Kristen and Mitch


We are Kristen and Mitch from Southern California. We are so honored to be considered to be a part of your journey. While we cannot begin to understand how difficult this decision is for you, we are extremely grateful for you. To us, you are a strong, brave and selfless woman.

We can say without question that we will love your child unconditionally and always have a safe home filled with laughter, hugs, days at the beach, countless adventures, with endless love, affection, and support.

We are both veterinarians. We met over 10 years ago while we were working as emergency vets at an animal hospital. Mitch gave Kristen his number the first day we met! … And we’ve been inseparable since. Not only do we love animals, but we also share a love for the ocean, the outdoors, being active and wanting to become parents. We both love anything to do with water. We were actually swimming in our favorite spot when Mitch proposed to Kristen just before a big wave knocked her over – needless to say she was completely surprised!

Since getting married over five years ago, we have traveled the world together, made our house a home in a little beach town we love and built our own animal hospital.

Mitch and I are very happy people. We have a successful business, a great history of travel, a stable comfortable life and a supportive circle of friends. But, something is missing in our lives. It is our shared dream to become parents. Forthelast5yearswehavebeen struggling with infertility. We are determined and excited to have a family of our own through adoption!

We will give our future child every opportunity imaginable. Encouraging dreams and providing all support, financially and emotionally, while cherishing every moment.


About Kristen

Meet Kristen, By Mitch

Kristen is compassionate, trust worthy, caring and giving. She treats every person and animal with kindness and respect no matter the situation. Kristen is the most empathetic person I’ve met. I love watching her with our friends’ children. They seem to run to her and love being around her loving and kind vibes. She is naturally good with them.

Her sense of humor is infectious and people seem to flock to be near her. The respect and loyalty she has of her peers is something very rare. The trust given to her, not only of by the hospital staff, but also of the thousands of pet parents is beyond anything I have ever experienced. She is an incredible veterinarian and surgeon. While she is dedicated to her career, Kristen cannot wait to focus on being a mother. I feel so lucky to share my life with her every day and can’t wait to raise a child together.

More about Kristen, By Kristen

I grew up in a suburban town in Michigan. I’m close with all my family and adore my younger brother, Michael. Our summers were filled with visits to the lakes, canoe camping trips, shucking corn and chasing fire flies in the backyard. I was fortunate that my family started traveling with me at a young age. When I was 7, we lived in Tokyo. They encouraged me to study Spanish abroad in Spain (and so did Mitch!) I also spent some time working as an elephant veterinarian in Thailand caring for orphaned and injured elephants. I went to veterinary school at Michigan State University and then moved to California -where I’ve been ever since.

Mitch says that Kristen loves ….

  • Anything with water… Swimming with the dogs Paddle boarding
  • Hiking
  • Reading
  • Her Book Club Cooking fresh meals Growing her own food Feeding people (especially me!)
  • Being an “aunt” and can’t wait to be a mother!
  • She makes the best marinara sauce from the garden. I think she cooks great Italian and Mexican food. I love her lasanga!
About Kristen

About Mitch

Let me tell you about Mitch, By Kristen

Mitch is loyal, dedicated, honest, compassionate, adventurous, energetic, and inspirational! His charisma and sense of humor will capture everyone in the room. I feel so lucky to have him as my partner! He has made me feel so happy, special, cared for and safe– every single day. He is extremely devoted to our family and makes sure our lives are always full of adventure, laughter and fun!

Mitch enjoys running and surfing every day. He maintains a healthy and active life style. His commitment to the pursuit of his passions is contagious. Mitch encourages me to really do the things I love. I am so grateful for this. When it comes to running our hospital there is no one better suited! I know he will be such a good father just by watching him interacting with and helping people.

More about Mitch, By Mitch

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska as 1 of 2 children in a Jewish family. My father is an eye doctor and my mom an ER nurse so I was exposed to medicine from a young age. We were not a very religious family, although I went to Hebrew school for ten years. This helped me to learn about my Jewish roots and learn the importance of studies and culture.

In high school, I was very social and immediately realized I wanted to leave Omaha to explore the world. I went to college in Tucson, Arizona where I earned my degree in Evolutionary Biology. I love studying and working with primates – gorillas and orangutans. This passion has inspired many of my travels with Kristen helping with orphaned orangutans, elephants and other wildlife. After Tucson, I went to Veterinary School in St. Kitts, an island in the Caribbean. I then spent some time traveling in Central America and then I was off to California to work as an emergency veterinarian.

If you’re looking for Mitch he’s probably…

  • Playing with our amazing ”nieces” and ”nephews”
  • Surfing
  • Running with the dogs
  • Saving lives at our animal hospital
  • Reading menus or new recipes to cook – Riding his golf cart with our dog
  • Eating a burrito
About Mitch

About Us

We love our Beach Town, Southern California

We live in a safe, community-oriented, small beach town in Southern California. The weather here is warm and sunny nearly all year. We are always outside doing activities. We are so lucky to have a large, amazing group of friends here: a strong community of support. We are grateful that everyone in our life is so excited to help us welcome a little member to our family. Nearly all of our friends have babies and young children that we love dearly. A lot of our time is spent at the beach together swimming, playing in the sand, picnics with kids and dogs, BBQs and dinners. We can’t wait to have our own child who can be a part of this with us- playing with our friends’ kids, walking to school together, surfing, picnics at the park, building sand castles and days at the beach. From our home we can walk (or take our golf cart!) to the grocery store, the weekly Farmers’ Market, the library, great schools, and our favorite parks and beaches with hiking paths where we surf and swim with the dog. We can’t wait to do all of this as a family.

Our large private grass yard is perfect for playing, having get-togethers, and family cookouts. We chose our home because there are so many great spaces for a child: a play room for art projects and school work, many reading nooks great for snuggling up with hot chocolate and a book, laying a blanket down in the grass to do a puzzle or play with the dogs.

Things we love !

  • Fourth of July BBQs watching fireworks from our patio Cookouts with s’mores in the backyard
  • Sailing in the bay with friends
    Summer mountain trips in our van
  • Passing out candy to neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters
  • Our Turkey Trot Run Thanksgiving morning
  • Christmas dinners while decorating trees and homemade cookies!

Our Family and Friends

We have a very close-knit, loving family. Kristen’s parents, Eugene and Linda, live close by and we are lucky to see them often! Her mom is really talented at knitting and has been busy knitting baby clothes, blankets, and toys!

Kristen’s brother Michael loves visiting multiple times a year from Washington DC, and we are both really close with him. He has a great sense of humor and is always positive and happy. Kristen is also really close with her cousin, Erin, in Indiana (who actually just adopted a beautiful baby boy!) She can’t wait to get together with Erin to continue her Grandma Ruth’s beach vacation tradition in South Carolina.

Mitch’s mom and dad, Nancy and Jerry, also live close by in California. His brother Greg is a talented writer who lives in San Francisco – we are lucky he comes down often for holiday dinners! Nancy can’t wait to be a grandmother and, along with the rest of our entire family, has been extremely supportive and happy with our pursuit of adoption. She can’t wait to love on her future grandchild!

We are both truly the happiest when we are surrounded by our family and friends– cooking food, baking desserts, playing games, days at the beach, hiking and camping.

About Us

More About Us

Our own piece of Jungle in Costa Rica

We also have a simple vacation home in Costa Rica. We can’t wait to share the amazing culture and especially the jungle and wild life with our future child.

We look forward to taking our future children on adventures down to this magical place, learning Spanish with our friend’s kids, seeing whales jumping in the gulf, and finding monkeys, toucans, and sloths in our backyard. It is an incredible and (very safe!!) place for a child to learn and experience the world!

We believe strongly in education and experience. Our dream is to share our travels with our future family and provide an education in the classroom but also with experiences around the world

Meet Monica and Porter

Meet Monica! She is our beautiful, giant tortoise. She is 30 years old
and lives in our backyard. She is definitely a neighborhood favorite!

We think Porter is the best dog in the world! We rescued him from a dog shelter in Mexico four years ago and it was love at first sight! He is a blue heeler (maybe a bit of a lazy one.) He comes everywhere with us- including to work! We say he is the designated kid- friendly dog of the group since he is tolerant of little hands. His favorite things include snuggling, paddle boarding and digging holes to lay in at the beach.

It is our promise to you and ourselves that we will provide the most caring, safe, and nurturing home for your child with unconditional love, support, opportunity, and guidance. We can’t wait to become parents through adoption! We thank you with all of our hearts for considering us.

It’s hard to summarize our lives in a few paragraphs but we hope that you can get a glimpse of our lifestyle and values, our loving home and supportive community in these pages. We hope to hear more about you and your hopes and dreams for your child’s future.

Thank you,

Kristen & Mitch

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