Hello, I am Judith!

Dear Birth Mother: THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to read my profile and considering me to be a mom for your little one. I am overwhelmed by your true courage and efforts to find an adoptive family for your baby. It is an honor that you want to get to know me and please know that your child will be honored, cherished and loved for the wonderful individual that he or she is and will become.

Even though the path you are taking must be difficult, it is my hope that this profile offers encouragement and I send you positive prayers, peace and love in your decision-making journey.

5 Things I Will Teach My Son or Daughter:
• To be generous
• To be open and open minded
• To forgive
• To work hard
• To be true to their self

About Me: I love anything creative, musical or artistic. When I was a little girl at preschool, before I could read or write, I loved the activity where the teacher would ask us to create a picture and then tell a story about what we created. She’d then write down our story for us. That was my passion then and I guess it still is now.

Music: is a great passion of mine and I can play classical guitar and even sing—mostly in choir since I am shy about my singing voice. Dancing always makes me happy and going to the gym is a great pick me up too! I can’t wait to share this passion with my future child.

Cooking: I love to cook and look forward to teaching my child how to cook. I even have a high chair in my kitchen so that my child can sit with me while I cook and learn by watching like I did with my Grandmother Tilly.

For Fun: I love to go to museums or take local trips, go to the beach with my dog Gigi or relax under the trees in my backyard with a good book or magazine.

Traveling: to new places excites me and I can’t wait to travel with my child. Some of my favorite places are Italy, France and Greece. What I love about Europe is how easy it is to get around from place to place. I also speak a few languages including Spanish and French!

Hello, I am Judith!

My Home

I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world and the natural beauty that surrounds me still takes my breath away.

MY HOME IS IN NORTH OAKLAND and I try to enjoy all the great things that a university town offers such as restaurants, theater, street fairs, and live music.

There are many great parks, gardens and hiking trails nearby and it’s good to get back to nature once in a while. I also live on a block where there are many small children so my child will have lots of playmates in the near future. There are also lots of playgrounds within walking distance.

My Community: I love giving back to my community. I recently applied to volunteer with a city program that helps beautify city streets and neighborhoods. I have also volunteered with public radio in the past and I sometimes volunteer to bring meals to the elderly.

Meet Gigi: GIGI IS THE BEST DOG EVER. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. I usually let her tell me where she wants to go for a walk and she leads. She greets everyone she sees and always wants to play. She especially loves little babies and children and always stops by strollers to say hello to her little friends.

My Home

More About Me

For Work: I AM A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER AND SOFTWARE ENGINEER. I currently work for the Federal government designing applications and reports for analysis of Big Data.

My favorite part about my job is finding and creating software solutions.

One of the reasons I love my job is that I work from home four days a week! This schedule will be great for when I bring home my little one.

5 Things That Make Me Happy:
• Music
• The Ocean
• Dancing
• Being with friends
• Roadtrips

More About Me

My Family and Friends

I AM AN ONLY CHILD AND I AM VERY CLOSE TO MY MOTHER. I was also very close to my dad, but, sadly, he passed away this past summer.

My mom and I travel a lot together and we get to see each other often. She is so excited to become a grandmother and tells everyone that she will soon be a grandma!
My mom and I love the ocean.

One of my favorite family vacations was when we went on a cruise together through the Panama Canal. One of the Ports of Call was Puntarenas, Costa Rica, where my family is from. When I have a child, it is my dream to take them there to meet all of their new cousins! It will be great to show my child where their family is from and to enjoy all of the natural beauty that Costa Rica offers.

My family in the United States is also excited to have a new cousin and even though we are spread throughout California and the country, we all see each other for special occasions, birthdays and as often as we can.

When I was a little girl I was very close to my Grandmother Tilly and spent a great deal of time with her. She was a very loving and smart lady and always would tell me stories of her growing up in Philadelphia and she would also make sure that I knew my addition and multiplication!

My Friends: I am lucky to have many wonderful friends in the Bay Area. On weekends you can find us checking out live music, going to museums and galleries, taking short day trips to the wine country or beaches or just having a casual barbecue at home.

My Family and Friends

Closing Thoughts

My Promises:
• I promise tot grow every gift you have given your child.
• I promise that your child will always be loved cherished and valued for the unique individual he or she is. I promise to provide a nurturing and loving home where your child can flourish and grow
• I promise to encourage education and to ensure that they can attain the highest degree of education they choose.
• I promise to be a mother who nurtures your child, a friend who laughs and plays with your child and an advocate who will always ensure your child is safe and protected.

In Closing: THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING ME TO BE YOUR CHILD’S ADOPTIVE PARENT. I am grateful that you took the time to learn about me. I respect your bravery to the utmost degree and hope you know that should you choose me to be your child’s adoptive mom, that I will love, cherish and nurture your child with all of my heart and soul.

Closing Thoughts