Josh & Nicole

Nicole & Josh

Hello friend! Thank you for spending the time to look at our profile and thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We are so excited to be parents and can’t wait to see them, and hold them, for the first time. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking and preparing for this, and we’re ready to take our first steps into parenthood.

Choosing Adoption: Choosing adoption was an easy choice for us, as Josh has a sister who was adopted from China, and we both have several cousins who joined our families through adoption. Your child will have many family members they can relate to.

Our top priority is to make sure that your baby will always feel safe, loved, and accepted. We can’t wait to see what type of person your child develops into and we look forward to supporting them in pursuing their dreams.

We also believe it’s important to develop a child’s confidence and the strength to achieve their goals and we will work hard to make sure that their independent spirit is nurtured. We want them to see and experience as much of life as possible, and to develop a love of other cultures, the pursuit of knowledge, the outdoors, and their community.

Our Friends Say We Are…
• Artistic – geeks
• A power couple
• Creative
• Always trying to get people together for an adventure

Our Story: We live in Los Angeles and met online in 2011. Our first lunch date ended up being twelve hours long and included an impromptu Lakers game! We’ve been pretty inseparable ever since and share a lot of hobbies together like kickball, traveling, and board games.

After a couple years, Josh proposed to Nicole in a tunnel (tunnels and caves are her favorite) and in 2014 we had a geek wedding with comic book high heels, movie poster seating charts, and centerpieces filled with action figures.

Since we both work in the entertainment industry, we get to collaborate frequently and really enjoy working on projects together. We’ve remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, thrown many events together, volunteer to teach high schoolers art together, and have been tinkering on a graphic novel for the past four years together. Art, creativity, and family are a big part of our relationship.

Josh is the oldest of five and Nicole is the oldest of six, so we both have massive families whom we rotate spending time with frequently.

You Might Be Surprised…
• We get to do international public speaking together
• We are DIY remodelers and have done kitchens and bathrooms
• We have board game nights with our friends once a week
• Josh is an amazing baker
• Nicole is an avid gardener and loves plants

Nicole & Josh


Meet Nicole: Nicole moved around a lot as a child and split her time between her dad’s family in Alabama, and her mom’s family in Northern California.

After graduating high school in Alabama, she moved to California and attended Sacramento State where she studied film. She became a Marketing Producer and has worked in Film, Games, Broadcast, and Live Events.

A couple years ago, she started her own consulting business, where she works remotely most of the year and makes her own hours. She is the Co-Founder of a Non-Profit that focuses on helping women and people from underrepresented groups get into the entertainment industry, and she also volunteers as a Crisis Counselor Advocate for survivors of assault and domestic violence. She absolutely loves her work and has built a career that enables her to have extreme flexibility for raising a child.

Nicole’s hobbies include container gardening, exploring local events, and reading as many books as possible. She can’t wait to teach her future child how to care for plants and to encourage a love of exploring the community. But she’s most excited to read with her future child and to watch them think and discover the world around them.

By Josh: Nicole is the perfect partner for me, and I love her more than words can describe. She has this incredible ability to sit and talk with someone and have a deep conversation within minutes.

Nicole is going to be an excellent mother. Our future child will have someone by their side who cares so much and wants to know everything about them. Not to just know it, but to understand it, to nurture it, and to make it grow. I see this in her with her friends, her family, and with me.

I have grown to be a better person and am so happy with how my life has been since the moment I met her. I cannot wait to see her with our future child.

Nicole’s Favorites:
• Super Power you’d Like to Have: Teleportation
• Animal: Every dog
• Hobbies: Reading and traveling
• Musical Artist: Lizzo
• Dream job: Own a coworking coffee shop
• The Perfect Day: Full of friends, food, spending time outside, and snuggling with Josh and our dog Max
• Kid’s movie: The Little Mermaid
• Family outing: The beach



Meet Josh: Josh grew up in Denver, Colorado in a suburban area near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. He went to college in both Denver and Los Angeles, where he studied Animation and Visual Effects for movies and video games. He is the Chief Creative Officer of an art school and his schedule is full, but flexible.
Some of his hobbies include watching films at the cinema, playing all types of games, spending time with friends, and traveling to new places.

He looks forward to watching his child grow and learn. He loves spending time with children and loves teaching. He can’t wait to see what odd and interesting things that they will love. Will they memorize all the names of the dinosaurs like he did? Or maybe they’ll love the stars and planets, or the sea, or cars and trucks. He loves watching kids learn and discover their passions, and he can’t wait to sit on the floor and play pretend with whatever worlds they are dreaming up.

By Nicole: Josh is calm, cool, collected, and wonderful. He’s naturally good at just about everything and is perfect at explaining how things work in a way that each individual is able to understand. He’s an amazing teacher, a natural leader, and very kind, but equally protective of the people he cares for.

Josh loves games and laughing and having a group of people to play a sport or board game with and he is absolutely wonderful with all of our friends and families’ kids. I know without a doubt that he will be the best dad ever.

Josh’s Favorites:
• Super Power you’d Like to Have: Super strength
• Animal: Tiger
• Hobbies: Playing games
• Musical Artist: Radiohead
• Dream job: Own a game company
• The Perfect Day: Relaxing at home with Nicole and our dog Max
• Kid’s movie: Ninja Turtles
• Family outing: Disneyland


Our Family

Love Makes A Family: We have large families spread out all over the place, but everyone comes together for vacations and there are always group chats going and phone calls happening.

Josh’s parents and siblings live in Denver, Colorado. His older siblings regularly visit us in Los Angeles and we’re currently planning a road trip to Seattle for next year. We’re really good friends with Josh’s parents and since Josh’s mom works remotely, she visits a lot as well, and is VERY excited to be a grandmother.

We are so blessed with a million cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who we get to talk to and hang out with frequently. Our future child will never be lonely, as there are kids of every age to play with, and several of them are adopted!

Nicole’s mom and stepdad live in Northern California with her teenage siblings. Nicole and her mom talk almost every day and go on weekend trips to different cities every Mother’s Day. Nicole’s dad lives in Alabama with her stepmom. She has sisters in Alabama, Atlanta, and St. Louis. They go on a yearly sisters’ trip and share a love of plants and music. And this is just our nuclear families.

Nicole’s stepmom is Filipino, which means that in addition to teaching her how to make amazing adobo and lumpia, she has a VERY large, loud, and fun family that gets together frequently in Southern California where her grandmother lives. We rotate holidays between all of the families, so we don’t go too long without seeing everyone, and we really cherish the time that we spend together.

Our Family

Our Home & Promise

Home is wherever I’m with you: We live in Downtown Los Angeles with our dog, Max, in a historic building full of artists and young families. There’s a big park across the street and after work we hang out with our neighbors and all the dogs for a bit before we all go about our separate ways for dinner.

Once we’re home, we try not to drive, and really enjoy walking to the grocery store, coffee shop, or to meet up with a friend. We have a lot of friends in our building and meet up on the roof for BBQs and to watch the fireworks from city hall. We live ten minutes from a wonderful hiking trail and thirty minutes from the ocean.

We try to get to the beach every other weekend and have accepted that our car will always have sand in it. There are some really amazing schools nearby, and we’re excited to see which school will be the best fit for our future child’s educational needs.

Activities in Los Angeles We Love:
• We love going to Malibu for breakfast burritos and Zuma Beach (there are dolphins!)
• We love going hiking in Griffith Park to take in the views
• We love historic buildings in Downtown LA and all the architecture
• We love going to free concerts in Grand Park and being part of the community.

Meet Max: We have the sweetest dog, Max. He is a fourteen-year-old Shiba Inu, and Josh has had him since he was a puppy. Max loves kids, cats, and has a particular love of pugs and corgis who he meets at the park. He loves playing fetch with his ball and most people think he’s still a puppy.

Our Promise To You: We have dreamt of having a child for a long time. We long to hold our future child, to read to them, and to watch them grow and discover the world around them.

We would love to have an open adoption and to have you be a part our future child’s life. We believe that knowing where you come from is an important part of any child’s story, so we would be sure to include any details, traditions, and heritage that you share into their everyday life. We would follow your lead on how involved you would like to be and know that we’re all figuring out this journey together.

We promise to love and support your child unconditionally and to always advocate for them. We promise to give them as many opportunities as possible and to make sure they have a strong sense of family, community and self. We are full of love for you and will always be sending you positive emotions and feelings.

One Last Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are truly grateful for you! If you choose us, please know that your baby will always be surrounded with love and will be the light of our life.

Our Home & Promise