Kevin and Danielle

Hello & thank you from Danielle & Kevin in MO!

Dear Birth Mother

The decision you are making takes a great deal of love, courage and selflessness. We admire your commitment to giving your baby the best life possible. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about our loving family. We hope to show you our lives, personalities and relationship.

We have longed to be parents and were heartbroken when we found out we could not conceive children of our own, but believe adoption is the next best thing. We are both active, fun-loving people and believe that we will provide a wonderful home for children.

We have both had interesting lives and feel that parenthood is a way to share our experience and allow a child the opportunity to create interesting experiences of their own. It is because of you that we will be able to build the family we have always dreamed of. THANK YOU so much for considering sharing the gift of life with us.

Our story told by Danielle: Kevin is from Canada and worked with a company overseas for a while spending 3 month stints in different countries. After this he wanted a job that would keep him in one place so he could settle down, find someone to love and have a family with. The job he chose is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, which landed him in my hometown!

Our relationship started in 2012 after meeting online. We talked for about a month through e-mail and on the phone which all lead to our first date at a professional soccer match. We had a great connection and enjoyed each other’s company so much we started spending most of our time together.

For our engagement Kevin planned a beautiful private wine tasting at a winery in Sonoma, California. He popped the question on a balcony overlooking the vineyards. Knowing the bond I have with my grandma, he even asked for her permission as well as my parents!

We were married in Jamaica in February 2016 surrounded by 50 of our closest friends and family and then we went on a honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand. We are both easy going, have a passion for travel, are ambitious, and have a zest for life.

Our favorite things to do together

• Cooking
• Golfing
• Traveling and exploring new places
• Entertaining friends and family in our home
• Taking walks or jogging in our neighborhood and nearby parks
• Going to sporting events. Our favorite teams are the Kansa City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Sporting Kansas City, and the University of Kansas Jayhawks.

Hello & thank you from Danielle & Kevin in MO!

Meet Danielle

Meet Danielle: I grew up in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I had a different childhood than most. I spent time in the city and on the farm. I have a talent for singing and have traveled around the U.S. performing. I lived in N.Y.C. twice during my childhood singing, dancing, and acting in Broadway shows. In one I played the part of Annie. After doing the last show, I moved back to Missouri to experience a normal high school life of Jazz choir, cheerleading, drill team, school musicals, camp during the summer, proms, and time with friends.

I always had a lot of love surrounding me. When I was younger, on weekends I was not performing, I spent time with my dad on the family farm. I got to play with many animals and rode horses. My grandparents lived with us at my mom’s house for about 5 years to help take me places while my parents kept working. My grandma lived with me both times I worked in N.Y.C. and my family visited often. All of them taught me to follow my dreams and that you can achieve anything with hard work and perseverance.

I graduated with my first degree from the University of Central Missouri majoring in Sociology with 2 minors in Chemistry and Biology. My second bachelor’s degree was received from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry in Dental Hygiene.

I work as a dental hygienist two days a week in a private practice and two days teaching dental hygiene at a college near by. My career is flexible and gives me the availability for whatever needs our future child may have.

Danielle through Kevin’s eyes: I was originally drawn to Danielle’s friendly and outgoing personality. I love that she thinks of others first and bends over backwards to help everyone else out. She is a wonderful human being and always makes those around her feel special and wanted.

Danielle spends lots of time planning events for friends and family. As an example, she spent countless hours planning a 90th birthday party for her grandmother including a scrapbook and video of her life. It is this dedication and care for others that makes her special and will make her an excellent mother. Children look up to her and are always excited to spend time with her.

Fun facts about Danielle

• I enjoy volunteering, planning events and being creative
• Favorite food is Mexican
• I love animals
• Hobbies include: jogging, traveling, photography, crafting and making new recipes
• Favorite smell is the neck of a horse

Meet Danielle

Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin: I grew up in Toronto, Canada in a single-parent household with my mom and brother, who is 2 years older than I am. I played lots of sports and we went to many sporting events, including Toronto Blue Jays baseball games with my mom and my uncle. I continue this love for sports today and enjoy golfing and cycling. I want to share this love with our children and engage in these and other sports and activities that they find interesting.

I went to Queen’s University in Canada and studied Chemical Engineering. While there, I had the opportunity to work for a summer in Ireland and fell in love with travel.

I started working as an engineer in the cement industry and was able to travel worldwide for work including to Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt and Puerto Rico.

I have a fascination for languages and can speak fluent Italian and Spanish (and have some knowledge of French, Turkish and Russian from my travels). I hope to share my love for travel and languages with our children. I recently completed my Master’s of Business Administration at the University of Kansas while working. It was a big time commitment, but I wanted to finish it before we started a family so I could spend more time with our future child.

Kevin through Danielle’s eyes: When I met Kevin I was quickly drawn to his funny, witty personality. He is very intelligent and I like to joke that he can be his own trivia team and win. I am not sure where he stores all that information! I love that he is an honest, loving, caring person who enjoys traveling and learning about all cultures. He makes me laugh everyday. He is a great provider and makes me feel safe and secure. Kevin is very thoughtful. When he met my grandma they hit it off instantly because of her love for the KU basketball team. He made sure we took her to her first game where they play in Lawrence. She was so excited. We bought tickets for her to a game every year as long as she was with us. I adore watching him be the jungle gym for the kids in our families. All these things showed me he would be a great father and made me want to spend my life with him and make a family.

Fun facts about Kevin

• I have traveled to over 40 countries (my favorites are Thailand and Turkey)
• Cycling is a passion of mine and I commute to work and back often – 12 miles each way!
• I was in a gifted program in school and am especially good at math

Meet Kevin

Family & Friends

Family and Friends: We could not ask for a better support system. My family lives mostly in Missouri and Oregon. Kevin’s family lives in Toronto, Canada. We go visit Kevin’s mom, Cathy, and brother, Erich, at least twice a year – at Christmas and sometime in the summer. They try to come to Missouri once a year. We spend time with my mom Brenda and step-dad Bill quite often, either going to the lake to stay on their boat in the summer over the weekend or meeting up with them and their friends for dinner during the winter.

We visit my dad, Dan, and step-mom, Glenda, whenever possible. They live about 2 1/2 hours north on a farm. It is great to visit and get away from the city. There we like to play on the 4 wheelers and ride horses.

Many fun family traditions

• EASTER: Brenda (Danielle’s mom) does an Easter egg hunt for the children in the family.
• THANKSGIVING: Every other year we travel to San Francisco California to spend the holiday with Danielle’s step-brothers and sister and their families. The day after we all go on a holiday open house wine tour in Sonoma.
• CHRISTMAS: Before Christmas Danielle, Brenda and the kids bake and decorate Christmas cookies. This has been something Danielle and her mom have done since she was little.

Christmas Eve we spend time at Danielle’s mom’s house with her parents, step-brother, his wife and three children. We have a nice dinner and then play bingo with M&M’s to decide the order in which we will open Christmas presents. After opening presents the kids put out milk and cookies for Santa and spread “reindeer food” outside for them to find their way. We all stay there overnight and wake up in the morning to hot chocolate, Christmas music and presents from Santa.

After a wonderful Christmas lunch with all the trimmings we leave to head to Canada to spend time with Kevin’s family.

Meet our friends: We have a lot of close friends we spend time with; many have been friends for over 20 years. They are considered extended family so our future child will have even more “aunts, uncles and cousins”!

We own a condo that we rent out in a building with great amenities. A couple years ago we used the theater and chefs kitchen to hold a Polar Express movie night at Christmas time for our friends children. We started the night with a craft project decorating their own drinking mugs. A popcorn and hot chocolate bar were served with all the different flavors and toppings. We gave the kids silver bells at the end of the movie to take home. We will make this an annual tradition with all the kids.

We go to Royals games and many times we go with a group of friends and their kids. Children love the baseball games, making signs to hold up and the team has a special children’s crew for the kids to be a part of.
Many of our friends go camping with their children and go on vacations as families together. We plan to be joining them sometimes tool Our future child/children will have many kids their age to play and grow with!

Family & Friends

Home & Closing Thoughts

Our home & community: Our home has 3 bedrooms and large deck for get-togethers and grilling. It is situated in a pretty area where the homes are older but known for their character and charm.
We have parks and trails within walking distance. One of these is a 6 mile long trail that leads to the Country Club Plaza.

There is also a very large park a couple miles away that we like to go to play Frisbee, fly kites, and have picnics. There is a spray park there that kids love to play in as well as a huge playground with slides and swings. We are within a short walking distance to many restaurants and stores.

Our neighborhood has a farmers’ market each weekend during
the summer, an ice cream social, and a summer social. There are always people out either walking or jogging with their dogs or strollers and children playing in the yards. There are quite a few schools around us as well.

Our promises to your child

• A lifetime of laughter, fun and unconditional love.
• Give them Opportunities to travel, learn and use their wonderful imagination.
• Supporting what they want to pursue and letting them know there is no limit to what they can accomplish through hard work and dedication.
• To teach them to be accepting of all others despite differences in race, religion, appearance, etc.
• We will stay honest and keep our strong bond together to give them a stable home that they feel protected and safe in.
• Strive everyday to continue to be the family you envisioned to be worthy enough to raise your child.
• Surround them with great family and friends so they feel the love all around them and grow to be socially involved.

A special message to you:
Thank you again for considering us. We hope this gave you a good peek into our lives. In our hearts we know our family is not yet complete. We want nothing but the best for your child and would be so excited to welcome your little one into our open arms. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have.

With love,
Danielle and Kevin

Home & Closing Thoughts