Jennifer & Jared

Hello! We are Jennifer and Jared from OK

Hello and Thank You

First and foremost, we would like to tell you how much we admire you and your strength during your adoption journey.  We want you to know from the bottom of our hearts that we are truly inspired by your selfless decision in choosing adoption and offering families, like ours, an opportunity to become parents.

Because we met later in life, it has proven to be very difficult for us to have biological children. But our road doesn’t end here! We have chosen adoption because our desire to be parents far outweighs the desire to have biological children. We want to have a family. To be a mom! To be a dad!

While we know you have a huge decision, know that we are extremely grateful that you have taken the time to read our profile. We are anxiously awaiting the moment that we have been chosen to love a child as special as yours.

Here’s Our Story

Our story began during an ice storm on December 6, 2013. We were eating dinner with friends at the same restaurant when we caught each other’s eyes. After a few glances, we finally got the nerve to talk to each other. After talking for what seemed like hours, we knew that this was something wonderful. And, it wasn’t long after that when we figured out that our mutual love of family, laughter, The University of Oklahoma (OU) football, and animals would bring us together.

We were engaged on Jennifer’s birthday two years later on a beautiful beach in Florida. We married in a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends.

Things We Love To Do

We love going to and watching The University of Oklahoma football. We are huge fans and when we aren’t at the games, we enjoy hosting or attending watch parties with our friends, their children and our family. We also love watching The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball.

Living in a small city and having an NBA team is very exciting and we love cheering on our Thunder! What brings us the most joy is spending time with our dogs and traveling! We have parents who spend the winter months in Florida, so we enjoy visiting them, especially when it gets too cold in Oklahoma.

Jared loves to travel, hike, cook, watch soccer, watch Marvel Comic movies like Avengers, and play with our dogs. We love to cook, however, Jared does most of the cooking. Jennifer is learning but mostly everything just burns so we leave the cooking to Jared.

Jennifer loves to travel, watch Jared cook, hike, watch OU football, read, spend time with friends and family, watch romantic comedies, and play with our dogs. Most of the time, we enjoy walking our dogs in the evening, going to movies on the weekends, or traveling.

Hello! We are Jennifer and Jared from OK

Meet Jared

Meet Jared, by Jennifer

Jared is the sweetest man I know. His heart is so pure and filled with love that he inspires me every day to be a better person. He is a kind, honest, and genuine person, which is why I was drawn to him so quickly. It’s often said by our friends and family that Jared has never met a stranger. He can meet someone, no matter what walk of life they are from, and genuinely make them feel valued.

As an Oklahoma Native, Jared joined the Navy in 1998 to see more of the world and experience new things. He saw places like Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, and Hawaii. After the Navy, Jared started learning and mastering his craft of rebuilding homes. He worked with several contractors to help rebuild affected families after Hurricane Katrina.  Today, he is a general contractor and does renovations and redesigns for just about everything. He is very talented and the work he does is amazing.

I know other women say this about their husbands, but I am truly blessed to have met Jared! God prepares each person for the other and in his timing, he presents them to you. And that’s exactly what God did. I prayed and prayed to find the right person, who could handle my strong personality and see through any heartache. And God gave me Jared.

Jared’s Favorite Things:

  • Marvel Comic movies
  • Manchester United soccer
  • OU football
  • favorite color is blue and green
  • his dogs
  • genuine gestures
Meet Jared

Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer, by Jared

Jennifer loves to laugh, sing and dance, which is why I fell in love with her in the first place. She has this zest for life that is so contagious, you can’t help but smile when you are around her. With Jennifer, the cup is always half full, and her faith in and her love for God, her family, and her friends has allowed us to have this amazing group around us for love and support.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jennifer has always been a very independent and somewhat adventurous person. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with her bachelor’s degree, she was accepted into an acting school where she received her associate’s degree in performing arts.

It is this outgoing personality that allows Jennifer to become fast friends with everyone she meets. And it doesn’t stop there. Her fierce loyalty and concern for those she loves is unwavering. She has a heart for all living things and is fiercely protective of the people—and animals—in her life. She’s also incredibly honest and truly embodies the notion of “they may not know, but I will.” In all parts of her life, from her work to the way she interacts with coworkers, friends, and family, her integrity is never for sell.

I am honored and blessed every day that she said “yes” when I asked her to be my wife!

Jennifer’s Favorite Things:

  • Nicolas Sparks books
  • the color purple
  • red roses
  • her dogs
  • country music
  • The Fox and The Hound Disney movie
  • OU football
Meet Jennifer

Our Home and Community

Home Sweet Home

We are a pet-friendly house hold and love to have family and friends over for cookouts. We have a three-bedroom home in a small neighborhood. It’s quiet and full of young children riding their bikes, playing basketball, and skateboarding. We live in a great school district that excels in academics, arts and sports.

The People We Love

Both of us have extended families who live in the same town as we do, so there are tons of family gatherings, cookouts, birthday parties, holiday meals, and love to go around. Jared has a very large family that consists of grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces. So there will be lots of kids for our future child to grow up with. Jennifer has her parents and sibling who live very close and four nephews and nieces that we love and adore. Although the kids have grown older, we still make it a priority to spend as much time together as we can attending their sporting events and weekend dinners.

Our Faith

We are both followers of Christ. It is our faith and love for Jesus that has kept us strong through our adoption journey. We attend a great church that focuses on family and growing families in their love for Jesus.

Our Furry Friends

We have three dogs: Lexi, a white Boxer who loves belly rubs and treats, Zena, a brindle Boxer who loves sleeping and long hugs, and Chesney, our Chihuahua, who runs the house and enjoys snuggles and kisses on her cheek. They are very spoiled and we love their sweet personalities. They have all grown up around children and love playing with our nephews and nieces.

Our Home and Community

Our Promise and Thank You

Our Promise To You

Our promise to you is that we will not only love and cherish your child, but we will raise your child in a home filled with love, laughter, dancing, singing, and lots of extended family gatherings. Our love of travel will fill our summers with trips to the beach, camping in the Ozarks, and lake-filled fun.

One Last Thank You

Thank you so much for reading our profile and considering us to be a part of your journey. We are truly blessed to have found each other, and we will be even more blessed if you choose us. We know this is a very difficult decision and we want you to know that you will find the perfect family for your child, no matter what you decide.

Our Promise and Thank You