know. She goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable and accepted. She was born to be a teacher. On our travels or adventures, she is always looking for ways to bring our experiences or knowledge back into the classroom. Often, I will hear her say, “I’m going to teach this to my kids!” Kids, meaning her students. But now, with the prospect of being a parent, I hear her saying, “Oh I can’t wait to show our child this!” She is nurturing and creative. She will make crafts, bake, and she loves the arts. Another aspect of our relationship that bonds us is our love of art, history, and faith. I can’t wait to raise a child with Jen by my side!

By Jen: I was born in Arizona, but moved to Southern California when I was 7 years old. I am a California girl through and through. I love the beach, the sun, the sand, and the sound of the distant fog horns from the nearby ships. I enjoy craftwork and gardening. I have a section of our home dedicated to my crafting. I enjoy making things with my hands and I look forward to making arts and crafts with my future child. My garden patio is filled with flowers in the springtime and we love sitting on our balcony. Additionally, I enjoy painting, card-making and baking.

Jen’s Favorites:

Favorite Books: Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns

Favorite Subject in School: English

Favorite Movies: Midnight in Paris

Favorite Music: Alternative 80s Music

Favorite Travel Destination: Paris. I enjoy seeing the artwork.

About Jen

Our Home & Community

We live in Long Beach, California which is located just a few miles west of Los Angeles and a 20-minute drive to Disneyland!

Long Beach is a really fun city with many things to do including museums, an aquarium, beach piers and a great selection of local restaurants, farmers markets, and shopping centers. The best part of where we live is that we have a short 5-minute bike ride to the beach, which we do every weekend. In addition, we enjoy the Long Beach Naples area where we kayak, paddle-board, and take small boat rides with friends around the canals.

At home, however, we love sitting on the patio balcony. We make it a tradition to drink our morning coffee or sip our maté (Argentine tea) out there while enjoying the ocean air. We look forward to continuing this tradition as our family grows.

For Work: Josh works for the City of Los Angeles, City Clerk’s office as the Public Information Officer and Jen is a sixth grade teacher and the assistant to the principal. The both of us will have four months of family leave after the baby is born. Additionally, Jennifer has a week off for Thanksgiving, two weeks off for Christmas, major holidays, and three months off every summer. Her school is also family-friendly and she has a short-day schedule. Josh also works from home three-days a week. Moreover, when the baby is of age, he or she will be able to attend Jen’s school. This will make for a great parenting situation.

Top 5 Things we Look Forward to Doing with our Future Child:

  1. Taking our dog Creamy to the nearby dog park
  2. Learning to ride a bike along the beach path
  3. Signing up for the marina’s summer camp
  4. Picnics by sea
  5. Buying a season pass to Disneyland

Our Dog

Creamy is a 10-year old Bichon Frise-Poodle mix and he is the cutest! He gets a lot of attention when he goes out for short walks. He gets along with everybody, especially children! Creamy is more of a lap dog, which means he loves log naps and cuddles.

Our Home & Community

Our Family & Friends

Not only are we blessed with a great family, we also have plenty of extended family members and friends with families of their own (and plenty of kids) that are anxiously waiting to lend a helping hand.

Jen’s cousin in Argentina adopted two children of her own. Now that they are in their teens, they were so excited to hear that we are going through the adoption process and cannot wait to see their new baby cousin. Last summer, they came to visit and it was great to talk to them about their experience and are so grateful to their parents.

Aside from that, Josh has many cousins, nieces and nephews in California, Washington State, and Texas, as well as extended family in Guatemala. Both sides of the family are so excited at the prospect of a new baby and look forward to that blessing.

In Southern California, we have Josh’s sister. They have five beautiful kids from the ages of 6-18 years old. We are so happy that our children will have cousins to look up to. Josh also has an aunt and uncle and extended family nearby. Two of his closest cousins have kids of their own.

Jen has family in California, New Jersey, and in Argentina. However, her mom and her sister’s family live about an hour away. They are already making plans to see how many days of the week they will be driving in to assist with the baby.

Thank You: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us and reading our profile. We know that this is quite a decision you are making and admire your courage. We will be forever grateful to you and please know that your child will know what a blessing you are to us. We hope that we have given you a little insight as to who we are, but more importantly, we are eager to have the opportunity to meet you. We couldn’t possibly be more excited at the prospect of being parents and believe that adoption was always going to be a part of our destiny.

We promise to demonstrate and teach the following:

  • Kindness and compassion for others
  • Celebrate faith and diversity
  • Explore the world around them and travel abroad
  • And most importantly will love your child unconditionally!

– Jen & Josh

Our Family & Friends