Dear Expectant Parent

I’m in awe of you. All we can do is find the best future for our children, and it’s incredible that you’re considering this path. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me as you think about what’s best for your family.

I have always wanted to be a mother. In kindergarten, we did a project about “what do you want to be when you grow up”, and my answer was “mommy”. I’m choosing adoption because this is something I’ve wanted for years – this isn’t my last choice, this is a path I really want for myself and my family.

If you decide to choose my family, I will love your child unconditionally, and I will be their biggest cheerleader in whatever they choose to do. If it’s what you want, your child will grow up knowing you and knowing about you.

With love,


Dear Expectant Parent

About Me

Hello from beautiful Boulder, Colorado! I am enthusiastic, creative, and curious, and I am always trying to learn new things. I like finding out how things work, and even if I don’t do something perfectly, at least I do it enthusiastically!

I grew up in Los Angeles and then spent many years exploring: I lived in Wisconsin, Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Germany, and Northern California. I have close friends all over the world, and Andy and I visit a friend every few months – whether that’s having a low-key weekend at a friend’s house in Seattle or a sightseeing weekend in Paris.

I have a 3-year-old son, Andy, who is a delight. I always wanted to have a big family, and while I love Andy with all my heart, our family isn’t complete. Plus, I want my children to grow up with a sibling – I grew up with two siblings, and I treasure those relationships.

My Job: I really enjoy my job as a statistician. My company encourages its employees to put family first, and I can set my own flexible schedule. I can drop everything to be home, and I’m planning on taking time off when my future child is born so that I can be there every minute.

My Hobbies: I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with my children!


  • Growing fruit and vegetables in my garden.
  • Cooking healthy food at home, enjoying treats when we are out.
  • I love trying new foods when we travel – Fun Fact: I’ve spent the last 10 years trying croissants in every city I travel to.


  • Boulder is close to the Rocky Mountains
  • Hiking, camping, or skiing are all within an hour away


  • I’ve visited friends and family in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, France, Spain, the UK, Singapore, New York, Boston, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, and California.
  • Traveling as a family and making a vacation out of work trips.
About Me

About My Family & Friends

I grew up with my siblings: Eric and Wendy. We have always been there for each other and they cannot wait to welcome a new niece or nephew into the family. Eric lives in San Francisco with his fiancé, Catherine; and Wendy and her partner, Justin, live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

My dad and mom love kids. In their opinion, the more kids and dogs our family has, the better. My father and Andy are best friends. They video call several times a week. Right after Andy was born, both of my parents came out to help me. Mom has also come along on work trips to babysit, so Andy and his “Meemaw” get some special time, then we all go explore together after work.

We love a good family adventure. Our last gathering was at a cabin in the Rocky Mountains enjoying a week of skiing. In the past few years, we have also traveled to California, Maine, Florida, Norway, and Germany.

My friends live all over the United States and Europe. I visit them whenever I can, but I’ve been spending more time with friends here in Boulder. There have been so many babies born recently – we’re all looking forward to our kids growing up together.


  • Epic Easter egg hunts with my father
  • Summer trip to Spain
  • Fall family trip with my Mom and Dad
  • Thanksgiving with my family in Los Angeles Friendsgiving with friends in Boulder
  • Latkes for Hanukkah
  • Buying a Christmas tree and decorating it together, it’s a family collaboration
  • Visiting college friends in Minnesota during the New Year
About My Family & Friends

Meet Andy – Future Big Brother

Andy is an easygoing and curious 3-year-old. We spend a lot of time playing together or going on walks through the neighborhood. We’ll pretend to be airplanes and fly around the block, make train tracks out of tape around the house, or we’ll go to Neptune in a cardboard box rocket ship. We spend a lot of time exploring whatever Andy is interested in that day. I’m excited to take the same approach with my next child too.

Andy is social and welcoming, and loves playing with the other kids on our street.

Andy’s preschool has small class sizes and teaches kids to feel comfortable and confident, which is really important to me. Sometimes I’ll pick him up early and we’ll walk to get ice cream near our house, splash in the creek, go for a bike ride, or all of the above!

Andy is so excited to have a sibling. One of his friends is a baby, and he is always asking if the baby can come home and live with us.

Andy’s Favorites

  • Food: Sushi
  • Book: Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Toy: F-150 toy truck
  • Movie: Toy Story 2
  • Song: Wheels on the Bus

Thoughts on Parenting: I believe kids are who they are – we can certainly guide them, but they are their own people from the very beginning. To help kids figure out who they are and where they want to go, I focus on teaching curiosity, follow-through, service, and finding the bright side.


Meet Andy – Future Big Brother

My Home & Community

Andy and I moved to Boulder in 2019 because of its excellent quality of life for families. Boulder is one of the sunniest, most educated, fittest, foodiest, happiest cities in the US. We’re right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, and a 45-minute drive to Denver.

I love my neighborhood; I can walk or bike almost anywhere. Downtown is 20 minutes one way, and work is 20 minutes in the other direction. Boulder has an excellent bike path that follows the creeks in town, and I can hop on the path right by my house. We have 11 parks within a 10-minute bike ride! My neighbors are wonderful. The kids play together and the adults chat in the street. I feel incredibly supported.

I have a little three-bedroom house. As the kids grow up, I want everyone to have their own space, but I also wanted something small enough that we’d have to see each other all the time. The yard is big compared to the house, and it’s great to eat and hang out outside.

Our school district is in the top 10% in the US, and the elementary, middle, and high schools are all within walking or biking distance.

About my dog Nellie: I rescued Nellie when she was four months old, and we think she’s some sort of bichon-poodle-mutt. She traveled everywhere with me for 9 years, and now at 10 years old, she’s currently enjoying her retirement in Boulder. One reason I bought my house is there’s a great place for her to sit and watch people go by! The neighbors all stop and wave at Nellie in her window. She’s very patient with kids, especially if they scratch her head.

Our Chickens: I also recently got chickens and built them a coop in the yard. I let Andy name them, and he chose Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and Zurg.

In Closing: Truly, thank you for considering me. Whatever you choose, I sincerely wish you happiness and peace. Above all, I hope that you feel confident in what must be a very difficult decision. If what you’ve learned resonates with you, I’d love for you to get to know me and Andy (if that’s what you want).

I promise that your child will be cherished, accepted, and loved through their lives; I will give them the space and the opportunities to grow into who they already are.


My Home & Community