Kenny & Lori

Kenny & Lori

We are so grateful that you have chosen the adoption path and we are thrilled that you are considering us for your child. We hope this booklet introduces us to you and gives you confidence that your child will be surrounded with love and care.

Kenny & Lori

Warm Greetings from Kenny & Lori!

Since the day we met, it has always been clear to us that we would like to start a family. Children are important to us and we cannot wait to add a child into our family. Since we are a same sex couple, adoption is our best option to grow our family. We would feel honored and happy beyond words if you choose us for your child.

– Our Story
In Southern California, we live in a happy home with a Siamese cat, Annie, with family nearby. Our life together started in 2005, when we met in a coffee shop in charming neighborhood.

An easy conversation quickly turned into a loving relationship. We built a life together with love in our eyes, from becoming first time homeowners to getting our first pet together as a couple.

As you may know, same sex marriage did not come easily, we contributed in the fight in the California campaign until the day same sex marriage became legal in 2013. Shortly after that day, we tied the knot at the County’s Clerk House in a simple and warm ceremony, blessed by our family and friends.

– Our Work

Kenny’s work
Kenny is a patent attorney; she helps inventors obtain their patents. Kenny works at a virtual office – which means, she is at home working on a computer. She can be with your baby all day!

Lori’s work
Lori is a civilian scientist working for the Navy. She works on improving efficiency and testing of Navy ships’ fighting capability. She enjoys working on combat systems in Navy fighter ships.

– Did you know?
We both played soccer in school, and now we both play golf.
Hiking is our favorite way to spend quiet time together.
We go to soccer games, and we cannot wait to bring our children with us.
Kenny performs standup comedy; Lori writes her own music. Lori plans to write songs for our future child.
We travel a lot – 20 countries in 4 continents and counting. We hope to show our future child the whole world.

– Five things we will teach our child: Independence, Cultural Awareness, Kindness, Confidence, Long Term Vision

Warm Greetings from Kenny & Lori!

Meet Kenny - by Lori

Kenny is my hidden strength and force that drives me. I met Kenny 12 years ago in a coffee shop on our first date. Her huge smile and witty sense of humor captivated my imagination from the moment we met.

Even though she has been extremely successful in her career, her work does not solely define her; nothing comes before her family and friends. Kenny’s mom, brother, aunts and uncles live close by and are all close to each other and their parents.

Kenny’s desire to start her own family is something I have always seen in the way she interacts with the children of our friends and family members. I know she would be a wonderful mother and I feel blessed she is my partner and look forward to beginning this new chapter in our lives together.

– I can’t wait to be a mom
Children have always been a dream of my life! I will surround my child with love, nurture, support, and guidance. I will give my child everything I can to succeed in life: child care by my own hands, an excellent education, opportunities to play sport, and home cook meals filled with nutrition.

– Five things Lori loves about Kenny
Her big smile
Long black hair
Sense of humor
Devotion to her family

Meet Kenny - by Lori

Meet Lori - by Kenny

If I were a tree, Lori is the water in my life. She surrounds me with tender warmth, gets into every corner of me, nurtures me, and makes me better. Lori supports me through all of my hardship, my adventures, the risks that I take, and the problems that I face.

Very early on, Lori asked me if I would like to have children in the future, I said yes. Because we are a same sex couple, we knew right away that we wanted to adopt.

Lori is truly a family builder – she loves children and always thinks of how our future child can grow up to be the joy of our family. Her potential to be a parent is like her potential for love. She will always be there for your child.

– Five things Kenny loves about Lori
Her curly hair
Gold-green eyes
The steaks she cooks
Her work out routine
She always goes with me to my soccer games.

Meet Lori - by Kenny

Our Sweet Home & Family

Our home is a ranch style 4-bed room house with a rose garden on the side, grass yard in the front and the back, and fruit trees. We also have a swimming pool and a RV (recreational vehicle) parking spot. It was one of our happiest days together, becoming homeowners 8 years ago.

We regularly host a summer party every year, when our friends and their children come to enjoy our backyard barbeque and watch the sunset over the mountain. Your child will host their birthday parties in this spacious and charming backyard!

Our community
We live in a suburban area in Southern California, just 20 minutes away from the beach. Sunny California weather is what we enjoy – sunny year round, mild temperature, and a variety of outdoor activities: surfing, hiking, and golfing.

The elementary school your child will attend is just 10 minutes walking away. Also in the neighborhood is a children’s park, your child will play swing in this park.

– Four ways we show each other love
Cuddles – Sending cute messages to each other during work days – Home cook meals – Giving each other massages

Meet our family
Kenny’s mother and brother live nearby, literally 1 mile from our house. Lori’s brother lives in Red Bluff, California with his wife. While Lori’s parents and Kenny’s dad are all having coffee together in heaven, we are sure they will join us in spirit to welcome your child into our home!

Kenny’s mom is retired and she is available all day to babysit. Kenny’s mom can’t wait to be a grandmother so she can have the large family she has always wanted!

We have friends from all walks of life: from high school friends, college friends, colleagues, to those who have come into our life through other community activities. They come by and bring their children to our place to hang out all the time!

Our family tradition
We are a multicultural family and our tradition is also multicultural. Your child will have a double dose of holidays from the East to the West, and another set of holidays to honor your child’s heritage, should it be different than ours!
We host Thanksgiving every year, when our family and our friends come to enjoy Kenny’s specialty stuffed turkey and Lori’s delicious squash soup.

Our Christmas is usually spent on vacation – in a destination that is as hot as possible! Your child will enjoy places like the Galapagos Islands, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Florida, or Palm Springs.

We also celebrate Lunar New Year, a tradition in East Asia, and the Moon festival – the Asian’s holiday for kids. Your child will enjoy moon cakes, a sweet delicacy for this holiday, plus a red lantern to play with, just like children in Asia.

Our Sweet Home & Family