Jordan and Anthony

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We’re Jordan and Anthony. From Los Angeles, California.

More than anything in the world, we want to be parents. We’re so grateful it might be you who gives us that chance.

Growing up, we both imagined having a family and raising a child in a home filled with laughter, support, and unconditional love. We agreed from the beginning of our relationship that we would grow our family through adoption.

We hope you are able to get a glimpse of who we are and the life we cannot wait to share with our future child.

We know you’re making an important decision and we admire you for your courage. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us.

A Few Things About Us:

  • Jordan is from Denver, Colorado, Anthony is from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
  • Jordan is a photographer and Anthony is a TV writer
  • Both of us lived in New York City for 11 years
  • We love scary movies!
  • We love to travel and our favorite place to visit is Mexico City

*Adoption is dear to our hearts— Jordan’s Mom was adopted.

We met in New York City, on the set of Anthony’s first feature film—he wrote the script and Jordan was working with the art department. We had a strong connection right away. It really was love at first sight. We went out that very first night and have been inseparable ever since.

Since then, we’ve travelled the world, got married, become uncles and godfathers, moved from New York to Los Angeles, supported each other through big career changes, and had about a million impromptu dance parties in our kitchen. At home, we love to cook (Jordan is the real chef, and Anthony is a great “assistant chef”), play games like Scrabble and Boggle (Anthony always wins)… and have our friends over to listen to records or watch movies.

But nothing is as important in our lives as family, and we are so excited to start our own.

Dear Birth Mother

Meet Jordan

I grew up in Denver, Colorado. As a kid, we’d spend weekends enjoying the great outdoors– hiking, camping, or skiing. My summers were spent road-tripping with my grandparents and these adventures are among my favorite memories from my childhood.

I’m an only child, and am super close with my Mom. She’s a real estate agent, and has recently remarried— my stepdad is a retired psychiatrist, and has 3 grown up kids of his own who have joined our family! They’re going to make the most loving, generous and fun grandparents.

I went to an arts high school and moved to New York City at 18 to study acting at Juilliard. I spent my early 20s working as an actor before making the transition to a career as a photographer. Now, I work on ad campaigns, fashion editorials and portraits.

I’m an outdoorsy guy and can’t wait to take our kid camping, to the beach, on hikes and to surf lessons! I love adventures and exploring new places. I’m so excited to travel all around the world as a family.

More About Jordan, by Anthony:

Jordan is the most kind and most generous person I’ve ever met. He’s really curious and always excited to learn new things. He’s an amazing listener and makes anyone he’s talking with feel like the most important person in the room. He’s smart and hard-working, and he succeeds at everything he sets his mind to. His groundedness and calm energy are a great balance for me. And his big heart, loyalty and patience are some of the qualities that will make him a great Dad.


Meet Jordan

Meet Anthony

I always like to say, “I’m from ALL OVER Canada.” I grew up in Winnipeg, went to college in Vancouver, and then lived in Montreal and Toronto before moving to New York City in my mid-twenties.

Growing up, I played hockey and soccer, took dance classes and swimming lessons and played the piano. I also went to an “immersion school” where I was taught in both English and French.

My dad is a retired Air Canada pilot and my mom stayed at home to raise me and my three sisters. My family is really into Christmas— like seriously, majorly into Christmas. I can’t wait to celebrate holidays and create new traditions with my own family.

I’ve always had a lot of close friendships and honestly believe the relationships I’ve made are the greatest accomplishment of my life. I truly love people, and that’s why I love my job— working as a TV writer I get to collaborate with all kinds of people to make something unique and special.

More About Anthony, by Jordan:

Anthony is the funniest person in the world. He always makes me laugh and he knows how to find the joy and lightness in any situation. He wants to be friends with everyone, and everyone wants to be friends with him! I loved his family from the moment I met them and was so happy to be welcomed by them with open arms. From the first day I met Anthony, I was drawn to his positivity and his deep belief that anything is possible.


Meet Anthony

Our Home

Our home is cozy and warm. We have an enormous grassy lawn and views of green hills. Our home is filled with plants and books and our growing art collection. We take pride in making our home a welcome place for friends and family to gather.

Our neighborhood, Highland Park, is incredibly vibrant and diverse. There are great restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores—even a bowling alley and a cute, old movie theatre—all at our doorstep, but our home is on a quiet, tree-lined, residential street with lots of families nearby. We’ve become super close with our neighbors, and lots of our good friends live in the area. It’s a real community and we love living here! We’re also walking distance to great schools, parks, gardens and hiking trails. (And, just a short drive to the beach!)

Holiday Traditions:

On Christmas Eve we open just one present (spoiler: it’s pajamas). We love to host Thanksgiving dinner and cook a big meal for our friends and family. We always get Chinese Food on New Years Day! For Halloween we carve pumpkins and watch classic horror movies. We can’t wait to create new traditions with our future child!


Our Home

Our Friends and Family

We are lucky to have big extended families and an incredible community of friends, near and far.

We both come from families that are loud and generous and emotionally open and funny. And, most importantly, so so loving.

Anthony’s parents visit from Vancouver, Canada as often as they can, and they’re looking forward to having another grandchild to spoil! Jordan’s Mom and Step-dad are in Denver, and they’re super excited to be first time grandparents! Anthony’s sisters have kids, so we have some amazing nieces and nephews— and there’s another one on the way! (by the time you read this, she may already be here!)

Here in Los Angeles, we have lots of amazing friends that we love to hike with, cook with and have over to our place for movie and games nights! Lots of our friends have small children of their own, who will someday be great older pals to our future child.

All of our friends and family are as hopeful and excited as we are about our adoption plans!

Thank you!

Becoming parents is our biggest dream, and we are so grateful you took the time to look at our profile. We know this can only scratch the surface of who we are and what kind of parents we’d be, but we hope this is a good starting point. We’re so excited to go on this journey with you and look forward to learning about you and your hopes and wishes for your child as well.

Our Promise To You: We promise to love big and unconditionally. We promise to provide educational opportunities. We promise to fill life with arts, nature, sports, travel, friends and laughter. We promise to be your child’s #1 fan, and help them to reach their full potential. We promise to nurture respect for all people and champion social justice. We promise to honor your role as birthmother.

—Jordan & Anthony


Our Friends and Family