Keith & Angie

Hi, we are Angie and Keith

We want to thank you for considering us to be the parents of your child.

We have been married for 12 years and although this may sound clichéd we really are like best friends living together, doing things together, love and adore each other. We are looking forward to expand our family, sharing our friendship and love with your child. It will be because of you that we will be able to fulfill our wish of having a family. This will make our life complete and even more fulfilling.

We recognize how difficult this is for you and appreciate your selfless decision. Raising your child will be our priority. Your child will grow up in a loving and comfortable home with supportive family and friends. We will have your child’s needs ahead of ourselves.

Welcome to our world!

Our Life at a glance:

  • We live in Phoenix, Arizona. We love being outside (except summers). We love taking long walks on trails and hiking. We would love to share nature and its bounty with your child.
  • We love to eat healthy and fresh food and we love to cook. We also love trying out different cuisines outside. Pizza is our all-time favorite.
  • We meet up with friends over the weekends for potlucks and cook-outs. Most of our friends have kids ranging from newborn – 7 years so it will be perfect for your child to enjoy play dates. We are also looking forward to hosting and attending birthday parties, and to enjoy cake and pizza with your child.
  • Our favorite time of the year is during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year when we love to spend time with family and friends.


Our Story:

We worked together in the same place and that’s how we met. We became good friends but we knew that this was just not enough and decided to get married. We both were visiting Europe on work and we happened to visit Paris and on the spur of the moment, Keith proposed to Angie on top of the Eiffel Tower. We had to wait for a little over a year to get married as Keith left for Australia to do his MBA. Our relationship only blossomed even though we were apart from each other. It made us trust and love each other even more. We have a come a long way and we have been a pillar of support to each other through thick and thin.

We struggled to get pregnant but it only made us stronger. Both Angie and Keith always wanted adopt and so it was an easy decision to go with this choice. As you read about us, you will get a good sense of who we are and hope something about us touches your heart and trust us to be the parents of your child.


Hi, we are Angie and Keith

Meet Angie

By Keith: Angie is witty, animated and fun to be with. Angie will be an incredible mother because I have seen her with children and she is a natural. She knows how to engage a child and how to win their trust. She is great at reading to them, playing board/card games and indulging in pretend play with the kids, especially with her niece and nephew. One day they are on a plane, the next day they are at the zoo and before you know, they are planning a tea party. Children in turn, adore her.

The great thing about her is that she is a well-rounded, organized, responsible, and an easy going person. I know that she will be an amazing mother to your child.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I love Fudge Brownies and Ice Cream
  • Coffee is my life saver
  • I love curling up on our recliner and watch movies. Sound of Music, Ice Age and Madagascar are my favorite and I can’t wait to see it with your child
  • I love Reading. Goodnight Moon is my favorite children’s book
  • Our whole family including myself loves Music and I can’t wait to share this love with your child
  • I love to cook and bake, especially cakes, cookies, pasta and more


My Work: I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and consult for many companies. I love my job as it helps me stay current with technology and people. I have the flexibility to work from home and have very limited travel.

Although I am looking at continuing to work full time I will do what it takes, even if it means that I have to cut back on the hours or even be an at home mom.

My priority is to start a family, make my home safe and nurturing your child. I firmly believe that bonding is essential in the initial years to make a child strong and confident to face the future. I am prepared to take necessary steps to ensure I give my 100% to your child.

Meet Angie

Meet Keith

By Angie: Keith is warm and caring. He will be a hands-on dad and will instill the spirit of adventure and sports into your child. He loves the outdoors, loves to watch NBA playoffs, NFL, tennis and soccer. He loves to play racquetball and golf. He is always ready to go to the park and play Frisbee or just catch.

Keith loves to draw with kids, especially my nephew and our friend’s kids. He loves music

He is fun-loving and a true friend. He will be a doting father, teaching a lot of new activities to your child.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I love Ice Cream
  • I love the outdoors and I swim, hike, bicycle and more
  • I love watching National Geographic and similar TV channels. I can’t wait to watch Animal Planet with your child
  • I grew up watching Tom & Jerry and love to share this with your child
  • I love photography, especially of Nature, Animals and Birds
  • I grew up building model air planes with my dad and would love to share this with your child


My Work: I am a Program Director managing huge IT programs in companies. I have a dual Master’s degree, one in Economics and another in Business Administration.

Education is important to me but I am also a firm believer of the saying that all work and no play makes one quite dull. So, I will make sure to make studying and homework fun as well as create lots of fun-filled activities and experiences for your child.

My profession provides good savings potential to ensure quality education for your child. My work is remote so I usually work from home and travel once or twice a month for about 2-3 days. It is important for me to be present for doctor’s appointments, school events, soccer games or jazz events and the various growth events and achievements. My family will be my priority.

Meet Keith

Our Home & Family

Our Home: Our home is in a safe neighborhood close to the area Park, Library and school. Evenings, one can see the kids out bicycling and families walking their pets.

We have a nice yard with plenty of space for a child to play or run after the birds. We have oranges and grapefruits growing in our backyard. We also have basil with which we make our own pesto sauce. We can’t wait to start a small vegetable garden along with your child.

Holidays and Festivals: October to December is our favorite time of the year. It starts with a 9-day Indian festival called Navratri where we go for a community dancing on weekends with friends and family and then Halloween. We love trick or treating and always keep our lights on until late to treat the children in our neighborhoods. We can’t wait to go trick or treating with your child. We then celebrate another Indian festival called Diwali (Festival of lights that celebrates the victory of good over evil). We get-together with our friends and enjoy great food and laughter. We celebrate Thanksgiving with Angie’s brother and family. We love to decorate our home for Christmas with a live tree and we can’t wait to decorate it with your child listening to Christmas carols.

In short, lots of good food, decorating our home, music, friends and family are the main ways we celebrate all holidays including Spring Break, Easter, 4th of July etc.

Birthday celebrations are also big. Basically, we don’t need an excuse to throw a party or get together with friends and family!

Faith: We believe in Faith and we follow values instilled by our parents. We have a very open mind about religion and celebrate all festivals and respect the commonness of kindness, charity, and love.

We studied in schools run by Christian missionaries for better quality of education and well-rounded     exposure of all cultures.

Ours is a diverse family and our spiritual beliefs are a blend of many cultures.

Angie’s Family: I come from a small family, just mom, dad, me and my brother. My father traveled a lot and through him we were exposed to different cultures and languages. My older brother moved to the US for higher education and fell in love with an American girl and they have a loving family. I adore my sister-in-law. She is caring, friendly and a great addition to our family.

My mother is well educated and can speak English fluently and is eagerly waiting for another grandchild to play with. My niece and nephew are waiting for a cousin with whom they can share their interests. For instance, my nephew loves Star Wars and Legos and my niece loves music and movies. We usually see them two-three times in a year and especially during Holidays.

Keith’s Family: I come from a large family with 2 older brothers and an older sister. Everyone dotes on me as I am the youngest. I was blessed with parents who were knowledgeable about the world they lived in and not just India.

My older sister got married and moved to the US when I was a just a teenager and that made me want to come here as well.

I have one niece and 5 nephews and although they all are young adults now they all are waiting for a cousin on whom they can dote on.

Our Home & Family

Our Favorites

We love to travel and usually take 2-3 trips a year. Our favorite this year has been Lake Tahoe and Half Moon Bay. We love sailing, going to the museums, lazing in the beach and we can’t wait to building sand castles with your child.

Between the two of us we have traveled to Europe, South Africa, South East Asia, Australia & North America which has helped us to respect and appreciate different cultures and its people.

We also go to India to meet with Angie’s mother. This will be an excellent opportunity for your child to bond with our extended family and grandma and learn about Indian culture and language.

We can’t wait to go to SeaWorld, Disneyworld and other theme parks with your child.

Snapshot of our Favorites:

Past-time:           Taking walks and watching movies

Music:                   Alternative Rock, Pop

Band:                    Maroon 5, Coldplay, Adele

Movie:                  Lord of the Rings

Animated:           Ice Age

Actor:                    Johnny Depp/Jennifer Lawrence

TV Show:             Big Bang Theory, The Voice

Sports Team:     Miami Heat, Steelers

5 Moments we are waiting to share with your child:

  • Reading bedtime stories
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Going for walks and hikes on trails and discovering nature
  • Get-together with family and friends with lots of play dates
  • Watching Madagascar, Ice Age and many more


3 Values that we will teach your child:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Treat others with kindness and respect different cultures
  • Learn from your Mistakes
Our Favorites