Jules and Alison

Dear Birth Mother

We are Jules and Alison, from Malibu, California.

Thank you for getting to know us.  We realize choosing a loving family for your child is an important decision and we are humbled by your courage and strength in making such a heart-felt choice.  Filled with immense respect for your decision, we are grateful for the beautiful blessings that can come from your profound act of love!

Since meeting, we have desired to become parents and build a family on a loving foundation. We chose adoption as the path to welcome a child into our lives knowing it was a path that could bring blessings for all involved.

We are excited to begin the family we’ve longed to become.

 About Us:

We met in London, England in December 2013. Alison owned a retreat center hidden down a cobble-stone lane in a town called Richmond.  Through the window of her tiny center, Jules saw Alison’s picture and was drawn to meet her … only Alison was in America with her family for the Christmas holiday.  Though Alison had been living overseas for 20 years, she was preparing to return to the United States … permanently.

Back home in Massachusetts, Alison started to have prophetic dreams telling her to return to London to meet the “P.S., I LOVE YOU” guy. Ignoring her dreams and missing an email from Jules asking to join her team, she traveled instead to California.  Alison in California and Jules in London, we finally connected for a video interview, which turned into a friendly conversation and ultimately led us to dating upon Alison’s return to London.

While dating, unaware of her dream, Jules sent a text to Alison that ended, “P.S., I LOVE YOU” … and she recognized Jules as the man of her dreams!   We moved to Malibu, California and married in Williamstown, Massachusetts, surrounded by family and autumnal colors.

We believe in the beauty and power of dreams because they really can come true.

We both love:

  • Nature, especially hiking & strolling on the beach
  • Family, especially celebrations & holidays
  • Friends, especially those that feel like family.
  • Creativity, especially music and the arts.

Together we are stronger. We play together, pray together, create together and even work together … because being together has been more fun than being apart.

We look forward to being a family … together.

Dear Birth Mother

Meet Jules

I grew up in the countryside in Abergavenny, Wales. I started riding horses at 7 years old and spent my holidays escorting treks. Along with animals and nature, I loved cross-country running and playing volleyball, competing in both sports for Wales. As a Welshman, I love rugby, our national sport.  As an American dual-citizen living in Malibu, I get the unique opportunity to celebrate Wales as well as whales … through my love of the great outdoors.

In my career, I am a filmmaker, drone cinematographer and writer… because in my heart, I am a storyteller. My career allows me to work flexibly and be present as a parent … which I am so looking forward to. Becoming a Dad is the best story of all.

Jules Through My Eyes, By Alison

He is kindness personified.  When Jules arrived into my life, he lifted the weight of all that I was carrying on my shoulders … literally … and has done ever since.  He is a great friend, partner and teammate and I love him with all my heart.  Jules is a listener and hears our hearts beyond our words … which helps because I like to talk!  Loyal and loving, his smile and laugh brightens my day.  Every week, the local grocer sets his newspaper aside with a note: For “Jules the Gentleman”.  A true gentleman, what a wonderful father he will be.

 He holds my hand and walks with me in life

  • He listens and makes me feel heard
  • A seer of hearts, he loves deeply
  • His sense of humor makes me laugh
  • He is a truly gentle man
  • He is a loyal friend and teammate
  • He is easy to love

 Jules Loves:

  • Journaling
  • Poetry
  • Aerial photography
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Culture

Fun Facts about Jules:

  • He is a writer and wrote 3 novels
  • He co-hosts his own podcast … with Alison
  • He directed his own TV series
  • He is a natural intuitive


Meet Jules

Meet Alison

A close-knit family means the world to me.  I grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the third of six children, all under 7 years old. Mom and Dad had their hands full! The quiet one of the bunch, I played piano, sports and loved nature, animals, Disney movies, stories and dreamtime. I still do. After college in Boston, I moved to New York, then London for 20 years before coming home to the United States. My childhood piano is in our home and I still love to play as well as spend time by the ocean and in the mountains.

In my career, I am an executive coach and filmmaker … helping people tell great stories with their lives.  I once worked in a corporate career, but recently followed a dream to run my own business so I could be present at home to raise our future child.

I believe in dreams – the ones in our sleep and the ones in our hearts.

Being a Mom would be a very special dream come true.

Alison Through My Eyes, By Jules

She is authenticity personified. I wake every day with gratitude that such a beautiful soul is walking life’s journey with me.  I love when she plays the piano and I smile on our hikes and adventures when she talks about her dreams.  I love dreaming them into reality together.  Not only by me, but Alison is adored by my friends and family because she inspires and cares.  Friends, family and neighbors reach out to her when they are struggling because she will always offer the right help and perspective.  My heart smiles at the joy she brings to me and others.  With so much love to give, she will be a wonderful mother.

 She is authentic and loves deeply

  • She is a beautiful … from the inside out
  • I love her music and her dreams
  • Her generosity of spirit knows no bounds
  • She is easy to love
  • She is inspiring, adventurous and brings me joy

Alison Loves

  • Poetry
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Film
  • Nature
  • Creativity
  • DIY

Fun Facts About Alison

  • She was featured in a movie
  • She is writing a series of novels
  • She hosts 2 inspirational podcasts
  • She has a million children’s stories to tell
  • She is an intuitive dreamer
Meet Alison

Our Family and Community

We love our family … and our family is love!

 American and British, our family and friends are everywhere we go.  Our future child will have cousins and relatives near and far … to guide, support and embrace them with love.

Jules’s brother, Mark has two children and lives close to London.  His Mother is in Wales and Father is in England along with three half siblings and life-long friends that feel like family!

Alison has three sisters, two brothers and 14 nieces and nephews living between the East Coast, Colorado and Sydney, Australia!  Her Dad still lives in Pittsfield, Massachusetts along with her very special Uncle and priest, Fr. Peter.  Though Alison’s Mom passed away in 2015, she gave Alison her wedding ring to wear as a reminder of her love.

Though our family is widespread, we welcome them to our home and often travel to see them.  Our holidays are joy-filled because we were brought up believing that holidays and birthdays are special – as are family.

We Celebrate…

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • 4th of July . Birthdays
  • Halloween
  •  … and everything in between!

Meet Nellie!

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Nellie is a hoot!  She finds joy in FOOD … and love.  She doesn’t know how to bark so she’s quiet … except when she SNORES!  At Christmas, Nellie loves to sleep under our tree of fairy-lights.  Another heartbeat in our home, Nellie is all about pink, rhinestones and playtime. We know she can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family.

Our Home and Community

Malibu is a small, safe, eclectic community of creatives, ranchers, surfers and families of diverse roots and experiences.  Its demographic is local and international.  We live walking distance from Zuma Beach in Malibu Park and enjoy outside living throughout the year.  Our home is in a quiet cul-de-sac of young neighborly families with children of all ages riding bicycles, skateboards and scooters.  Our neighbors are like family and our home is just 1 mile from the newly rebuilt school.

Surrounded by mountains, ocean and amazing wildlife, we enjoy daily walks by the ocean to watch visiting dolphins and whales or enjoy rainbow sunsets and starry night skies.  We have easy access to trails for horses, bikes and hikes in the mountains too.


Our Family and Community

Thank You

Thank you for considering us as parents for your child.  We are deeply moved and inspired by your courage and choices.  In our home, you will always be respected and revered.

It is our dream to share our love with a child … and build a family from that same foundation.  Our commitment is to help them grow, learn, develop and embody who they are authentically born to be.

Our dream is to become parents.

Our commitment to you is to be the parents you dreamed for your child.

Thank You