Kristi and Matt


We are Kristi & Matt. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us and hope that we can embark on this journey together. We’re unable to have biological children and have known this since early on in our relationship. When we decided we wanted to grow our family, we knew adoption was the best choice for us. We would love to bring a child into our lives and appreciate you considering us as adoptive parents to your child!

Our Life Adventure: We live in Delaware, and love it for its beaches, hiking, and proximity to multiple major cities. We enjoy camping on the weekends, and hope to eventually visit every state. We have family and friends that camp, so it’s a family event every time we go! We also enjoy dinner with friends, stargazing, and going to see movies. Matt has younger siblings that play different sports, and we try to catch their games whenever we can. We love all things Disney, and hope to make visits to Disney World, and traveling in general, a family tradition.

We met online in 2016 and had our first date at a burger restaurant about 2 weeks after we met. On our first date, we knew we had something special when it felt like we had known each other for years! We moved in together after 1 year of dating and got engaged 2 years later. We had plans to go out for dinner and Matt popped the question before we headed out! The next day Matt surprised Kristi with “mini” versions of our first few dates; dinner, bowling, and ice skating. We got married four and a half years after our first date and had a small ceremony on Matt’s family farm. We had our honeymoon at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in our camper!

Fun Facts

  • We love Boston Cream donuts
  • We are both afraid of bees
  • Every Tuesday is taco Tuesday at our house
  • Our hands are the same size



About Kristi

Introducing Kristi by Kristi: I grew up in Minnesota, and lived there until after I graduated college. Moving to Delaware was a big change in my early twenties but I don’t regret it one bit! I am frequently on FaceTime and texting with my family so they never feel far away. I decided on Delaware because I have an aunt close by.

Growing up I enjoyed rollerblading, ice skating, biking, hanging out with friends, and traveling. I also visited my family’s lake cabin with my cousins and siblings, this is still a tradition today. I hope to continue family traditions and also go to parks, aquariums, and children’s museums with our future child!

I work in home health care assisting my patients with being independent in their homes. I enjoy it for its flexible schedule, one on one relationships, and feeling like I make a difference in their lives. In my spare time I enjoy reading, scrapbooking, baking, and scoring a deal at thrift stores!

Meet Kristi Through Matt’s Eyes: Kristi is full of love and happiness. Her love of adventure has brought me out of my shell and challenged me. I know she will instill that same adventurous attitude upon our future child. She makes the best banana bread, knows every bone in the body, and can sing any Disney song! From the very first moment I saw Kristi interact with my younger sister, Lacey, and how my sister would light up when she saw her, I knew Kristi would be an amazing mother.

Kristi’s Fun Facts:

  • I’ve traveled to 10 European countries in a month
  • I collect Disney VHS tapes
  • My favorite snack is popcorn and bunch-a-crunch
About Kristi

About Matt

Introducing Matt by Matt: I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My parents divorced when I was four years old, so growing up with large, extended families has always been a part of my life. My stepfamilies had a huge influence on my upbringing and I love them like my biological family. My parents have always gotten along great. I believe that played a big role in shaping me as a man.

In my spare time I enjoy taking our dog, Mica, on walks, biking, and cooking new recipes. I play video games to unwind and I’m excited to experience classic movies and games as a family!

I graduated from Towson University, having studied Sociology and Psychology. I work as a 911 Dispatcher. I take pride in what I do, helping people through a crisis. I also work as a consultant for 911 centers to upgrade their computer systems.

Meet Matt Through Kristi’s Eyes: Matt thinks he’s the lucky one but I always tell him “You’re way out of my league”. He’s always making me laugh with his corny jokes. Matt is a great cook, the first thing he cooked for me was chicken parmesan. He’s the most caring person I know and will always go out of his way to help someone. Matt is thoughtful and always remembers the little things I say. He’s hard working, and I know he will instill that value in our future child. The first time I went to his dad and stepmom’s house, his younger siblings ambushed us with nerf guns! I remember that day well because I got to see how much he loves his siblings and what an incredible father he will be!

Matt’s Fun Facts:

  • I prefer salty snacks over sweet
  • I can do a good Chewbacca impression
  • I believe coffee can make any day better
  • I’m a Marvel nerd, Spider-Man is my favorite Avenger


About Matt

Where We Call Home

We live in a quiet neighborhood in our city. There are schools close to our home, and we live right across from the high school. We often see children riding bikes, writing with chalk on the sidewalk, and playing basketball. We see families walking around frequently on nice days. Our home is at the front of the neighborhood, so we decorate early every Halloween and Christmas to help get everyone in the spirit! There’s a playground and ponds close by that we often walk by. There’s an apple orchard close by that we enjoy going to, especially in the fall. They have great apple cider and a pumpkin patch! We are close to the local library that has fun events for children; such as song and story time, pajama parties, and movie nights.

Our Four-Legged Family Members:

  • Mica- We rescued him at 5 months old in 2019. He is a border collie and was chosen for us by the rescue as a good match for our family. He’s warmed up to children, especially if they play fetch!
  • Simba- We rescued him at 4 months old in 2017. He’s social and thinks he’s the king of the house! He explores our fenced backyard and frequently has the “zoomies”.
  • Hodgie- Hodgie was Matt’s grandmother’s and joined our family in 2019 at 8 years old. She was shy at first, but now comes out more often. She hides if we have multiple guests and keeps her distance from our other pets, preferring to snuggle on the couch.


Where We Call Home

Our Loved Ones

We’ve got plenty of family to go around, combined we have 8 parents and 7 siblings! Family is very important to us, and our holidays are always busy. We both come from large, blended families and we love it! We have close friends and family who already have children or are expecting children in the near future. We’re excited for our children to grow up as close friends!

Kristi’s Family: My parents live in Minnesota, and live outdoorsy, adventurous lives. We try to visit them once or twice a year. My family enjoys camping, competitive bowling, and ice fishing. My mom and stepdad, Jan and Bill, just became grandparents for the first time when my brother, Nathan, and his fiancé, Heaven, welcomed their son! My sister Kim, her husband, Andrew, and their daughter, Hadley, are excited to welcome a new child into our family. And my Dad, Darrin, and my stepmom, Judy, are excited for us to bring our future child to Minnesota to bond with their cousins as well!

Matt’s Family: Most of my family is from Maryland. There’s plenty of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents at family gatherings! My Dad, Michael, and Stepmom, Kim have three younger children together. They are a huge influence on us both. All three of them are excited to have a young niece or nephew to spoil, just as I spoiled my three younger siblings growing up! My Mom, Roxanne, and Stepdad, David go camping with us and it has turned into a tradition for us all. I’m my mom’s only child, so she has been waiting to be a “Nana” for a while now!

Family Traditions:

  • 4th of July cornhole tournament and fireworks over the Chesapeake Bay
  • Hosting family pumpkin carving
  • Secret Santa gift exchanges with family and friends

In Closing – We Promise To…

  • Honor you and your story throughout your child’s life
  • Provide all the love we could possibly give
  • Create a love for adventure and family centered lifestyle

One Last Thank You: Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us. We hope this has given you a snapshot of our lives and plans for the future. We are grateful for your strength in considering an adoption plan. We would love to get the chance to meet you so we can learn more about each other. No matter what you choose for yourself and your child, we hope you find what you are looking for.

Best wishes,

Kristi & Matt

Our Loved Ones