Kelly and Bram

About Us

Hello! We are Kelly & Bram from the Netherlands, in Europe! We want to start by thanking you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read our profile and learn a bit more about us. We’re so excited to begin the adoption process, grow our family and become parents. We cannot imagine the difficult decisions you may be facing throughout this process and want to let you know that we have so much respect for your choice, to be considering what is best for you and your child.

WE OFFER OUR OPEN HEARTS AND LOVING HOME. We will give a child everything they need to have a happy and healthy life. In our country it is difficult to adopt, so we are grateful to be able to adopt in the United States.

Our Story: Our story began when we met on the internet back in 2014. From the moment we met on our first date, we felt a strong connection and we never looked back. A few months after that Bram moved into Kelly’s apartment. A year after that, when we were in London for a long weekend, Bram proposed to Kelly. February 2016 we said, “I DO” to each other at our wedding with our family and closest friends. A few days later we got the keys to our first house.

We bought a family home in ‘De Achterhoek’ (in the East of the Netherlands) because we knew that we would want to start a family together, but after a while we discovered that a biological child was not an option for us. After careful consideration, we decided to start the adoption process.

OUR DREAM IS TO BECOME PARENTS, SO WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY THIS DREAM COMES TRUE. We have a lot of love to give and we would love to share our home with a child!

Important Lessons we will Teach our Children:

  • Accept other people the way they are
  • Treat other people the way you want to be treated yourself
  • Be honest
  • Be kind

5 Things our Friends Say About Us:

  1. Friendly
  2. Caring
  3. We belong together
  4. Will be loving parents
  5. Always willing to help other people

Fun Facts About Us:

We show our love by….

  • Buying little gifts
  • Giving hugs
  • Sending loving texts to each other
  • Telling each other how much we love one another

A perfect day looks like…

  • Eat breakfast together
  • Take a long walk with the dog Ties
  • Cook & eat together with family
  • Kelly likes to go on a run
  • Bram likes to play the guitar
  • Watch a movie or a game of our favorite soccer club together with friends
About Us

About Bram, By Kelly

Bram is the love of my life and my best friend. HE IS THE BEST AND MOST LOVING PERSON I KNOW; he is always there for our family and friends or to help others when needed.

Bram enjoys his work in ICT, which is also in ‘De Achterhoek’ and is a first aid helper, because he thinks it’s important to help others.

In his free time, he likes to watch a game with friends at our favorite soccer club. He also likes to play the guitar, go on long walks with our dog Ties and nature photography.

Bram works full time during the day and is free in the evenings and weekends. Bram is the sweetest and most caring man I could ever wish for. I know for sure that he will be the best and most loving dad for a child.

A Few of Bram’s Favorites:

DESSERT: Ice Cream

GAME: Mario Cart

HOBBY: Photography



CHILDHOOD ACTIVITY: Fishing at the local lake

LANGUAGES: Dutch & English


About Bram, By Kelly

About Kelly, By Bram

Kelly is my true love and my best friend. From the moment I met her, she told me that she would like to raise a family in the future. She is a very caring person, so I know for sure that she would be a great mom for a child.

Kelly works at a residential location for young adults with intellectual disabilities. She helps them to build their lives, so they can lead a life that is as independent as possible. For me that shows just how much she loves to help and take care of other people.

She thinks it’s important to live a healthy life and in her free time Kelly likes to run and take long walks with our dog Ties. She also likes to go to our favorite soccer club, where we spend time watching the game with our friends.

Kelly will be at home for the first couple of months. She works irregular hours, so will often be at home during the day. If it turns out it be better for the baby, she will work less or stop working. KELLY IS THE MOST CARING PERSON I HAVE EVER MET. I KNOW FOR SURE THAT SHE WILL GIVE A CHILD ALL THE LOVE SHE HAS AND THAT SHE WILL MAKE OUR HOUSE A VERY LOVING FAMILY HOME FOR A CHILD.

A Few of Kelly’s Favorites:


GAME: Monopoly

HOBBY: Running




Going to the playground in our neighborhood

LANGUAGES: Dutch & English


About Kelly, By Bram

Home Sweet Home

We live in a small town in the east of the Netherlands in an area better known ‘De Achterhoek’. Kelly was born and raised here and Bram lived a few miles away in a nearby town, until he moved in with Kelly.

WE LIVE IN A NEIGHBORHOOD WITH LOTS OF YOUNG FAMILIES WITH KIDS and have a playground and petting zoo around the corner. Schools are within walking and cycling distance too. We live in a family home with a nice big garden in the back and enough space for a child to play and for us to raise a family.

WE HAVE A DOG NAMED TIES AND A CAT NAMED TEUN. They are very gentle and kind and absolutely love kids.

Traditions & Bikes: We live in the Netherlands, which is a small country in the west side of Europe. THE NETHERLANDS TAKES GOOD CARE OF ALL ITS INHABITANTS; IT’S SAFE, HAS A GOOD EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM AND A GOOD HEALTH CARE SYSTEM; IT IS FREE FOR ALL CITIZENS! The Netherlands is also known for its respect for human diversity and is truly multi-cultural. Every nationality/races and all types of religions are represented here.

THE NETHERLANDS HAS ITS OWN TRADITIONS. For example we have King’s Day, when we celebrate the birthday of our Dutch king. On that day there are a lot of parades and activities all over the country. Besides that, we celebrate the some of the same traditions you may do, for example Christmas and Easter. Every year for Christmas we put up and decorate a Christmas tree. Christmas is a very important holiday for us and our family. Every year around Easter, we build a big fire. People then collect wood and light the fire to celebrate Easter. The entire town and our family and friends with their kids come together around the fire. There is always music with it.

IN THE NETHERLANDS WE DO A LOT OF THINGS BY BIKE. We cycle to work, school, do our groceries and meet our family and friends by bike.

Home Sweet Home

Our Vision

Our vision about parenting is that we think it is important to be open with your child and believe it is important to talk openly about the adoption. A child needs to know where he or she came from. This is why we have already started to make a journal (called ‘Miracle of the world’) about our adoption journey. When our child is old enough to understand, we can read this together and talk about our story.

When we will be in the US we will continue to write our story and bring souvenirs for your child to have in the future.

WE ARE VERY OPEN MINDED PEOPLE, THINK THAT EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SHOULD ACCEPT OTHERS THE WAY THEY ARE. That’s the message we would like to share with our future child, so they also accept others the way they are! We think that if you treat people the right way and accept them the way they are, they will do the same in return!

Our Family & Friends: WE BOTH CAME FROM A WARM AND LOVELY FAMILY. Bram grew up with his father, mother and his kid brother. Bram lived with his parents until he moved in with Kelly. Kelly grew up with her father, mother and her older sister. Kelly lived with her parents until she moved into her own apartment a few blocks away from her parents’ house. 1 ½ years later Bram moved in with her. We are very close with our families and have an amazing relationship with everyone. We still live in the same town as Kelly’s parents.

Besides our family, we have great friends in our life. Our neighbors are very close friends of ours, and it has been really nice to have such good friends close by. We like to go to soccer games, watch a movie and cook/eat together. In April last year, Bram became a godfather of a little girl, Sophie. One of his oldest friends, asked him to be the godfather of their second child and it was a great honor for him. We have a lot of friends who have children and it has been really nice to see, how they have created a family. YOUR CHILD WILL HAVE MANY FRIENDS TO PLAY WITH!

Our friends and family are very supportive of our decision to adopt and are very much looking forward to sharing this journey with us.

Our Heartfelt Thanks: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ OUR PROFILE. We promise to give your child all the love and care that we have and all the opportunity that we can give. We promise to raise your child in a home full of love, respect, support and understanding. We promise to raise them with patience and provide them with a good education.

We will always be honest with your child about their story, answering their questions with sensitivity. YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE KNOWN AS THE GREATEST WOMAN WHO GAVE THEM THE MIRACLE OF LIFE AND THE WOMAN WHO GAVE US THE GREATEST GIFT OF LOVE. We’re excited by the possibilities of sharing it with you in whatever ways feel comfortable for you.

We would love to hear from you. We will give your child all the love we have and will take care of him/her for the rest of our life’s!

Our Vision