Jose & Kenya

Hello! We are Kenya and Jose from California

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you so much for taking the time get to know us and for giving us the opportunity to share a little about us. We respect your selfless and courageous decision.

WE WANT TO ADOPT BECAUSE WE HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF BECOMING PARENTS. We are super excited to begin our journey of getting to know you and raising a child.

About Us: We met in March 2016 through Facebook and started communicating through Messenger. We belong to the same church except we attended in different cities, Jose in Long Beach, California and Kenya in Chatsworth, California.

We quickly became very good friends. Kenya was attracted to Jose’s honesty, confidence and humor. Jose was attracted to Kenya’s personality, honesty and sincerity. We went on dates every week and we talked on the phone through facetime every day.

We had been dating for ten months when Jose surprised Kenya by taking her to the beach and getting down on one knee to propose in front of friends and family. We were both overwhelmed with excitement and celebrated by enjoying dinner on the beach. We got married in Long Beach at a beautiful golf course surrounded by all our family and friends.

We are a loving and supportive couple, we love the outdoors, movies and hanging out with friends and family. BOTH OUR FAMILIES ARE AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE A LITTLE ONE TO SPOIL!

5 Fun Facts About Us:
• We love going to the movies (any movie but horror)
• Jose is great in the kitchen, Kenya tries, but she’s pretty good at baking
• We met on Facebook- Kenya had not been on FB for years and through a co-workers encouragement she got back on it
• We love ice cream- Jose’s favorite is chocolate and Kenya’s is cookie dough
• We are easygoing- We have a great friendship with each other

Hello! We are Kenya and Jose from California

Meet Jose

About Jose, by Jose: I was born and raised in San Pedro and Long Beach, California. I come from a single mom household with 7 older siblings. My mom worked hard to support my family. Although we did not have much materially we had each other. My father was in my life but did not live with me.

The most challenging thing about growing up was that my mom and I moved back and forth from San Pedro and Long Beach but I believe it was a real positive experience to live in two different cities because I got to experience different cultures.

After I graduated from high school, I attended and completed two years at Long Beach City College. I joined the US Marines Corps Reserve as well and completed six years of service. I’m training to become a plumber and work a consistent schedule most days.

In my spare time I like going to the gym, hanging out with my friends from church, visiting my family and hanging out with my wife.

I LOOK FORWARD TO BEING A FATHER AND TEACHER TO MY FUTURE CHILD since I was not able to have a close relationship with my dad. I am bilingual in Spanish, love to interact with people, enjoy children, and I believe in helping people.

More About Jose, by Kenya: JOSE IN A WORD IS GENUINE! He is funny, kind, loving and very supportive. He loves his friends and family and will make every effort to make sure he helps or stays connected.

Jose enjoys cooking for his friends and family. I admire his willingness to change careers to plumber apprenticeship in order to provide for our family. He is passionate about being part of a team and finds great satisfaction in building plumbing systems. Jose loves the beach and being outdoors.

Jose is very playful and makes everyone laugh. MY HEART IS HAPPY AND IT MAKES ME TEARFUL AT THE THOUGHT OF WHAT A WONDERFUL FATHER HE WILL BE. Jose is special to me because I prayed for a man with his qualities, such as his patience and love.

Meet Jose

About Kenya

About Kenya, by Kenya: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California. My childhood was fun! I grew up with both my parents, (Michael SR and Stephanie) and my siblings, my sister Jane’a and my brother Michael Jr. We went swimming, played video games, enjoyed a lot of good times with our friends in the neighborhood and our cousins. My father is a mechanic by trade and also picked up a lot of trades as he grew up. Thanks to my father’s mechanical knowledge he would put together go carts and mini bikes so that we could ride around the neighborhood.

I attended Pasadena City College, where I earned my Associates Degree in Nursing, I finished my Bachelor’s of Nursing in 2017 at Chamberlain College of Nursing. I CURRENTLY WORK AS A REGISTERED NURSE. I’M VERY BLESSED BECAUSE I ONLY WORK 3 DAYS A WEEK AND I AM ABLE TO MAKE MY OWN SCHEDULE.

I love hiking with my mom, hanging out with family and friends watching movies. I’m a kid at heart so I look forward to going to amusement parks, Chuckie Cheese, hanging out with my niece and nephews, going swimming, visiting museums, trips to the library, birthday parties and the movies. My favorite thing to do is going to the movies and being outdoors with friends and family.

More About Kenya, by Jose: KENYA HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL WIFE TO ME, and I am very blessed to have her in my life. I have been impressed by her unconditional love for me. We enjoy talking to each other and spending time with her family. Kenya has been raised by wonderful parents Michael and Stephanie. Kenya has been very supportive and patient with me beginning a new career as a plumber.

I ADMIRE KENYA FOR WANTING TO BE A MOTHER AND I HAVE FAITH THAT SHE WILL BE A GREAT MOM. Kenya and I have a very straight forward honest relationship.

About Kenya

Love Makes a Family

We have a great support system made up o family and friends. Both our parents live in California.

Jose’s mom, Hermelinda, lives in San Pedro which is about an hour away from us and Jose visits his mom every Sunday to help with her shopping needs and take care of the family dog, Lobo.

Kenya’s parents Michael and Stephanie live 15 minutes away from us.

BOTH OF OUR FAMILIES ARE FUN, LOUD (EVERYONE TALKING AND LAUGHING), THEY ARE THE “HAVE YOUR BACK” KIND OF FAMILY and all are very excited about us adopting. Kenya’s sister Jane’a lives about 20 minutes away and has a son named Daniel (3) and a daughter Abigail (1).

Both our families have birthday traditions and we are always celebrating a family member’s birthday at least once a month. The birthday celebrant chooses what kind of food and cake they want and after eating, everyone sings happy birthday and then the birthday celebrant opens up gifts.

Holidays are fun, we get to enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving with both families, Jose’s family in the evening and Kenya’s during the day.

We also have our Church family that have been very supportive and are our prayer warriors.

Love Makes a Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in Chatsworth, California in a great NEIGHBORHOOD FULL OF DIVERSE FAMILIES with dogs.

We live in a townhome with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our community is gated, and has a pool and Jacuzzi.

We live near a middle school and a library both in walking distance. One of our favorite parks is Chatsworth Park because it has great walking trails and a playground for little ones and is a five minute drive from our home.

One Last Thank You: We promise to be loving parents to your child. We promise your child will know their adoption story and we will express our gratitude towards you for allowing us to be parents to your child. We promise to raise your child in a safe home that will be full of laughter, adventure, culture and education.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts