Joshua and Levi

Hello and Welcome

We are Josh & Levi! We are a fun loving, adventurous couple from Southern California. We are extremely grateful to be considered as adoptive parents and thank you immensely for taking time to get to know us and peek into our lives!

We have always talked about raising a child and starting a family together and believe that adopting a baby is the ideal way to fulfill that dream… but we can’t do it alone.  We are excited for the opportunity to get to know you and be able to tell your story as a part of ours. We recognize that this may not be any easy decision for you to make, but we hope that we might be the right couple to be by your side.

Our Story: The beginning of our relationship was far from typical, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  10 years ago, we met in Los Angeles where we spent 6 weeks learning and rehearsing a series of shows that would be performed on an international cruise ship contract for 9 months.  Performing in a cast with 12 other singers and dancers, we cruised the Mediterranean & Caribbean seas exploring ports and adventuring together.  These adventures were just the beginning of a life together, and as we each furthered our individual careers in entertainment, our relationship often withstood oceans, and even months apart.  Still our bond was strong, and our connection deep – and we always supported each other.

A more stable, home-based lifestyle eventually set in as we each settled into careers and married in 2018. And even though we are no longer performing professionally off the coast of Greece, we still feel like those young-spirited boys finding adventure in each day together.

Every day is a new adventure, and we are excited and ready to share them with our child.

Our Hobbies & Interests:

The performing arts will always be a large part of our lives, and while it might not be on stage, we are still always singing and dancing around the house! Whether attending professional shows at the Pantages, or supporting our friends in local productions, we hope to extend that passion and introduce live theatre to our child.

We also love to cook & bake a variety of dishes together! Whether it be homemade pasta, a loaf of fresh bread, or delicious dumplings, we enjoy learning & trying new things in the kitchen. After dinner, we often unwind by playing games like Gin Rummy, Scrabble, & Yahtzee (to name a few).

One of our largest passions is travel, and we try to see somewhere new each year. Experiencing new scenery, foods, and culture never gets old. Last year, we saw five different European countries in 10 days!

Hello and Welcome

Meet Levi

I was born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA where my entire family was within 30 minutes of each other. On Sundays, we visited family at my grandparents’ homes, we often vacationed with extended family, and at home, nightly family dinners were a must! Family has always been an extremely important part of my life and I am excited to continue growing ours with a child.

I started dancing at 11 and knew that I had found a lifelong passion. I studied dance in college until I began performing on cruise ships (where Joshua and I met!). After that, I moved to Los Angeles working as a professional dancer for 10 years before I moved into a career selling healthy snacks. I now work remotely for a company that offers a flexible schedule and a great understanding of work/life balance to allow me easy access to family time.

I am so excited to begin sharing our family values and interests with our child. I look forward to baking together, reading bedtime stories, and showing our future child the beautiful world that we get to live in together as a family!

Meet Levi

Meet Josh

Growing up in a little mountain community near Lake Arrowhead, CA, I was a small-town boy with big dreams.  My earliest memories include riding horses with Dad, climbing trees in the back woods, and tending to the family pets & animals.  At the age of 10, an interest in ballet & performing arts lead to a busy, dedicated lifestyle that eventually developed into an exciting career.  My artistic career allowed me to see the world, explore other cultures, and eventually meet Levi.

In 2010, I also began working in hospitality and developed a knack for sales and catering.  This has allowed me to settle into a new career, providing more stability and home roots.  When not relaxing at home, or working in the garden, I love to ride my bike and swim in the ocean. I am often inspired by nature, and I would love a child to share my love and interests with.

Meet Josh

Our Home and Community

We love our current home in Hawaiian Gardens! The tiny city is centrally located between Orange County and Los Angeles and boasts one of the best education systems around.  Being within walking distance to schools of all levels and parks with playgrounds makes the area perfect for families of all kinds.  We are only a fifteen-minute drive to the beach, 2 hours from skiing in the winter, and a short commute to LA where we can access shows, amazing food, & entertainment.

We also love spending time in the backyard, where we have worked hard to make it comfortable and fun. Each year we pride ourselves on our summer garden and love to create meals from fresh home-grown herbs & produce.  Whether a BBQ on a hot summer night, or a cozy bonfire in winter, we love spending time outside.

We have three amazing pets!

Emy is our 6-year-old munchkin-Bengal cat mix, full of personality.  She may have small front legs, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping up with the others!

Walter is an adorable 4-year-old rescue pup, full of energy and kisses.  He loves to chase squirrels in the park, go on hikes, and never misses the opportunity for a cuddle.

Gary is the youngest at 1 year old.  He can be a little shy around strangers at first, but don’t be fooled! Once comfortable, he is extremely affectionate.

Our Home and Community

Our Family and Friends

Even though Levi’s family does not live nearby, they still play a huge part in our lives! We try to get together three to four times per year, whether they come to us, us to them, or we meet somewhere in the middle.  Between these trips and frequent video calls, we spend plenty of time together and are so excited for them to meet our new addition.

With Josh being a native to SoCal, he has a strong local family support system.  Although his dad & stepmom moved out of state in 2018, they still get together a few times per year and offer support.  Josh’s mother remains local and could not be more excited for her new grandbaby! Between his 3 siblings here in California, Josh & Levi stay busy with 5 nephews and are so excited about the opportunity to give them all a new cousin!

We also have a close, diverse family of friends that are extremely important to us. From dinner gatherings and holidays to major life events like weddings, we feel grateful to have loyal and loving friends that support our growing family.

The holiday season is an exciting and busy time for us! In October, we have our “Spooky Fall Festival!” We decorate for Halloween, carve pumpkins, drink cider, and watch festive movies. Every year at Thanksgiving time, we find a new recipe for the turkey at our Friendsgiving dinner.  Christmas time means lights on the house, a fresh cut tree in the living room, and holiday music in the background.  Baking and decorating cookies for family and neighbors is a must! As our family grows, we are excited to create new traditions like apple picking in the fall, trick-or-treating as a family, and attending a live performance of the Nutcracker.

Our Thoughts on Parenting: As parents, we want to empower our child to be their individual and unique self, teaching them kindness and acceptance.  Being an open family that can talk about anything is something we aim for.  We believe that any subject or idea can be understood without judgment through communication and education.  Our parents taught us morals of honesty, respect, and forgiveness and we hope to do the same.

The importance of taking care of ourselves to fully be able to care for our child is essential, and we recognize that.  Maintaining our health and wellness as part of our daily routine is something we hope to pass along to our child.

Additionally, we are both big goofballs!  We believe that laughter is essential and never like to take things too seriously.  Keeping a light-hearted spirit is something we hope to share and carry on.

We Promise:

  • To love our child unconditionally, no matter the circumstances.
  • To encourage laughter, creativity, and individuality within.
  • To instill positive values and ethics and provide the tools to be happy, successful, and healthy.
  • To provide a safe and nurturing home where our child can grow, learn, and become great.
  • To be OUR best selves for our child and the best dads that we can be!

Thank You: We want you to know how grateful we are and hope you might consider giving us the gift of new life to help expand our family. We know you want the best for your child, and we will do everything we can to provide that.

Our Family and Friends