Jesus and Nathan

Aloha: We are Nathan & Jesus from Hawaii!

Thank you for reading our profile and for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. First, we want you to know that we are deeply honored that you would consider giving us your trust. The trust you place in us to care for the child you’ll bear, is humbling to the bone.

Next, we want you to know that we are committing our lives to ensuring your trust in us is justified. There is nothing we won’t do to provide the best we can for the baby you entrust us with. We both have always known we would be parents someday, and we have looked forward to this day for a very long time. But, even now, with this profile, it is hard to find the words to adequately express our sheer joy and excitement at the prospect of it finally coming true.

We want to share our love and understanding with a child. We know that road will not always be easy, but we are confident that we can raise a child with love, compassion, patience, and determination, because those are skills we’ve learned from each other.

It may be difficult to imagine someone raising your child but we want you to know, we respect you, and the choice you make to allow us that privilege is deeply selfless and loving. He or she will always know how much you care and love them, because we will tell them so. And whether its regular photos, emails, or visits, we will be open to you and promise to share this child’s life with you.

About Us: We have been together for more than 20 years. A lot happens in 20+ years, but through it all, our love for each other has not just survived, it has deepened. This amazing journey began with a chance meeting in an online chat room. Jesus was warm and funny, and Nathan was kind and eager, and we were happily surprised to find out that we lived in the same town! When we decided to meet, Nathan was super nervous, but Jesus didn’t mind, because he really liked Nathan’s smile. It was a warm summer evening, with a beautiful clear starry sky, so we took a walk along the beach cliffs where we lived. As we walked, Nathan showed Jesus all the star constellations in the sky that summer evening, and when we finally stopped to sit on a park bench Jesus couldn’t wait for that first kiss. It was magic, and we were both hooked for life.

The experiences we’ve shared together have made us stronger individually, and better as a couple today, than when we first met years ago. We’ve learned something about what it takes to be a better version of ourselves; patience (with your spouse and yourself), determination, and respect. The journey we have traveled together has changed us both in ways we did not expect, but mainly – we’ve discovered that we are better together, than we are apart.

Why We Chose Adoption: We’ve both spent lots of time thinking about starting our own family and when. But as a same gender couple, our family options are limited. We did think about surrogacy, but decided it was not the right option for us after speaking with close friends who are involved with surrogacy. In fact, adoption felt like a more natural fit for us, and our families.

10 Fun Facts About Us:

  1. We have been to 14 different countries
  2. Nathan has royal ancestors
  3. Jesus is an artist
  4. Jesus can speak Spanish and French
  5. Nathan can fix a car
  6. We both have family that live in a different country
  7. Our home has two ponds with fish and frogs
  8. Nathan built our greenhouse & garden beds
  9. Jesus can sew
  10. Nathan can snow ski and snorkel
Aloha: We are Nathan & Jesus from Hawaii!

About Jesus

About Jesus – by Jesus: I was born in San Jose, California and am the youngest of my siblings, but I am the first person in my family to go to college. I have degrees in Art History and Environmental Studies, and have worked in childcare services for over 20 years in both after school educational programs as well as community resources. But I plan to be a full-time stay at home dad once we bring the new baby home. I am most eager to read to our future child and share with them the amazing, inspiring beauty in art and nature.

More About Jesus – by Nathan: Jesus makes me a more responsible person. Jesus has made me a much better and well-rounded person than I am naturally inclined to be. Jesus is very loving, and he does not give up easily. But the thing I love most about Jesus is that he is honest and true. I know I can believe what he says, and he says what he means. I know Jesus will be a truly special father and I can’t wait to raise a child with him.

Jesus’s Favorites:

  • Sushi & Pizza
  • Harry Potter
  • Yoga
  • Real Housewives
  • Visiting Museums
About Jesus

About Nathan

About Nathan – by Nathan: I was born in Ceba, Puerto Rico while my dad was stationed there when he was in the Navy. For the last 25 years I have worked in healthcare, providing care to those in need. I started out as a home caregiver to the elderly and now run a company that provides care to home bound elderly folks in need, as the president of a national healthcare provider organization. While I continue to work in this profession, I am fortunate to be able to work from home. This will be very helpful once it comes time to bring the new baby home! I have degrees in psychology and business management. Jesus and I truly value education. Education has instilled in us a life-long passion for learning, and we are excited to share our passion for learning and exploration with a child. But one of the things I really look forward to is taking our future child camping and fishing, just like my dad did with me.

More About Nathan – by Jesus: Nathan never lets his problems get him down, and I am inspired by that. Nathan stands up straight, pulls up his bootstraps and takes on life. I also adore that Nathan is so caring, compassionate and kind. Nathan is understanding, patient, generous, and self-motivating, and that motivates me. Nathan is going to be an incredible father and I can’t wait to experience parenthood with him!

Nathan’s Favorites:

  • Barbeque Ribs – I love barbequing them!
  • I’m a sucker for anything Scifi.
  • Hiking & Running
  • Growing flowers & veggies in our garden
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos – God, I love that show! So funny!
About Nathan

Our Family and Friends

Nathan has 4 younger sisters and 1 older (yes, 5 sisters!). Jesus has an older brother and sister. So, we have 7 aunts and uncles for our future young one. In total we have 14 nieces and nephews who we adore and love to visit when possible. Our families each get together during Christmas and Thanksgiving, so we frequently share time between them during the holidays. We both consider close friends as a part of our extended family, so we frequently visit longtime friends, most of whom now have children of their own as well.

Given our experiences, and the people we have in our lives, we are so confident and comfortable that our family will be home to any child. We can’t wait to bring them home and introduce them to all their aunties and uncles!

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions:

  1. Decorating our Christmas tree – no, really – its a big thing we do.
  2. Having a barbeque and setting up the fireworks when the sun goes down on Independence Day.
  3. Carving pumpkins.
  4. Nathan loves baking his pumpkin pie and pineapple upside down cake for family and friends.
  5. Jesus loves decorating and dressing up in costume with our nieces and nephews on Halloween and trick or treating with the kids.
Our Family and Friends

Our Home & Community in Hawaii

Our Home & Community in Hawaii: We live in the State of Hawaii, on the Big Island. Our home is on an acre of land in a semi-rural area of the state. We have a greenhouse and garden where we grow seasonal veggies and fruit. Our home also has a secure pool, and outdoor shower and a small separate living area (in Hawaii its called an “Ohana”, which means “family home”). We have large areas of lawn in the front and back that we look forward to filling with lots of play time!

Meet Our Cats: We have four very affectionate cats ranging in age from 2 to 20, who are very much a part of our family, Sampson, Delilah, Manako, and Kane.

Sampson is our first rescue. He had been rejected twice and returned to the pound by two other families. But we immediately fell in love with his energy and 20 years later, we still wouldn’t have it any other way. Delilah was our second rescue and she is still our baby girl even after 19 years! Manako was an abandoned, scrawny little kitten when we found him scared and hungry under our house a few years ago. But he has grown into the biggest, fluffiest kitty we have ever had in our home! Kane is our youngest, who just showed up at our door one day and decided he wasn’t going to leave, so we invited him in, where he has been a part of our family ever since. All four of them are so gentle and kind, they’ll be great furry companions for our future child.

Things we Look Forward to Doing with Our Future Child:

  • Going to the beach & local tidepools
  • Exploring the waterfall trails
  • Riding bikes to the seaside park
  • Getting a “shave ice” (snow cone)

Why we want to be Dads: We have so much to be grateful for in our lives; the one thing missing from it is a child. We’ve both always wanted to be dads. We both have large families, and all of our siblings have children of their own now. We’ve watched our families grow with nieces and nephews, and close friends who have children of their own, and we feel so privileged to be a part of the community of people caring for those children that our desire to be dads has only grown and become stronger with each passing year.

Thank You: Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child! We are ready and excited for this journey. We can hardly wait to change diapers, can you believe it?! We want to buy their first pair of shoes and then put them in a keepsake box when they’re outgrown. We want to play hide and seek and read bedtime stories. We want to teach them to walk, run, and throw a ball, and we want to bandage the first “owie”. And there is so, so much more, we could write a book about it. But basically, we think all comes down to this, pouring our heart and soul into our future child’s happiness and success is a privilege and commitment we feel is sacred, and we are so indescribably thrilled and honored that you may allow us to take that journey – the journey of parenthood. We will never forget it and will be forever deeply grateful to you for it.


Nathan and Jesus

Our Home & Community in Hawaii