John & Michele

John and Michele

Dear Birth Mom:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are so excited to start this new adventure in our life and feel so honored that you will be getting to know us and consider us to be the adoptive parents of your child.

We truly admire your love and selflessness. We have wanted to start a family for quite some time, but following the struggles of infertility, we know that adoption is the perfect path for us.

We hope this short glimpse into our lives will show how much love we have to offer. Please know your child will be raised in a loving and safe environment surrounded by many family and friends. We want you to know we will give your child every opportunity to grow, learn, and laugh.

Our promise to them is encouragement and support to live a happy, full life with strong morals and values. We hope this profile gives you an idea of who we are and what type of parents we will be.

John and Michele

About Us

We met through a mutual friend in the summer of 2008. She had been telling both of us how we had so much in common and just had to meet. When we met by chance at a festival in Little Rock we both realized she was right!

We started dating shortly before John deployed with the Air Force, so we got to know each other really well through phone calls, emails, and letters. We were engaged in February of 2009 on the beach and were married in Michele’s hometown in August of 2009.

We have been together for over 9 years and have gone on many adventures together. We love to travel and be outdoors, enjoying both adventure and quiet evenings at home. We believe in celebrating both the big (family holiday gatherings) and the little things in life (like Taco Tuesday!). We have a strong relationship built on love, trust, respect, and a LOT of laughter.

What We Like To Do Together:
Play with our dogs
Bike rides
Game nights

Things That Make Us Happy

The great outdoors
Movie nights together

About Us


About Michele (by John)
Michele is an amazing woman who is full of love, life, and energy. She is a cheerful optimist and doesn’t take life too seriously; she has a great sense of humor- especially about herself! The warm and caring environment she grew up in is evident by her very kind personality.

One of the most incredible things that I always notice is the way she puts everyone else’s needs above her own without any expectations. She is a wonderful friend, an amazing wife, and she will be an excellent mother.

Michele’s priority is family, and she is the best family anyone could have. She loves nothing more than spending time with those she loves, and she is an adoring aunt. Her nieces and nephews all flock to Aunt Michele.

About Michele (by Michele)
I grew up in a close family of five in central Arkansas. I have two older brothers, so I was picked on quite a bit growing up! My parents always encouraged me to shoot for the stars and supported me in whatever I participated in, such as ballet. My family instilled in me a curiosity for the world and love for books. We always spent a lot of time together and took family vacations every summer along with my grandparents. This is a tradition I would like to have with our future child.

I went to college at Baylor University for my degree in Economics and International Business. From there, I moved to the Netherlands to complete my MBA degree. This really sparked my love for travel and exploring other cultures.

I love to laugh and probably tell too many corny jokes, but I think John thinks I’m funny at least. I absolutely love the holidays and enjoy decorating the house for each holiday.

Michele’s Career
After completing my degrees, I began working at a local medical center as a Human Resources Manager. I have now worked there for over 11 years and have learned so much and made lifelong friendships.

My job is rewarding because no two days are alike, and I feel like I really get to help people. While I love my job, I would like to transition into either working part time from home or being a full time stay at home mom- my dream job.

Michele’s Favorites
Hobby: Hiking
Subject in school: English
Time of Year: Spring
Food: Pizza
Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo
Dessert: Ice Cream- any flavor!
Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
Animal: Bear



About John (by Michele)
John is my rock and is truly my best friend. He is a kid at heart, but takes his job seriously and is a great provider for his family. John puts his family above everything and loves nothing more than spending time with them. He is one of the most patient and calm people I have ever met and is most at peace when he is outdoors. Anytime anyone needs help, John can be counted on to step in. He has a huge heart and always sees the good in others.

John will be an incredible dad. He loves to be goofy, and all of our nieces and nephews love to see him. A great sense of humor is a big part of what I love about John. If I’ve had a tiring day at work, he has the ability to have me in stitches. I also love how active John is- he has amazed me with his training and completion of triathlons and bike races.

About John (by John)
My family moved around a bit when I was a kid, but I grew up mainly in Idaho and Tennessee. I come from a family of four with one older sister. My parents encouraged me to explore and appreciate the great outdoors, which I would love to encourage with our future child. My sister and I were always encouraged to pursue our interests and work hard to reach our goals in life with the support of our parents.

I spent a lot of time camping with my dad and going fly fishing and skiing. I attended college at University of Tennessee where I earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Later I completed my Masters degree in Military Operational Art and Science. I love all things outdoors, including grilling out, golfing, and swimming.

John’s Career
After college, I joined the Air Force and was an active duty pilot before transitioning to the Air National Guard. I now am a pilot for an airline and still work part time with the National Guard. I love my job because of the wonderful people I get to meet and the great destinations I get to visit. My job gives my family the opportunity to visit new places and spend a lot of time together.

John’s Favorites
Hobby: Cycling
Subject in school: Science
Time of year: Spring
Food: Pizza
Cartoon Character: Snoopy
Dessert: Banana cheesecake made by Michele
Movie: Star Wars series
Animal: Monkey


Family and Home

We both come from close families, and we love getting to visit them any chance we get. Michele’s parents live about 40 minutes away. Their house is on a lake, and we love to go fishing or on nature walks there. Her brother John lives in central Arkansas as well. He and his wife have two sons who we have loved to watch grow up. Her other brother Michael lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He and his wife have a little boy and girl who are so much fun! Also, our family is expecting a new little one in June!

John’s parents live in a small town in Missouri. They have a lot of land with nature trails and horses. His sister, Katie lives in St. Louis with her husband and son and daughter. We absolutely love every chance we get to see our sweet nieces and nephews. Holidays are a special time for both of our families- we always get together to celebrate. There is always a lot of laughter during our visits.

Michele’s parents have been married over 50 years, and John’s parents have been married over 40 years. We are thankful for the wonderful examples they have been in our lives and for our marriage.

We have been blessed with wonderful friends from different stages of our lives. Some live close, some far away, but we are thankful for a wonderful supportive network of lifelong friends. Most of them have small children, so many play dates are in the future!

Home Sweet Home
We live in a quiet neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas. There are many wonderful schools and parks close by and lots of kids in the neighborhood. We have the best of both worlds in our neighborhood- we are close to great outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing but are also close to great restaurants and cultural events. On nice days we like to walk to a local restaurant for dinner.

Our home is a three bedroom two story with lots of room to grow our family. We also have a room we have designated the ‘Fun Room’. It’s where we spend most of our time watching movies or sports and playing games.

Our home has a big backyard which Michele compares to a Disney movie. There are always lots of squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and birds that gather there. We also have a vegetable garden in our yard, and there is a lot of room to play.

Our Dogs
We have two of the greatest dogs on the planet- at least we think so! Our dogs are a special part of our lives and have given us much love and laughter through the years. Oliver is a cocker spaniel- he loves children, and his favorite things to do are cuddle with his favorite people and sneak in kisses. Sage is a border collie and loves nothing more than to play fetch with a ball or frisbee- she has tons of energy and is such a sweet girl. They love to go on walks with us in the neighborhood or on long hikes- always up for the next adventure! Both dogs are wonderful with children and eager for a new playmate.

Family and Home