JJ & Cory


Hello…We are inspired by the possibility of an open adoption. We want to be able to share with our child the strength and courage of their birthmother, and how honored we are that she had selected us to be their parents. We hope that the many great families waiting for children bring you comfort, and if you decide adoption is the right choice for you, that you find the parents that meet your dreams and aspirations. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and if you are interested, we would love to learn more about you and your family.

Our Story… We met in Arizona while attending our last semester of graduate school, and have been best friends ever since. After graduation we both took jobs in Eastern Europe, Cory in Poland, and JJ in Latvia. We continued to stay in touch meeting on weekends in Prague, Warsaw, and Riga.

We both pursued our careers over the next few years, continuing to keep in touch with each other. After a reunion for our graduate school, we started long distance dating… JJ was in Phoenix and Cory was in Chicago. We fell in love and Cory moved to Arizona so we could be together. We have been married seven years now.

We have both pursued careers in international management and have had the opportunity to travel and work internationally. JJ works in Finance and Cory works in Project Management. Now we both work close to home and have flexibility in our jobs that allow us to make our family our number one priority.

We love the outdoors and enjoy living in Arizona for the great weather and access to so many outdoor activities; hiking, kayaking, jeep tours , and horseback riding. We enjoy exploring Arizona, taking day trips to investigate new towns and restaurants … and Cory always finds a new yarn shop!

At home, we enjoy spending time with family, friends, and our pets, enjoying our yard and pool. We order pizza too often on the weekends but do a good job balancing it out with a trip to the farmer’s market for fresh fruit and veggies for smoothies! JJ enjoys grilling out and Cory experiments with new recipes from her cookbooks.




Meet Cory

About Cory… Cory is from Chicago, Illinois. Cory’s family provided her with great education and opportunities. She attended college in Iowa, and graduate school in Arizona, studying Foreign Languages and International Management. She was an exchange student to Germany in High School, and still remains close to her German host family. Cory served 8 years in the US Army Reserves attending basic training in South Carolina and skill schools in Arizona and California. She also attended the Defense Language Institute where she learned Polish. Cory has travelled extensively and worked internationally; Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ireland, Denmark, and Finland!

Cory is a tremendous wife. I know she will make a great Mom because she is loving, caring, fun, and the most dedicated person I know. I have never witnessed her backing down from a challenge and never seen her fail. I know her dedication and compassion will ensure your child has the confidence and skills to tackle everything life has to offer. She will be the Mom that colors and crafts, makes sure projects are extra special, takes long walks and trips to the park … and she will sew and fix the things that we thought couldn’t be fixed or repaired.

More about Cory…

  • She loves animals. Our pets are very important to h It is amazing to watch them follow her throughout the house …they love to be with her.
  • She is independent and loves adventure! She will try almost anything; horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, off-road jeep tours, scuba diving, sailin
  • She is always busy making so She enjoys lots of crafts; knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Her favorite is knitting. She has made many baby sweaters and blankets for our nieces. She has already started blankets and sweaters for the baby.



Meet Cory

Meet JJ

About JJ…I have heard great stories of JJ’s adventures with his brother Cam and all of his cousins, playing street hockey, football with friends, taking trips to the beach, and swimming. When JJ was young, his family took annual trips to the beach to meet his aunts, uncles, and cousins for great summer fun.

JJ attended grade and high school in St. Louis, college in Missouri, and graduate school in Arizona and Illinois. JJ also studied a semester in Salzburg, Austria. JJ has two master’s degrees; International Management and Accounting. JJ pursued both Finance and International studies . JJ has lived and worked internationally in Riga, Latvia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

JJ is a great husband. He is thoughtful, caring, hardworking, intelligent, and goes through life with confidence and optimism. JJ enjoys travel and introduced me to the fun and adventure of sailing. JJ’s kindness, strength, optimism, and commitment will make him a great Dad who can always be counted on. JJ will be the type of Dad, who reads one more story, who makes sure the math homework is done, takes extra time to practice with the ball (baseball, football, golf ball, etc.), and will even play Barbies… if he can be Ken.

More about JJ…

  • In school, he played varsity hockey, tennis, and golf. Today, JJ enjoys golfing and sailing. He is certified to captain sail boats up to 50 feet in length!
  • He is a huge St. Louis Cardinals baseball He enjoys the football season, watching the Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, and St. Louis Rams.
  • He is an avid r He enjoys all kinds of spy novels, and he loves the James Bond and Jason Bourne movies!
  • He was raised with dogs, but since our marriage, has become a cat lover too!



Meet JJ

Family & Home

Our Family…Cory was raised by her mother and her grandparents. Although her family seems small, she has always been surrounded by great love and support from her mother, grandmother, and grandfather. Cory’s best friend is her mother. They have a very close relationship. They enjoy yoga, hiking, shopping, rose gardening, knitting, crocheting, and sewing together. Cory’s mom lives very close, is very supportive and helpful to us, and is very excited about a grandbaby joining our family. And did I already mention … Cory’s mom loves Walt Disney World … and Mickey Mouse!

JJ’s immediate family is his mom, dad, and brother. JJ’s parents are wonderful people, very kind and generous. They have been married almost 50 years and still live in the home where JJ was raised. JJ is very close to both his mom and dad. JJ’s parents are now retired and enjoy taking trips and spending time with their grandchildren, Ava and Claire. JJ’s brother, Cam, is two years younger. They are very close and have always been great friends. Cam’s wife, Katherine, is a wonderful mother to their two children, Ava and Claire. JJ also has a very large extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Our Furry Family… Our pets are very important to us. We were both raised with pets and have found that they make wonderful companions. We deeply appreciate the love and attention they show us and make sure they are happy, healthy, and have fun every day. We know they will make great companions to our child during story time, playtime, and car rides.

  • A little about Liesel, she likes…Sleeping in with JJ, Playing string stick, Drinking from the faucet
  • A little about Brigetta, she likes…Getting up early with Cory, Playing with catnip mice, Watching birds on the patio
  • A little about Heidi too!, she likes…Weekend walks into town with Cory, Playing ball in the yard with JJ, Car rides…anywhere!


Our Home… We live in the Arizona Sonoran desert. Our home is located in the desert foothills north of Phoenix on the edge of the Tonto National Forest…a forest of Saguaro cactus…over 3 million acres! We have a nice home, with a separate guest house for family and friends to visit. We have a large fenced backyard, pool, and patio for hours of fun outdoors. And we have a great sunroom for arts, crafts, and playtime.

Our town is a cross between Wild West and Arts and Crafts. Our home is walking distance to our town center that has a children’s park, a popular Lizard slide, shops, and restaurants. We have a great farmer’s market, craft fairs, and family events… like our town Christmas party that has 25 tons of snow, light parade, pet parade, and Santa… of course.



Family & Home

Our Promise & Thank You!

Our Promise… as mom and dad, we promise to…

  • Love your child unconditionally, always be there to provide support and
  • Shower your child with hugs and kisses, and tuck them in each
  • Teach your child discipline, responsibility, and respect for themselves and
  • Surround your child with family, pets, and friends who will be there to support and encourage
  • Help your child set goals and encourage them to follow their
  • Provide opportunities to discover their passions; travel, languages, sports, music, and
  • Tell your child how your love for them created our
  • We promise to tell your child everyday how much we love them, and how lucky we

Thank you for reading about us…We are very excited for a baby to join our family. We hope for your child to be happy and healthy. We will provide a loving and caring home to nurture a child’s spirit of kindness and love of life and animals, full of fun and opportunity. We will provide opportunities for education, travel, languages, hobbies, and sports that reflect their true spirit and interests. We hope to inspire the knowledge to know right from wrong, and the courage and sense of self to choose wisely. We promise to be the best parents that we can be and ensure everyday your child knows how loved they are. We promise to always hold you as the birthmother of your child in the highest regard and we will let your child know that they have come to us from a very special person.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope that you find strength and confidence as you read about all the wonderful families looking to adopt. We wish you the best in your decision and life aspirations.

Sincerely, Cory & JJ

Our Promise & Thank You!