Ken & Teresa

Hey We are Teresa, Ken and Cody!

Dear Birthmother: Thank you for reading our profile. Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for your strength and the courageous decision to consider adoption for the newborn you love so much. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer you a glimpse into our hearts and lives through this letter.


We believe there is no greater gift you could give a child and we will always have the highest opinion of you. We have so much love to give and are excited of the thought of completing our family by welcoming another baby into our lives.


We hope you feel the love, warmth and security that we have to offer. We realize you may read several profiles during your journey, thank you for reading ours. We send our love and wish you peace and strength as you make your decision.


Adoption is close to our hearts. Our son Cody, joined our loving family in 2008 through adoption, and his birth family and AdoptHelp will be forever in our hearts.


About Us: We have been married for eleven years. From the moment we met, we developed a strong and loving relationship and soon realized we had something special. We built a relationship based on love, laughter, friendship, trust and respect for one another. We had a beautiful wedding and reception with our family and friends to celebrate our love and our future together.


Soon thereafter, we wanted to share our lives with a little one. After a year without any success, we under went several infertility treatments prior to adopting our son. This experience was very humbling and taught us a lot about ourselves; our strengths, weaknesses and capacity for love. We both feel that a different path to parenthood has been chosen for us, and we are very excited at the prospect of building our family through the miracle of adoption. Once again, we are ready for the joys and challenges that parenthood bring and are very much looking forward to welcoming another bundle of joy into our home.


We love spending time together, and our family is our priority! We find enjoyment in the simple things in life and know how important it is to make time for one another.

We enjoy visiting the ocean and mountains. Hawaii and the Caribbean are two of our favorite places to visit where we snorkel, swim and body surf. Some of our most enjoyable past times in the tropics are walking on the beach looking for seashells for hours at a time, building sand castles and sightseeing. We also enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, 4-wheel driving and exploring. We always make sure there’s plenty of “at home” time for just relaxing, watching movies, reading stories and cuddling on the couch.


Hey We are Teresa, Ken and Cody!

Meet Teresa and Ken

Teresa, By Ken: Teresa is a loving wife and friend, but what I admire the most are the qualities she holds as a Mommy. Watching her tenderly caring for Cody makes me fall in love with her all over again. She is eagerly waiting to cuddle a new baby and hear giggles and laughter of two children playing together. She organizes awesome birthday parties, holiday get togethers, play dates and arts & craft projects. I don’t think a birthday has gone by when she hasn’t made an incredible themed birthday cake; Jungles, Dinosaurs and Pirates. I love watching Teresa coach Cody’s soccer team and all the kids love her. She adores working at Cody’s elementary school once a week, she never misses a field trip, school event or class party and she is very involved in the PTA.


Traveling is a passion of Teresa’s and she enjoyed visiting Canada, South America, the South Pacific and the Caribbean. After attending college, Teresa was a Ski Instructor for twelve years and taught Fire Prevention Education. Later, she moved to Northern California where she taught Agriculture Education. It was the best move of her life, because this is where I met the love of my life.


Ken By Teresa: Ken is a wonderful husband and Daddy whose love for our family is unconditional. I’m so lucky to have a husband who shares so equally in our marriage and in parenting. Ken is very dedicated in every aspect of raising Cody – he did everything from diaper changes to feedings and he loves helping Cody with his homework, reading bedtime stories, giving him a bath, etc. He is an awesome Daddy and I am sure our second child will adore him as much as Cody does!


Ken is outgoing and he is always willing to lend a helping hand or take the time to listen. He enjoys working around our home as well as taking care of our yard. Ken always enjoys turning the day into an adventure; searching for frogs on a hike, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, building a sandcastle or playing in the ocean. I love watching Ken coach Cody’s T-ball and baseball teams, assisting his soccer team and he did an amazing job teaching Cody how to swim, ride a bike, play football and even play video games. He always looks forward to camping, fishing and Nascar. He also enjoys entertaining and loves having our families and friends over for dinner and impromptu BBQ’s.


A Glimpse Into Our Life: We love our annual vacations. For our first wedding anniversary, we vacationed in beautiful Monterey, CA and continue this annual trip as a family to celebrate our marriage. We visit the aquarium, the coastal tide pools, the beach and all the other tourist sites. We also take great weekend getaways and vacations. Every year we go to Teresa’s parent’s mountain cabin for ten days and biannually spend Thanksgiving camping at the Colorado River with friends and family.


In December, we go to the Sierra’s and cut the biggest Christmas tree possible. We have to put the star on the tree top from our second story. The house is decked with lights, decorations and lots of presents under the tree. Every year Santa mails Cody a letter from the North Pole mentioning his annual milestones. On Christmas morning, amongst the cookies crumbs, an empty hot chocolate mug, gnawed carrots and scattered oats, sits a Santa thank you letter saying how he and the reindeer enjoyed the goodies.

Fall is our favorite time of year, because we visit the local pumpkin farm and attend several Harvest Festivals. Every holiday we bake and decorate cookies and cupcakes. Teresa enjoys making beautiful holiday goodie baskets with tasty treats, coloring books, bubbles and toys.


Some of Teresa’s most memorable experiences growing up were spending the holidays with family. Every year the entire family; uncles, aunts, cousins and all their children, and their children’s children would get together, a tradition which is still carried on today.


We like to make our holidays memorable. Annually, we visit both Santa and the Easter Bunny. We leave carrots for the Easter Bunny, and wake up the next morning to find remnants of gnawed carrots scattered throughout the house. The bunny always leaves a big basket in the family room and dyed eggs are hidden all over the backyard. We have big 4th of July celebrations, too. We love to watch fireworks!


Meet Teresa and Ken

Our Son Cody Can’t Wait To Be A Big Brother

Cody was born in 2008 with “Personality Plus!” and is a full of giggles, tickles, hugs and high fives. He is our sweet, happy and energetic 7 year old who has an infectious smile! There are two words that come to mind when we think of Cody; silly and social. He amazes us every day with his kindness and charm. He is extremely outgoing and he hasn’t ever met someone he doesn’t call his friend. Cody is also very tender hearted.


Cody is in the 2nd grade, loves school and has excellent grades. His teachers adore him!! Cody enjoys reading stories, playing games, practicing his baseball, soccer and basketball skills…and is quite good at all three sports. Most of all he loves to fish… and he is an excellent fisherman!!


Last year, we went zip lining and we didn’t think Cody would be able to go because we thought he would be scared. NO! Cody was able to go and he LOVED every minutes of it!! He wasn’t scared at all. He zipped from the top to the bottom and was ready to go again.


Cody Says (With the help of mom and dad): “I love playing with my Daddy. We play ball, have squirt gun fights and wrestle on the floor – I win! It’s fun to play with the hose in our backyard, and I spray water all over him… then he sprays me. Daddy ran down the street holding my bike so I didn’t fall when I learned to ride my bike and it’s fun to swing with him. We love to see who can catch to biggest fish!


My Mommy is so much fun to play with too. She has been my soccer coach for two years and works in my classroom every Friday. We decorate cookies with frosting and sprinkles…then we eat them and we make pizza too. We like to feed the ducks at the park, ride the merry-go round and play on the playground. We love to hike, play in the river and explore at my Papa and Grammy’s cabin. We love to fish too… Mommy catches bigger fish than Daddy, but I think I catch the biggest fish of all.


Mommy and Daddy help me with my homework every night and they read me stories before I go to bed. They love to give me lots of hugs and kisses after story time every evening.


I can’t wait to share all of my favorite things with my brother or sister!”


Our Thoughts On Parenting: As we mentioned, our beautiful son Cody came into our lives through adoption. We love him so much and cannot imagine our life without him! Cody’s birthmother will always be special to our family, and we are very appreciative to her for choosing us as parents. We are all ready to welcome a new baby into our family, to snuggle, love and share first words, first steps and other milestones together.


While we picture many fun days with our children enjoying activities around the neighborhood, we are also excited for the everyday aspects of parenting a new baby. We know there will be late nights, skinned knees and the “terrible twos.” These are all part of the fun of seeing a child change and grow, as we have done with Cody.


We are committed to being the best parents we possibly can and will provide a safe and loving environment for our children. We will provide a good education, but most of all we will teach and instill honesty, integrity, love, compassion and acceptance of others. We want to guide our children to be the best they can be… dream big and work hard to reach those dreams and to respect others and themselves.


Our Son Cody Can’t Wait To Be A Big Brother

Our Loved Ones

When we announced we were planning to expand our family and adopt once again, everyone was so happy for us! Our families are so excited and can’t wait to shower our new baby with love as they did with Cody. They couldn’t love Cody more if he had been born to us and they spoil him every chance they get. It is difficult to describe the over whelming love and support we feel around this decision.


Our parents are your typical grandparents; they love showering the grandkids with big hugs, lots of affection, holiday treats and plenty of together time. They are so excited to become grandparents again! Pop Pop and Nana are looking forward to spending every spare moment with our new addition. They are looking forward to buying another pair of little cowboy boots. Papa and Grammy can’t wait to teach another grandchild how to fish, roast marshmallows over the campfire and go 4 x 4 driving. Grandpa and Grandma are looking forward to our exciting weekend outings.


Family members love helping Cody explore his interests and they can’t wait to help our newest little one find his or her favorite things to do as well! When we made the decision to adopt once again, we were touched by the incredible amount of love and support from our family and friends.


The Cousins: The cousins, a total of seven little girls and four little boys, will shower another child with love & attention. We are all excited to arrange play dates for the young cousins.


Our Careers: Ken has worked for BMW as a Supervisor/Assistant Manager for 26 years. He loves his job and the staff he works with. He manages 15 employees, is responsible for the new and used car sales inventory, the Detail Shop and he is responsible for many other general business operations. His job allows him to be an involved Daddy. He’s home for an early dinner, homework, playtime and stories every night. Cody’s face lights up whenever Ken gets home!


Teresa has worked for the State of California for 16 years. During her career she has taught Agriculture Education and is currently working for the Department of Child Support Services. Training development is her primary focus, in which she develops all aspects of training such as PowerPoints, Trainer and Participant Guides and training support materials. Luckily, she never has to travel due to telecommunication technology, which allows her take Fridays off to work at Cody’s school, to be at home for an early dinner, help with homework and has plenty of playtime in the evenings.


Our Loved Ones

Our Home and Final Thoughts

Our Home: Our Community is fairly close to the Pacific Ocean and is a short driving distance from the Sierra Nevada’s. We are fortunate to have a mild climate that allows us to spend a lot of time outdoors doing our favorite things.


We own a large beautiful four bedroom home… one room just waiting to become a nursery. We have a fabulous yard with lots of room to swing and slide, ride bikes or play in the pool. We enjoy riding our bikes on our quiet streets and we adore our neighbors.


Our neighborhood is a great place to raise a family with a lot of young families. The schools in our area have great ratings and are very family oriented. Our community has a zoo, museums, fun parades, festivals and carnivals throughout the year. There are parks in every neighborhood and many state parks nearby.


On weekends, we often hit the road to explore new places nearby or one of the many sites in Northern California.


Our Promises To You: Now that you’ve gotten to know us a little better, we hope that we’re just the family you’re looking for to entrust with your child.


We promise to give your child a lifetime of love and laughter, attention and encouragement, security and guidance that we possibly can.


We will raise our children with unconditional love and knowledge of the heart filled way we became a family. As they grow to love their family, we will also teach them to appreciate the ones that gave them life.


From the experience of adopting Cody, we learned about the incredible gift of adoption as Cody’s birthmother had the warm knowledge that her baby was placed in a wonderful loving home, and she gave us our dream of creating and raising a family.


Our Home and Final Thoughts