Juliana and Kyle

Dear Birth Mother

We are Juliana & Kyle from the Bay Area. We are humbled to be considered as the family for your child! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about our family.

We have a daughter and we are excited to grow our family through adoption. We hope as you read through our profile, you can see the strong bond and love our family has and we hope that we can fulfill your dreams that you have for your child. No matter your decision, we truly wish you peace. We want you to know that we admire your love and strength for your child.

We live in the Bay Area and met in college. Kyle was recruiting for an engineering club and we sat and talked for an hour, but we didn’t connect again for 3 years! We dated for a year and half and found so many things we loved doing together like watching movies, playing card games, going hiking, and spending time with family. Late 2008, we went on an epic hike where the hillside was dotted with cows (Juliana’s very favorite animal) and Kyle proposed.

Fun Facts About Us!

Juliana’s Favorite Things

Item: Planners

Food: Almond butter and banana

Movie: Catch Me If You Can

Bedtime Story: Pete and Pickles

Book: Where’d You Go Bernadette

Favorite Vacation Spot: Kauai


Kyle’s Favorite Things

Item: Basketball

Food: Cereal

Movie: The Princess Bride

Bedtime Story: Harry Potter

Book: Shogun

Favorite Vacation Spot: Cannon Beach

Dear Birth Mother

Meet Juliana

I am a Bay Area native! I grew up with three sisters and the four of us have a special bond with each other and I can truly say they are my best friends. I stayed in the Bay Area for college and studied Electrical Engineering. I’m an engineering manager for a tech firm, and my work focuses on things we can do to reduce carbon emissions within our buildings.

I start my days super early so I can pick our daughter up after school. This time is so special to me because I get to spend my afternoons and evenings with her doing fun art activities and science experiments, seeing her in gymnastics or karate classes, going to playdates, and simply getting to have quality time. The conversations are the best and we get to catch each other up about our days. My hobbies include movies nights with the family, doing puzzles, archery, playing the ukulele, dancing, reading books, and finding new adventures for the family by visiting museums, zoos, and aquariums.

I look forward to the day that we can grow our family more so we can shower another child with love. I look forward to celebrating every milestone and making birthdays special. I can’t wait to hear more laughter and seeing our children grow up together.

About Juliana by Kyle: Juliana is an amazing wife, mom, engineer, dance teacher, and sister! When we first met, we would do family parties together and go to the movies. Over ten years ago Juliana had the urge to express a more artistic side of herself through teaching dance. She works hard as an energy engineer by day, and so we started a dance school together and Juliana has grown that from one student to many students and families, kids through adults, and helped develop a whole community around dance. This is the blessing of being a close part of Juliana’s life, she spreads so much joy and excitement that it fosters more joy.

Did You Know? After having a sensitive pregnancy, Juliana decided to get certified as a prenatal yoga teacher to help other pregnant women that may need the extra support during their journey.

Meet Juliana

Meet Kyle

I grew up in Minnesota. After high school I moved to Northern California for college to study Civil Engineering. After graduating from college, I began working in construction and after years of service worked my way up to a Project Manager. I work closely with a team to design and build things like bridges and retaining walls you might see along the side of a freeway.

Juliana and I have worked together to balance our work and home-life schedules to be there for each other and our daughter. During the work week I wake up in the mornings and make breakfast and lunch for the family and drive our daughter to school. In the evening we love to spend time together with one of our favorite activities being reading the illustrated Harry Potter books (with me trying my best to do all of the character voices).

I am so excited to someday welcome a new child into our family. I can’t wait to make fun breakfasts together and see if she/he may want to try out the whip cream before putting it on the pancakes “just to make sure it’s good”, build forts in the TV room, and learn how to bike, swim, and play sports together.

About Kyle by Juliana: Kyle’s goofiness is infectious. He always has the family laughing! He is very dedicated to what he commits to. When he was getting ready to run a marathon, he worked hard to ensure he could finish strong. When he sits down to play Legos with our daughter, he ends the sessions with an amazing structure that our daughter uses for her dolls to play with for weeks on end. My favorite quality about Kyle is the love that he has for us. He can’t wait to come home at the end of the work day to spend evenings doing family activities. He is a wonderful father, doing everything from helping with chores to playing sports with our daughter to playing dolls with her. Our family would not be strong without him and I am so grateful I have him in my life.

Kyle’s Favorite Hobbies:

  • Playing basketball
  • Throwing a frisbee on the beach
  • Going for bike rides
  • Family movie night
  • Cooking super-breakfast on Saturday & Sunday mornings
Meet Kyle

Our Home and Community

Our two-story house has ample room for spreading out toys, building a fort, or snuggling up together in the family room for a movie.

Why We Love Our Home: We are right in the city, but our neighborhood is just off the beaten path enough that we can go for a walk or a bike ride through our neighborhood and see cows, wild turkeys, horses and the beautiful rolling hills of Northern California.

Our Pet Tunnie: We have a dog that we named Pentunia, AKA Tunnie. Tunnie is the funniest dog! She follows us around the house wherever we go and if we drop a shirt or blanket on the ground she’ll immediately snuggle up in to it. She loves going on a walk so much that she literally jumps in to the air. She is great with children and follows Corey around the house and snuggles up right in the middle of things when Corey plays with her toys.

Our Home and Community

Our Family

Juliana’s parents live nearby, as well as, her oldest sister Hanna and her family and we love to get together for family parties. Juliana’s sister, Sabrina, and her husband moved to the East Coast with their baby. The whole family travels there to spend Thanksgiving together and have fun getting to know our newest nephew. Juliana’s youngest sister just moved away for college and we can’t wait to visit her soon.

Kyle’s parents Pat and Tom and sister with her two girls live in Minnesota and his big brother Blake and son live in Southern California. It’s been a family tradition since before Kyle was even born to have a family vacation on the coast in Oregon, where Kyle’s mom grew up, and our family has kept that tradition alive to this day. This family tradition in the summer has always been a highlight of the year. In recent years it has been a joy to watch the cousins play together daily at the beach.

Our Friends: We enjoy spending time with friends and often spend much of our weekends going to birthday parties, get-togethers, and family fun. We love the community that we have built for our family.

One Final Thank You: We want to thank you for getting to know us and if we are blessed to be chosen by you, we would be honored to be a part of this journey with you. We promise to devote our lives to loving your child and giving them a life filled with happiness.

Our Family