Jon & Beth

Hello! We are Beth & Jon from San Diego, CA!

You are amazing! We admire you and are humbled by your strength to make this courageous decision. We are so excited to embark on this adventure together with you, and we cannot thank you enough for considering us as potential parents.

We are grateful for the opportunity to tell you a little more about us. We are beyond excited to become parents and couldn’t be happier that our future child will have such a beautiful start to life through adoption. This moment is proof of the amazing love you have for your child and we are in awe of your huge heart. We have dreamed of raising a family together of our own, and you get to make that dream come true.

About Us: We met through a mutual friend, Maximiliano, from Montréal via Patagonia, who was in town for business and staying with Jon. Neither one of us were looking to date at the time, as we were both divorced and busy with our careers, but we were attracted to each other immediately.

We spent the whole night just talking, and telling each other about ourselves, until the sun came up, poor Maximiliano! Finally, when it was time to go home, Jon asked Beth if he could kiss her goodnight. She of course said yes and so it began.

Immediately, we both knew this was something so unique, so different than what we had experienced before. We started spending time together hiking, going out to dinner, making dinner, taking the dogs to the beach and weekend adventures locally and abroad. Finally, while on a weekend getaway to downtown San Diego, Jon proposed on the patio of our favorite water-side restaurant, sitting under blankets, near a fire while watching the sun set. He got down on one knee, read a poem he had written and asked Beth if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Ever since, we enjoy taking a quick weekend getaway downtown just to break away from the world once in a while.

Things We Love:
• Hiking
• Biking
• Walking the dogs at the beach
• Strolling the Pacific Coast Highway
• Gardening
• Tending to our 40+ tree orchard
• Listening to music
• Cooking
• Meditating
• Traveling

Hello! We are Beth & Jon from San Diego, CA!

Meet Jon

About Jon: My sister and I grew up in a small suburban neighborhood in CT. On weekends, we spent family time picnicking and hiking all across New England. By the time I was in high school, I think we hiked almost every park in the Northeast region. My parents taught me the value of respect, hard work and contributing to the family. I have remained close to my folks over the years and they have had a lasting impact on me and my life.

I got my BSEE from RPI and my MSEE from Northeastern University, and now work for a high-tech firm in North County San Diego so I have a very short commute. I manage one of the business units, which can be demanding at times but also affords me the flexibility in my schedule to accommodate our lives. I also get over 6 weeks of vacation a year, which I cherish dearly!

I can’t wait to spend time with our future child, taking them on walks and hikes and showing them the natural world all around us. My boys, Zach and Chris, are grown up now and both live in the Los Angeles area. I loved taking my boys camping and hiking over the years, and it would be great to hike the Grand Canyon all together some day and whitewater raft down the Colorado River!

More About Jon, by Beth: Initially, I was drawn to Jon’s warm smile and sparkling eyes. Then his absolutely brilliant mind, delightful humor, passion for life, drive and success in all things he does soon made me realize he was like no one I had met before. Jon is spontaneous, lively, responsible, secure and grounded all mixed together in the perfect person I fell so deeply in love with. Jon is a loving, supporting partner and amazing dad to our pups. I can’t wait to have the honor of raising a family together with him.

Beth Loves Jon’s:
• Playfulness
• Compassion
• Honesty
• Loyalty
• Integrity
• Sensitivity
• Need for order and fun
• Love for the outdoors and life
• Ability to logically assess a situation

Jon Has:
• Trekked in Nepal
• Built speakers and a stereo system in college
• Bought a vineyard and made world class, award winning wine
• Traveled to all continents except Antarctica
• Climbed Mount Rainier
• Retired at 34 from high tech
• Graduated college a year early
• Hiked to the bottom and back of the Grand Canyon in 6.5 hours

Meet Jon

Meet Beth

I grew up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I was very lucky to grow up near my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and develop close bonds. We spent a lot of time with family and explored the outdoors.

My parents got divorced when I was 10, and I did not see my biological father again much after that, but my mother and I have maintained a close relationship with his family. My mom met an amazing man a few years later, and he has been there for every major and minor life event since my early teen years. My brother was born as I was entering high school, and I have a stepsister and brother. We enjoyed swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, trips to Boston, NYC, Maine, Florida, etc.

I have a degree in psychology, worked as a preschool teacher, which I loved, then had a career change to the medical field. However, now, I plan on being a full time stay-at-home mom. I plan on using my Early Childhood Education background to help foster learning.

I’m excited to cuddle, join play groups, read to, take walks through the woods with the dogs, play at the beach, go on family adventures, cook, paint, sing and dance together with our future child.

More About Beth, by Jon: When I met Beth, I was quickly drawn to her warm and inviting demeanor as well as her big blue eyes and happy infectious smile. Beth is very loving, compassionate, giving and nurturing. She brings out the best in me.

As kind and loving as my wife is, she is also smart, organized and logical with an adventurous spirit. I find it amazing that this bright light of happiness is perfectly balanced with a mind so intelligent, intuitive, creative and humorous. Most importantly, Beth has a positive attitude that keeps her steering towards happiness, always. I know that she will be one of the best mothers in the world and I can’t wait to be by her side as we raise our future child together.

• Has taken a 3.5-week adventure across the country when she first moved to California with her dog
• Took her SAT’s at John Hopkins in the 8th Grade
• Has been asked to show her artwork at Gallery here in San Diego
• Was in a TV commercial in the 2nd grade
• Ran marathons
• Was a gymnast
• Cut the cord when her brother Patrick was born
• Has gone cage diving with sharks

Jon Loves Beth’s:
• Strong sense of purpose
• Enthusiasm
• Infectious energy
• Fierce loyalty
• Positivity
• Honesty
• Intelligence
• Vulnerability that makes her so real

Meet Beth

Our Family and Friends

Even though our parents and extended families are on the east coast, it does not stop us from seeing them several times a year and having a very close relationship with them. We have often said how lucky we are to have such loving parents. As Beth’s parents retire full time, it will be easier to see them both more frequently, because as fate would have it, they both bought retirement homes in Florida on the Gulf Coast and their homes are only 7 miles apart!

Jon’s two boys live in the Los Angeles area, so they are pretty close by. Beth’s brother, Patrick, comes out to visit several times a year, and her stepsister, Michelle, just graduated with her masters in social work and is planning a trip back out soon.

We get together with close friends or neighbors on most weekends for dinner or a cookout. Jon enjoys biking with his friend Raj on Saturdays and Beth enjoys dinner and a movie with her friend Cherie or Rhonda. During the week, Beth enjoys spending time with her girlfriends and their young children.

Each holiday season, we have an open house for family, friends and neighbors. This is our chance to catch up and see everyone at least once a year!

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We love where we live in Southern California. We picked our home because we wanted to be more in the country with land and a safe, open space for kids, dogs, and gardening.

We are only 15 minutes from the beach, and we have several parks very close by. Fun things like the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park are only 30-45 minutes away! We are lucky enough to have enough room for both of our parents to come out at the same time and stay for the holidays. Our yard is over an acre, providing a large grassy area (swing set, sports etc.), and it has a 43- fruit tree orchard! We have vegetable gardens, some fresh herbs, berries and flower gardens.

We also host the Annual Neighborhood Holiday Party. Our neighbors are of various ages and we have very close relations with many of them. They’re down to earth, friendly, and always available to help one another.

Meet Our Dogs, Delsin and Dutch:
• Australian shepherd
• 10 years old
• Young at heart
• Smart and loving
• Takes care of Dutch

• German shepherd mix
• 1.5 years old
• Gentle and kind
• Silly
• Loves Delsin

Their Favorites:
• People (especially children!)
• Cuddling
• Kisses
• Being outdoors
• Going for walks
• Hikes at the beach and in the canyon

Your Child’s Life Will Be Full Of:
• Adventure
• Puppy dog kisses
• Great food
• Cuddles
• Family
• Friends
• Travel
• Music
• Love

We Promise To:
• Always be loving, supportive and patient
• Encourage creativity, exploration, fun, and learning
• Tell your child how special and courageous you are
• Instill compassion and kindness
• Share the importance of heritage
• Teach forgiveness and respect for themselves and others
• Empower your child with confidence
• Encourage them to go after their dreams, and know they can do whatever they put their mind to
• Foster a love for nature and the great outdoors
• Do everything we can to make sure your child feels happy, healthy and loved unconditionally!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our dreams for the future. We are so grateful. We hope to have the opportunity to hear your story and get to know you.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts