Krystyne and Kevin


Hello! We are Krystyne, Kevin, and our daughter Rory from Toronto, Canada. Finding the right words for how we feel seems so small compared to the strength you need to make this decision. We can promise you with all our hearts that if you select us, we will raise your baby to be strong, smart, and know how much they are loved.

Adoption has helped us build the family of our dreams. After several failed pregnancies, including one that required emergency surgery to save Krystyne’s life, we knew we did not have to be pregnant to have a baby. Our daughter Rory joined our family through adoption in the U.S. and we are so grateful we get to guide her through life. We are honored to have been chosen as Rory’s parents and the joys of raising her have given us the courage to go through the adoption journey again to make our family complete.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey with you, and for taking the time to get to know us. We hope we can get to know you one day, too.

Our Story and How We Met: We met over 15 years ago when Kevin’s job moved him to Toronto.

We worked in the same building, but never really had a chance to connect until one day we were both out with friends. We had our first real conversation and haven’t really stopped talking since! Our connection felt instant and it wasn’t long before we started dating and fell in love. We got married shortly afterwards, and then Rory and the dogs joined our family!

We love to travel and explore new areas. Krystyne has lots of family in England so we’ve visited them a few times. We’ve also been to France, Greece, Barbados, New Zealand and to many cities across Canada and the U.S. We actually took Rory on a whirlwind tour of Europe when she was a year old! Trying new foods and witnessing history are things we cannot wait to share with our children – what a great way to learn about what makes our world so special.

Life has thrown us some curve balls but one thing is consistent, our commitment to each other and our family.

See a Day in Our Lives:

Who Cooks?

  • Kevin is definitely the chef!

Best Way to Spend the Weekend?

  • Many cups of tea and coffee and then a family bike ride (Rory loves spotting birds and animals on the trails)!

Favorite Activity?

  • We love board games.

Favorite Hockey Team?

  • We have a healthy rivalry as Krystyne loves the Toronto Maple Leafs while Kevin grew up a fan of the Montreal Canadians!

What We Enjoy Doing the Most?

  • Every Sunday we meet up with Krystyne’s family for dinner. There’s lots of laughter and it’s a great way to see everyone and watch Rory play with her cousins Eleanor and James.

About Krystyne

About Krystyne by Krystyne: I grew up in Toronto, with my parents and two sisters. I stayed here for college, and then met Kevin while working at my first job out of school. I work in finance and absolutely love my job because I have to stay current with news and events from all around the world and get to write about how they matter for investors. At the same time, there’s enough flexibility to be around for Rory. It’s the best of both worlds.

In Canada we’re able to take 18 months off to be with new family members, and I’m so grateful to have had that time. I can’t wait to do it again when we welcome a new baby into our family!

Kevin’s Thoughts on Krystyne: Krystyne is smart and passionate. She’s loyal, generous, determined and always optimistic. Somehow, she manages to see the bright side of every situation! Krystyne is also goal-oriented and works hard at everything she does.

Krystyne’s passion for life is really obvious. Her eyes light up when she is chatting about something close to her heart, and that includes Rory and growing our family through adoption. Krystyne is a natural parent. She’s often the requested storyteller because of the funny voices she uses! She’s the perfect balancing act between firm but also kind and patient. I can’t wait to see her become a mother for a second time, because she’s so full of love!

Facts & Stats:

  • About: Brown hair, brown eyes, permanent smile 🙂
  • Hobbies: Running, reading, kayaking, skiing, board games, playing with the dogs
  • Favorite Meal: Anything cooked by Kevin (I usually request burgers!)
  • Likes: Laughing, scavenger hunts, warm sunny days, snowstorms, swimming at the cottage, curling up under a blanket with a good book
  • Dislikes: When my nose is cold
  • Dream Job: A children’s author!


About Krystyne

About Kevin

About Kevin by Kevin: I grew up in Montreal with my parents and two older brothers. I spent my childhood wrestling with my brothers, playing soccer, and building things with my Lego. I studied finance in college, then moved to Toronto, where I met Krystyne and have lived ever since!

I am very lucky to work from home several days a week. When Rory was born I was able to take two months off work, which was a great way to help our family adjust to having a newborn around! We went for lots of long walks with the stroller and the dogs and I definitely plan on doing that again when we welcome a new baby into our home.

Krystyne’s Thoughts on Kevin: Kevin is always quick with a joke, finding the light side of every situation. Whether with family or friends, his sense of humor has him at the center of every conversation. Kevin has a heart of gold and always offers to help with any task, big or small. I remember being out for a walk with our dog and we came across a man trying to carry a TV up the staircase to his house. Without a second thought and without being asked, Kevin ran up to help the man navigate the steep stairs. It was a minute out of his day but he probably made that person’s entire day.

Even though Kevin is a total kid at heart, he is a true gentleman, raised to be respectful and compassionate. He’s an amazing Daddy, full of fun songs and games. Watching Kevin play with Rory is one of the greatest joys of my life, especially because the two of them fill our house with so much laughter.

Facts & Stats:

  • About: Brown hair, hazel eyes, constantly cracking jokes!
  • Hobbies: Running, biking, cooking, making people laugh, reading, Lego, and kicking major butt at Scrabble.
  • Favorite Meal: Pizza. No wait, Strawberry Shortcake. Or breakfast for dinner!
  • Likes: Laughing, weekends at the cottage, watching hockey, and a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning before the day begins.
  • Dislikes: Stubbing my toe (happens more than you’d think!)
  • Dream Job: A Veterinarian!


About Kevin

Our Home and Community

We live in Toronto, Canada, a five-minute walk from some of the prettiest beaches on the lake. Most days you can find people playing beach volleyball and swimming. There’s also a music festival every year where bands play and people dance in the street. A favorite tradition is the local Ribfest where professional BBQ-ers battle it out to serve the best ribs, all surrounded by live music!

Our neighborhood is filled with young families and overflowing with parks. We have some of the top schools within walking distance. We live on a quiet, tree-lined street in a three-bedroom house with a backyard and plenty of room for kids to run around and grow. Krystyne’s family live nearby, as do many of our closest friends. We love being able to raise our family here alongside of so many of our loved ones.

Meet Rory: Rory is our sweet, independent, and goofy three-year old daughter. Rory was born in New York and we adopted her at birth. She is cheerful and excitable and loves making us breakfast in her play kitchen (her favorite combination is watermelon and broccoli). Rory will be a wonderful big sister. She adores her newborn cousin and asks to see her every single day. She loves to pretend her stuffed animals are babies, changing them and soothing them. Rory also loves to pretend she a superhero, saving us and her babies from danger. She is such a happy child and we can’t wait to see her teach a new sibling everything she knows!

Rory Loves:

  • Playing chase with her cousins
  • Building Legos
  • Coloring
  • Reading books
  • Playing with cars
  • Going to the playground

Webster & Ellie: Krystyne grew up surrounded by dogs and our home wouldn’t be complete without them. We fell in love with golden retrievers because of their personalities – they’re so calm and sweet. Most importantly, they’re really gentle with kids. Webster and Ellie adore Rory – they love giving kisses and snuggling (especially when they’re hoping she might drop some food!) Seeing their wagging tails greet us when we come home puts a big smile on our faces.

Our Home and Community

Our Family and Friends

Both of us are incredibly close with our families. Krystyne’s sister Lianne and her parents Mary and Bryan live within walking distance, which means Rory is able to see her cousins all the time.

Though most of Kevin’s family live in a different city, it’s just a few hours away. We visit as often as we can and Kevin’s mom Nancy loves coming to stay with us.

We love the holidays because they are all about family. Also, food – lots and lots of food! Our family is always focused around tons of laughter and a great meal. Christmas is probably our favorite. We usually spend a few days together, eating and playing board games. We believe that any holiday and any tradition is a reason to celebrate. We love spending time with those we love and are so excited to share all our traditions with Rory and any other children we welcome into our family. We’d love to hear about any fun traditions your family likes to celebrate so we could introduce them into our family with your child!

Six Things We Will Teach Our Children:

  • How to swim
  • To speak French
  • A musical instrument
  • How to ride a bike
  • To be curious about the world
  • To love all living things

In Closing – Thank You! If you choose us to raise your child, he or she will be welcomed into our family with all of our hearts, forever loved and cherished. We would be honored to get to know you better, if that’s what you want. Above all else, we respect your choice no matter what you decide. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our profile and for considering us.

With much love,

Krystyne, Kevin, & Rory






Our Family and Friends