Josephine and Caleb


We are Josephine and Caleb from Missouri. We want to wish you a warm hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

As we sat down to write this letter, our hearts pounded with emotion, mostly because we know how lives have been changed in an amazing way because of adoption. We hope our profile gives you a glimpse into our lives and gives you an idea of who we are, the love we have for one another and the love we would have for your child.

You are looking for a wonderful home and future for your child and we are looking to share our love and grow our family. Perhaps we are looking for each other?

About Us, By Josephine

We grew up only 15 miles from each other but were little more than acquaintances until the summer of 2011 when Caleb asked me out! The first time we hung out together, we went canoeing! (I suppose you know your life is going to be filled with adventure when your first date includes a canoe!) That date led to many more and a year later Caleb took me on another canoe trip on that same river, where he proposed!

We have now been married for 7 wonderful years! We love to travel and spent a month in Ireland on our honeymoon. Our style of traveling is to go with little plans and absolutely no stressful deadlines. We’ve made quality family time a priority in our home and enjoy ending each day with dinner together and going over the happenings of our day. We both love children and were blessed the day Eriq joined our family in 2019. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption once again!

Things We Love To Do Together:

  • Playing tennis
  • Going on hikes and bike rides
  • Learning new things together
  • All outdoor activities, especially those involving water!
  • Going to auctions together on Saturday mornings
  • Home improvement projects
  • Playing games together
  • Traveling; Since getting married we enjoyed traveling to Colorado, Ireland, Hawaii, Florida and many smaller trips.

We love traveling together as a family!



About Caleb

About Caleb, By Josephine

Caleb is the kind, calm and steady type which is the perfect balance for me. He loves surprising me with flowers and has an amazing amount of patience for explaining things and figuring them out. He enjoys fishing and jet-skiing and dreams of getting his pilot’s license. Caleb is very open to new ideas and loves “thinking outside the box.” He enjoys cooking, especially breakfast! Caleb’s calm and sensible personality allows him to approach hard times with a level head and open mind. He loves traveling and is constantly coming up with a new adventure for us to take!

“His patient, loving, silly ways with our son, Eriq, make him an amazing father and husband!”

Caleb’s Favorites

  • Playing tennis
  • Music
  • Traveling
  • Raspberry Ice-cream
  • Boating
  • Shrimp
  • Diesel Trucks

About Caleb, By Caleb

I own a construction company and specialize in building pole barns, garages, metal roofing, etc. I have been in construction 10 years. I am also a member of the local fire department. We live in a rural community, so being on the fire department doesn’t take up much of my time. We get mostly brush fire calls, and since I enjoy challenges these fires prove to be most interesting! Growing up I enjoyed ice-skating on our big farm pond, making hay, and combine harvesting. My family all loves music, so we spent many evenings singing together.


About Caleb

About Josephine

About Josephine, By Caleb

Josephine has the most wonderful personality of anyone I ever met. Before she became a mother and homemaker, she was at the top of her sales team at a Bernina sewing machine store. Josephine is that perfect combination of an outgoing, sunshiny type while still down to earth, practical and caring in her heart. One word to describe her; spontaneous. She’s very adventurous and loves seeing new places as much as I do.

“She adores little children and she is a great mom to Eriq! There are no words to describe how much I love this women God has given me.”

She has helped me to be a more outgoing person (conversing with strangers is not my strong suit) and she’s been wonderful in encouraging me to start my dream carpenter crew and stands behind me, cheering me on when things get stressful. So, all this to basically say, Josephine is a wonderful person!

Josephine’s Favorites

  • Sour gummy candy
  • The color aqua
  • DIY Projects
  • Shopping
  • Vacations at the beach
  • Pizza

About Josephine, By Josephine

I worked at a Bernina store where I taught classes and enjoyed meeting many new people, helping them master the art of quilting/sewing. I also helped customers with their designing software. I recently made a change and now enjoy being a secretary for Caleb’s business, being a mom to Eriq, cooking, and taking care of the home. We love our two golden retrievers. My childhood was filled with activity! I enjoyed going horseback riding and I loved all animals! I’d bring home any animal my parents would let me have which was quite a few! My sisters and I even had a pet piglet at one time!

“ I promise to provide well for my family; to see that everyone has every opportunity and support to achieve his or her goals in life!” – Caleb

About Josephine

Meet Our Family

We were both born in Missouri. Caleb grew up with 8 siblings and Josephine grew up with 6 siblings, so we have many happy memories of childhood. Our parents both live within 20 miles of our home so we enjoy spending weekends together, swimming parties, get-togethers on Friday nights to make homemade pizza and countless evenings spent playing family games together. Caleb has a nephew and 2 nieces and Josephine has a niece and 2 nephews (they are all under the age of 5) so our get togethers are spent helping the children play with playdough (even Grandpa gets involved), laughing at their antics, blowing bubbles, reading stories and endless hugs and giggles!

Family Traditions

  • We have been blessed with close-knit, supportive family’s and enjoy spending Thanksgiving and Christmas surrounded by grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, and way too much food!
  • Yearly camping trips
  • Apple cider pressing party in the fall
  • Spoonbill fishing trips
  • Exchanging names with the families for a Christmas gift exchange
  • Celebrating birthdays

Meet Eriq

Eriq is our loving, bubbly, energetic 8-year-old son that can’t wait to be an older brother! He loves animals and the outdoors, and is the happiest when helping others. He joined our home November 2019 through adoption, and has added so much to our family. When Eriq sees someone in distress, his heart goes out to them and he immediately wants to help them. Eriq is a little man of action; not one prone to sit around, although he does enjoy reading a good book. His favorites are books about the Titanic, The Boxcar Children and the Bible. Eriq enjoys playing games with the family. His favorite subject in school is math, but he also likes spelling and reading. Eriq is not shy, and will tell stories to anyone that wants to listen.


Meet Our Family

Our Home and Community

We live on an 80-acre farm on the north end of the Ozarks. It is about half rolling hillside grassland and half woods, alongside a large creek. We see an abundance of wildlife; deer, turkey, raccoons, squirrels etc. We enjoy beautiful sunsets, BBQs with family and friends, fresh goodies from our garden, swimming and watching the stars come out. We live close to a private school and the church we attend. We love the neighborhood we live in! We have been so blessed with many good neighbors, we like visiting with them and taking them plates of cookies at Christmas! We live four miles from Caleb’s parents so we enjoy the many advantages of grandparents just over the hill.

Our Promise To You

We understand what an incredible gift it is to be entrusted with the care of your child and promise to live up to the responsibility of that gift. Our promise to your child is to be the best parents we can be! We will listen to their unique hope and dreams and encourage them to be all they were born to be! They will be loved not only by us but will have the love of our extended family and friends. We promise to make sure that your child knows their adoption story and shares the deep admiration and respect that we have for you.

We wish you love, courage and peace,

Caleb, Josephine & Eriq

Our Home and Community