Kevin & Tina

Hello! We are Tina and Kevin

Hello beautiful Birth Mom! We hope you can see that we care deeply about one another, and have a lot of fun in the process. You are pretty incredible. We can tell, because you have chosen this path for you and your child. We are grateful for your courageous decision and for learning more about us. We realized quickly that our love was too big for just two people and we needed to share it! We are unbelievably excited that our dream of being parents is coming true. This world needs more goodness in it and creating a loving family through adoption will be our contribution. Our child will know how your profound love and bravery made us a family.

Our Love Story: We like each other. A lot. It’s been that way since we met in 2014. A quick meeting turned into five hours of the best conversation. Before our first date was over, we had already planned our second date for the very next day. 1 year and 4 days later, we had the most beautiful wedding in our gorgeous city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Like most best friends, we love doing things together, whether it’s a trip to Costco or Disneyland. Kevin keeps Tina giggling with his goofy, dad humor and Tina entertains Kevin by dancing and singing through most of the day. Somehow, she can turn anything into a song. We also dream together, laugh together and grow together.

Each day starts over a cup of coffee, chatting and cuddling with our dog, Molly. Our free time is shared with friends and family, eating delicious meals, hiking or just hanging out. Traveling is also one of our favorite things. Luckily, we have friends and family all over the country to visit. We’ve built an incredible life and we can’t wait to welcome a child into it.

Why Adoption? Tina has three adopted cousins, so we see adoption as a natural path to a family. It is so exciting that all the steps we have taken toward creating our family have led us here.

Things We Love To Do Together:
• Hosting friends and family for dinners and holidays
• Traveling to visit family in Annapolis, Chicago, South Dakota and California
• Discovering new places (most recently Maui)
• Hiking in the mountains around the Valley
• Searching for recipes, shopping for ingredients, cooking and eating
• Planning the next meal while we’re in the middle of enjoying another. Tina reads cookbooks like novels.
• Movie marathons on our cozy couch
• We’ve seen every Marvel movie, multiple times. Kevin has a huge movie collection.
• Yearly trip with our friend-family up north
• Tent camping in the mountains

Hello! We are Tina and Kevin

Meet Kevin

Kevin, Through Tina’s Eyes: Kevin was born to be a dad. Kids flock to him; there’s usually a couple hanging from his arms and legs. He is sensitive, kind and always finds ways to show how he feels, like calling his friends back home or bringing me unexpected flowers.

He is the guy people call when they need help and he never turns down a chance to be there for them, even in his career. As an IT Recruiter, he supports people in building their futures.

His imagination is vibrant and keeps him young. He loves experiencing new things, like traveling to different places or eating unusual food. Oysters recently made his list of favorites. Growing up in South Dakota, he rode his bike and played outside until sunset. He’s still an outdoor guy who loves fishing trips and camping. He’s got unbelievable hand-eye coordination, making him the reigning corn hole champion.

He’s the middle of five siblings and is often called the ‘glue’ that keeps his family together. He calls one member of his family every day on his way to work.

He takes exceptional care of me by showering me with affection, listening to me and lifting me up. One of the many reasons I fell in love with Kevin was that I knew he’d the best dad, that and his amazing hugs. The world needs more people like him.

Kevin’s Favorites:
• Childhood Activity: Swimming at the public pool with my brother
• Dessert: Old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies
• Vacation Spot: Italy
• Hobbies:watching movies, comic book collecting, hiking, eating Tina’s food
• Game: Playing Yahtzee with our nieces and nephews.
• What a perfect day looks like to me: Golfing, movie and dinner
• What you like to collect: Comic books and movies

Meet Kevin

Meet Tina

Tina through Kevin’s Eyes: Tina is my favorite person in the whole world! She is full of happiness and love; she brightens everyone’s day. She chooses to make the best of any situation. Her strong faith anchors her when life throws her a curveball. My wife is a joyful woman and always makes me laugh, whether by making up songs to sing to our dog or dancing around the house to music.

Tina grew up in Phoenix with her parents and older brother. They are a tight-knit family that has totally embraced me. Tina has friends from all stages of her life; she’s good at keeping in touch.
Tina stays active by being outside nearly every day, either hiking or walking Molly. She even ran two marathons. Along with all that exercise, she loves to cook up a storm. Honestly, she might be the best cook in Arizona!

She is incredibly patient, kind and always willing to help or listen. A former middle school teacher, she now owns a tutoring business, which gives her the freedom to work from home. She has made our house the most comfortable place on earth and I look forward to seeing how she decorates for a little one. Tina has the heart of a mother and she’s definitely ready to share it with a child.

Tina’s Favorites:

• Childhood Activity: Crafts & summer camp (I was voted the camper most likely to become Camp Director)
• Dessert: I’ll pass up dessert any time for French fries
• Vacation Spot: Greece
• Hobbies: Cooking, reading, hiking
• Game: Uno
• What a perfect day looks like to me: Watching the sunrise with coffee, hiking in the mountains, lunch outside and sitting on our patio at sunset. All with Kevin.
• What you like to collect: Cookbooks

Meet Tina

The People We Love

People are the most important things in our lives. Fortunately, we’re surrounded by a fabulous group of friends and family. Tina’s dad lives within walking distance and makes dinner for us almost every night. Kevin’s brother and family also live up the street. Kevin’s dad splits the year between Arizona and South Dakota, where Kevin’s sister and family live. We visit Tina’s brother in Annapolis several times a year and her big, Greek family in Chicago and California as often as possible. Tina is one of 22 first cousins. Together we have five siblings and seven nieces and nephews, who are very excited to meet their new cousin.

We are part of a tight-knit village of families. Most of them live within a mile of us. Tina is still close to her childhood friends and their families have become our family. We are also really connected to our church community. We couldn’t have a more ideal support system. Our future child will be surrounded by lots of loving, giving and fun grownups, along with a whole crew of kids waiting for a new playmate.

We are huge Christmas people. We decorate as early as we can every year and have a whole slew of traditions we like to keep, like giving each other a small, Christmas-themed present after we decorate the tree, hiking on Christmas Eve morning, stuffing stockings, seeing the luminaries at the botanical garden, watching Elf, and matching pajamas for the girls at family Christmas!

Our Faith: We are grateful to be a part of our diverse church community. Beyond connecting us to a wonderful group of people, our beliefs shape a lot of our traditions and celebrations. They also ground us and remind us to be humble. It’s important to us to be the best humans we can be; our faith helps us work towards that goal.

Meet Molly: This furry, Wheaten Terrier stole Tina’s heart the moment she met her in the shelter. She is a supreme snuggler, who lavishes Kevin and Tina with kisses. She’s an agile hiking buddy who is just goofy enough to fit into our family.

The People We Love

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Welcome to Arizona, we love our home! It sits on a quiet street and has three bedrooms, with a giant kitchen that everyone flocks to when we entertain. There’s a butterfly garden and a huge tree in our front yard that can’t wait to be climbed. Our backyard is filled with trees, plants and a vegetable garden. Arizona sunshine lets us enjoy our pool, walk Molly and hike year-round. The mountains are a short drive away and a favorite summer escape.

Our neighborhood is wonderful! It’s in an excellent school district and we can walk to three parks, with playgrounds and sports fields. A nearby preserve has a lake and tons of hiking and biking trails. We live at the center of our ‘Village’. Our families and ten other friend-families live within a one-mile radius, which leads to lots of impromptu get-togethers.

Our Promise To You:
• We promise to give your child an incredible upbringing that will hopefully lead them to become a confident and kind person.
• They will be welcomed into a large, warm family who will nurture their mind, body and soul.
• We will devote ourselves to showering your child with affection and providing them opportunities through education.
• We will teach them to find joy and encourage them to seek happiness.
• We will be patient, compassionate and cheer them on as they discover their passions and talents.
• They will know that you are the first page of their amazing story.
• We promise to do all we can to help your child grow in every way.

One Last Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives and our dreams. We are so grateful. What you are doing for your child is remarkable. We know you will make a great decision and we wish nothing but the best for you.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts