Jody and Mika

Dear Birth Mother

High fives from Los Angeles! We are Jody and Mika. We are honored and humbled that you are reading about us. We feel this is the most important letter we could ever write. It has been our hope to have children and we have wanted to adopt since the day we took our vows. We would have loved to raise a natural child together with an adopted child but it does not seem that will be possible for us so now we look forward to the gift of adoption. Love of family is the reason and bond that brought us together 15 years ago. Family is everything to us and that includes our friends and animals too! Life is a miracle and your baby is the greatest gift that could ever be bestowed on us. Thank you for your bravery and strength. Now, let’s hang out and get to know each other!

About Us: What happens when a 25year old Swedish guy goes to Los Angeles for the first time?

He meets a bubbly, talkative blonde Swedish-American girl at a big video game convention (dorky right?). The first time we hung out Jody beat Mika in a fighting game and from that point on we were inseparable.

For the last 15 years our romance has taken us on many exotic and adventurous travels like a Safari in Africa and vacations at Scottish castles. We love meeting people from around the world and try exciting (and sometimes scary) local dishes.

Besides traveling, spending time with family and friends, we try to stay active and make the most of our everyday lives in sunny California. We are excited to open our home to children and look forward to their energy and laughter filling the house!

Fun Facts About Us:

  1. Both the shortest in their families of really tall people.
  2. Both love karaoke, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is a duet favorite!
  3. Love super heroes. Mika is a Batman kinda guy and Jody loves Wonder Woman.
  4. Make up silly songs for each other and the animals in the house.
  5. Are so connected they finish each other’s sentences and thoughts.
  6. Love to travel and explore new places.
  7. Fav bands are The Cure, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Perfect Circle and Post Malone.
  8. Enjoy outdoor activities and sport fanatics.


Dear Birth Mother

About Jody

About Jody – by Mika: The first thing you need to know about Jody is that she is the kindest, most generous person you will ever meet. All of my family and friends welcomed her right away and (if I am completely honest) I think they prefer her!

Jody grew up in the Washington D.C. and Virginia area with parents that were in the military and practiced Family Law. Her parents are very loving, extroverted people and are constantly surrounded by friends, something Jody certainly inherited. It was obvious to me from day one that Jody got all her best sides from them and I can’t wait to see how she will pass on her energy, spirit and drive to future children of ours.

Jody went to the University of Virginia, and graduated with Honors in Art. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder she decided to walk the catwalk and moved to New York for modeling, where she also picked up acting and that has been her career ever since. Her work schedule is flexible and allows her to be home half days with our future child.

Jody’s Favs:

  1. Helping rescue and save animals
  2. Horseback Riding, which includes giving lessons to kids.
  3. Spending time with her Godchildren.
  4. Swimming (would love to be a mermaid).
  5. Gardening and landscaping our yard.
  6. Volunteering with Veterans.


About Jody

About Mika

About Mika – by Jody: The first thing you notice about Mika is his big bright green eyes that are forever curious and deeply sensitive. He has curly brown hair that drives him crazy but is super soft and adorable. Overall Mika is one big teddy bear and this extends to how he treats family, friends and co-workers.

Mika comes from a big loving family residing around Stockholm, Sweden. He is the oldest of four boys that all look the same and has two amazing mothers-Sissel and Step-Mother, Helen. After their father passed away at an early age, Mika has stepped in as much as he could, to be there as a loyal and compassionate father-figure for his brothers, Jesper, Johan and Niklas. I respect this about him and is one of the reasons I know he will make a caring, empathetic, and hands-on Dad!

Mika is the artist in the family and went to college in Stockholm studying computer graphics. He has a cool job as a VP at Stampede Digital in Hollywood where he leads a team that creates advertising campaigns for movies and popular TV Shows. Mika works regular hours during the days but will look forward to helping with homework in the evenings, coaching kids sports after school and hanging out on weekends!

Even though he is the oldest, he is a kid by heart and always up for a video game or the latest Marvel Movie. Mika works hard and trains even harder. He has a martial arts family of “Dudes” where he spends his evenings bro’ing out over Ju Jitsu and Muay Thai. But when Mika is home, you will find him singing 90’s grunge bands at the top of his lungs while painting in his art studio!

Mika’s Favs:

  1. Art and Animation.
  2. Grilling at home.
  3. Muay Thai and Self-Defense.
  4. Video Games -Yep, He’s a Gamer!
  5. Comic Books and Board Games.
  6. Playing and Watching Soccer.


About Mika

Meet Our Family & Friends

The life we have created in Los Angeles, California is based upon a strong Christian faith in God, a community of fun dear friends we like to call the LA Crew, our families back home in Sweden and the Washington D.C. area as well as through our 9 Godchildren. Jody loves to give horse lessons to her LA godchildren or joke on Facetime with her family out of town.

Our faith and family military history has paved the way for our loyal and meaningful commitments to work, life, church, friends and relatives.

During the warm summer months, we enjoy a yearly trip to Sweden to visit family. The people there are friendly, cheery and love to be outside. Jody is learning Swedish but still speaks better Spanish.

Jody’s parents Ron and Jo, who live on a beach by the water and sailboats in Annapolis, MD, have fully adopted the Swedish side of the family – getting four new sons in the process. The whole family (and friends) go on frequent vacations together to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and to St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

Most importantly, we would like you to know that we are very proud of the fact that Mika’s father, Sture and Jody’s Cousin, Cody were both lovingly adopted into our large close-knit families!

Traditions of Ours:

  1. Halloween, dressing up big time! Favorite costume ever: Mika as the Joker and Jody as Harley Quinn from Batman.
  2. Action Film Sunday, with Pizza every Sunday night.
  3. Swedish Christmas Eve, Smorgasbord with all the trimmings! That’s Swedish for a whole lotta food!
Meet Our Family & Friends

Our Home

We live in the hills by lake Hollywood under the big white wooden Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. Our house feels like we live in a combination treehouse and beach bungalow surrounded with white flowy curtains, lots of sunshine and light, palm trees and oversized comfy couches. There is way too much room for just two people and we love to entertain often with barbecue’s or have pool parties for kids with blow up Unicorns and games of all sorts.

Our neighbors are fun people who show up on our doorstep with homemade cakes and pies. Behind the house, we love our hiking trails full of bright yellow and pink wildflowers with views of the city. Every morning, we enjoy hiking or running with the dogs! Just a short walk across the bridge is a popular elementary school where we hope our children will learn and grow.

Our Rescued Noah’s Ark: We are big animal lovers and over the years, we have fostered 13 dogs, owned 8 dogs and had 3 rescue horses.

Final Thoughts: Thank you for spending this time to discover us. Your bravery and desire for your child’s happiness are beyond words. We have been so lucky and blessed to have the support of family, friends, neighbors and loved-ones during this time. We would like to share this love, light and strength with you and your child.

We hope to wrap our arms around the both of you and let you know that you have our utmost respect, courage and a family that will be here no matter the challenges that lay ahead. We promise to LOVE your children, LISTEN to them, CREATE a world of patience and understanding for them and ENCOURAGE them to dream and reach high.

“Puss och kram” (hugs & kisses in Swedish)

Jody & Mika


Our Home