JP & Devon

Get to Know Us: JP and Devon

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We are J.P. and Devon and we live in Huntington Beach, California with our three-year-old son, Austin, and our dog, Louie. Parenting Austin is our greatest joy, and we look forward to welcoming a new baby into our family through the gift of adoption.

We greatly admire your courage and strength in pursuing adoption for your child, as we know your decision was not easy. As parents ourselves, we understand some of the most important decisions we’ll make in our lives are those that impact our children, and we would be both honored and humbled should you select us as your adoptive family.

We have a tremendously happy home, filled with love and laughter, and we look forward to sharing this with another child. We promise to provide a nurturing, supportive and fun home environment for your child and most importantly to raise him or her with our unconditional love. We are so excited to be growing our family through adoption. Thank you for considering us to take this journey with.

We met 18 years ago in high school, and dated for close to 10 years before getting married in June 2007. As high school sweet hearts, we have a long history as a couple and are deeply committed to each other. We have just as much fun together now as we did when we met as teenagers. A defining characteristic of our relationship is that we love to make each other laugh and we like that neither one of us takes ourselves too seriously.

Before we became parents one of our favorite activities was traveling, and we feel fortunate to have visited some beautiful places together. Some of our favorites include, Costa Rica, Santorini, Greece, Florence, Italy, Niagara Falls and Maui.

In 2012 our son, Austin, was born. Watching him grow has brought us immense joy. Now, instead of traveling to far off places, you’ll find us at the local park, beach, or in Austin’s playroom building forts and Legos, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We haven’t given up traveling completely and have already taken Austin on several trips. It’s fun for us to spend time as a family in places away from home, so we aim to take a family trip at least once per year. We want our kids to grow up with fond memories of fun family excursions and have the opportunity to learn about other people, cultures, and the world around them, through travel. We look forward to planning our first trip as a new family of 4!

Get to Know Us: JP and Devon

Meet Devon, By JP

Devon is definitely the sweetest, most modest and selfless person I’ve ever known, and all those who’ve met her will agree she absolutely has a heart of gold. She is always putting others in front of herself, and this mindset has helped her success in both of her careers as an educator, and now as a full-time “momma”. Devon is an amazing wife, and has been my loving rock for over 18 years, dating back to our days in high school. She is still as loving and nurturing now as she was back in high school, and as a mother she is no different.

In her free time, Devon enjoys baking and crafting, and all of our friends know about Devon’s famous chocolate chip cookies! She’s been baking the same recipe since she was a teenager and is usually the one selected to bring desserts to gatherings with our friends.
When she’s not baking, she can probably be found crafting the latest idea she’s found on Pinterest or a craft blog. We both enjoy working on crafts together, and it’s not too uncommon to find me peaking over her shoulder as she’s working on the latest craft and offering my unsolicited assistance.

I knew early on in our relationship that Devon would be a fantastic mother because of her patience and nurturing personality. We both have older sisters with children, and had the opportunity to not only spend a lot of time with our nephews individually, but also together, so early in our relationship we both witnessed each other interacting with young children. It’s heart-warming to watch Devon interact with our son Austin. She maintains constant patience when teaching him new things, and is always going out of her way to find new, fun activities for him to enjoy around the house and in our community.

Meet Devon, By JP

Meet JP, By Devon

J.P. is hardworking, loyal and trustworthy. He is well respected in his career and takes his job of providing for our family seriously, yet he also has a completely goofy side. I love that he embraces both aspects of his personality.

J.P.’s one of those people who just seems to be good at everything he tries. Some of the defining qualities I love about him:

• He’s musical and plays the guitar.

• He’s a good cook who naturally knows what to put together, and doesn’t have to rely on a recipe.

• He’s artistic and creative. He draws, paints and thinks outside the box when
creating things.

• He’s handy. I once showed him a bench I liked in a catalogue; before I knew it he had built it for our entryway.

• He’s got rhythm and loves to dance—it runs in his family! As a teenager, he
remembers being embarrassed by his dad’s dancing and I know one day he’ll be the dancing dad, totally embarrassing our kids. And I mean this in the best possible way—he likes to have a good time and his dance moves are impressive!

• He’s a natural romantic. Sometimes on Friday afternoons he’ll come home with flowers for me and a little treat for Austin. In high school he called a radio station and had a song dedicated to me live on the radio, which sounds incredibly cheesy now, but at the time he won me over.

I knew from early on in our relationship that he would be a wonderful dad, and I couldn’t have been more right. J.P. has embraced his role as daddy and is very present and involved with Austin and his activities. He often takes Austin out for father-son outings and especially enjoys introducing Austin to things he loved to do as a child, like watching Disney movies or building Legos. They also share a love of sports and I envision J.P. coaching Austin on a sports team in the near future. It’s fun to watch the two of them play together and when I leave the room to do something on my own I love to be just out of sight so I can hear the giggles, there’s always giggling with the two of them, and it warms my heart to hear the laughter fill the house.

When he’s not being a dad, you’ll find J.P. golfing or watching football with buddies. He also enjoys reading, playing the guitar and doing home improvement projects around the house.

Meet JP, By Devon

Our Family, Friends and Home

We live in the same city as Devon’s parents and J.P.’s live about 30 minutes away. Both sets of grandparents are active and very involved in Austin’s life. They couldn’t be more eager anytime we call them to babysit. We love having them nearby and think it’s special that our kids will grow up with their grandparents as important people in their lives.

Devon’s sister and her family also live nearby. Her two boys love having a little cousin and take Austin under their wing whenever we’re all together for family celebrations. J.P.’s sister is the only close family member who lives out of town. Her and her family live in Houston, Texas. While we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like, we always look forward to and enjoy our annual trips to visit them. J.P.’s sister is great about sending packages in the mail. There’s always a little something special arriving for Austin, so he thinks very highly of his family in Texas!

We have a large circle of friends who all have kids around Austin’s age and who live nearby. We typically rotate houses every few weeks for a BBQ where all the kids gather to play while the adults catch up. There are typically about 10 kids there at any given time, and they’re starting to outnumber the adults! We like that our kids will grow up along side these friends of ours who have become so dear to us.

We live just a couple minutes from the ocean in Huntington Beach, California. We have an active and vibrant community with ample parks, libraries and activity centers for kids. Living in the heart of Orange County, we’re just a short drive to world-renowned beaches and amusement parks. There is always something fun happening for adults and kids alike and we do our best to take advantage of all the fun activities in the area.

We live in a nice-sized, 4-bedroom home, and have plenty of space to expand our family. Our backyard is large with a good-sized grass area for kids to play, and is enclosed by a large brick wall. The neighborhood has cement paths along the street for bikes and scooters, along with two wonderful parks within walking distance, which we frequent often. Our neighborhood has many families with children and has award winning schools, one of which Devon taught at!

We attend a nearby church in our community and feel it is important that our children have a Christian upbringing.

Our Family, Friends and Home

A Special Message to You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family as you consider making an adoption plan. We know the choices you have to make are not easy, and we wish you strength, comfort and peace of mind as you make the decision that’s best for you and your baby. We are excited about the opportunity to get to know you.

A Special Message to You