Kyle & Nils

Kyle & Nils

Hello there! We are Kyle & Nils. Sending you warm greetings from sunny Phoenix, Arizona!

We are fortunate to have grown up in loving families and have long dreamed of sharing the same love and joy within a family of our own. We are grateful for the courageous steps you’ve taken toward adoption and hope these few pages will shed light on the warmth we hope to share with your child. Thank you for taking a little peek into our story.

Our Story: Our paths met in Germany in 2014. Kyle was new to the country and was working as an au pair caring for two young, energetic children. Nils – born and raised in Germany – was an ICU nurse in a local hospital. Our first date – a simple lunch – started with laughter as we both happened to order the same meal and asked for extra gravy.

Within days of meeting we discovered how much more we have in common – from little things (like the same favorite Disney movie: The Lion King), to our passions (like enjoying delicious food and traveling the world), all the way to one of our biggest dreams: starting a family.

After two years spent shared between Germany and the US, we got married in 2016 and set roots where it’s always warm and the sun shines 333 days of the year. One of our favorite places to be is outdoors, whether it be hiking the beautiful desert mountains with our dog Mylo, swimming and camping with friends, hanging out at the park or exploring new areas. When we’re indoors we enjoy cooking together, watching movies, and playing games.

Some of our Favorite Adventures:
• Canyoneering in Austria
• Exploring beautiful Amsterdam
• Camping and hiking at the Grand Canyon
• Visiting castles in Germany
• Enjoying the culinary sides of Seattle

Favorite Game:
Kyle: Settlers of Catan
Nils: The Legend of Zelda

Favorite Hobby:
Kyle: hiking
Nils: movies

Zodiac Sign:
Kyle: Aquarius
Nils: Sagittarius

Favorite Animal:
Kyle: wolf
Nils: penguin

Kyle & Nils

A Little About Kyle

A Little About Kyle: Whenever I’m asked to tell an interesting fact to introduce myself in a group setting, I tend to mention that I have lived in 21 homes across 5 states and 4 countries. Although moving so often had its share of challenges, it is a big part of who I am and why I have an excitement for meeting new people, seeing new places, and expanding my horizons. I’m grateful to no longer be moving houses every few years, but you can still usually find
me moving about while hiking, cycling, running, or working out at
the gym.

Though the outdoors is my favorite place to be, I enjoy time spent anywhere with Nils, our friends, and those we love. If I’m not outdoors, there’s a good chance we’re together at a musical, a concert, or trying a new restaurant. We’ve compiled a list of over 100 restaurants we want to try in the Phoenix area alone – and we still have a ways to go.

Four Things Nils Loves About Kyle:
• He is detail oriented and focused and puts his heart and soul into his projects.
• He is amazing with kids: playful, funny, loving and supportive. It has shown me early on that he will be an awesome dad.
• He teaches me that life can’t always be planned ahead. You have to try new things, expect the unexpected, and sometimes take a leap of faith.
• He makes the best faces and grimaces – they always make me laugh.

More About Kyle: Since I was a kid, I’ve had a passion for working with technology, and I’m beyond lucky to have a job doing exactly that. Not only do I get to work with computers and software, but I work remotely with a flexible schedule, which allows me to spend more time pursuing my other passions and will soon allow me to always be with our future child
at home.

A Little About Kyle

A Little About Nils

A Little About Nils: I grew up in a small village in southern Germany,
and although I dreaded the long, brutal winters, I never would have thought I’d someday find myself not only in the US, but in one of the warmest cities around. After finishing nursing school, I thought I had my plans and future goals figured out, but when I met Kyle, I quickly realized that plans can change.

In 2016 I moved to Phoenix to be with Kyle and we got married shortly after. Today my life and career have developed in a completely different direction than nursing – now I’m a claims manager in the insurance industry. I have lots of freedom and love my job and the flexibility, which allows me to spend more time with hobbies, friends & family, and our future child. Germany will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope that our kids will be able to develop a similar love and appreciation for it.

Four Things Kyle Loves About Nils:
• He is insanely good with people and always makes those around him happier.
• He is excited to go new places and try new things – especially food.
• He is incredibly generous and gives his whole heart to those he encounters – even if they can’t be as generous in return.
• He has shown me that life as a responsible adult can be lived with all the joy, excitement, and playfulness of a kid.

More About Nils: I love to work on all sorts of creative projects. I enjoy cooking and baking, and I can’t wait to pass on the things my parents have taught me. I love being active, to work out, to travel, and to go hiking, but at the end of a busy day I’m always down for a homemade meal, followed by a good movie, book, or game, especially when it’s together with Kyle.

A Little About Nils

Our Home & Community

Our Home & Community: We live in a family-centric community just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Phoenix South Mountains. With a grill in the back yard, a large park and playground directly across the street, two community pools, and several more parks within walking distance, there is no shortage of fun things to do outside.

We picked our home because of its bright and open kitchen where we love to cook and bake, and a dining room that seats many people for game nights and dinner parties. There is a large fenced yard for kids and pets to play, and lots of room for gathering friends and family.

The many families and young kids make handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween
one of our highlights of this community, and we can’t wait to join them soon with our little one!

Our Pets: We Have Two Wonder Pets – Mylo & Kovu! Mylo is an Australian Shepherd with a pink nose. He loves everyone he meets and enjoys nothing more than getting cuddles and attention, especially from the little ones in our extended family.

Kovu is an orange tabby we rescued from the local humane society when he was a few weeks old. If he’s not eating or sleeping, he will find a way to cuddle with you no matter where you are.

Mylo & Kovu are the best of friends and based off how much they love when kids come to visit, we’re sure they’ll be excited to have one around permanently.

Our Home & Community

Our Family & Friends and Hopes & Dreams

Meet Our Family & Friends: Kyle comes from a big family that has been greatly enriched by adoption. He has 8 siblings, 2 of which were adopted! He also has 10 nieces and nephews. The oldest one was adopted by another family when Kyle was 8, and he still remains close to the family. We have a strong bond with his family and love to get together often. His younger sister McKenzi will be giving birth this year, and we are excited for our future child to have such a closely aged cousin.

Nils’ family is smaller and most of them live in Germany. His parents have been together for over 30 years and he has a younger brother named Lars. Once a year, we take a trip to visit Nils’ family in Germany, and they visit us here in Phoenix every spring. To make up for the distance, we also have bi-weekly video calls that we always look forward to.

We have an amazing group of friends close by with whom we regularly get together for dinner, games, or movies. We have close friends all over the country and also in Germany. Many of them have children of their own and they are almost as excited for this step in our journey as we are. No matter how busy life gets, we always find ways to spend time with each other.

Our Hopes & Dreams for a Family: We were both raised to be open-minded, respectful, and driven. We are fortunate to live lives of optimism and excitement and want to share the joys of life with others. More than anything, we want to share with our future child the same love, kindness, and childlike playfulness that brought us together six years ago.

• We will instill the value of balance: education is most valuable when combined with social skills, talents bring you farther with humility, and loving others is easier if you learn to love yourself.
• We will fill life with adventure, travel, laughter, and friends and family (in the US and Germany).
• We speak German at home and will raise our future child with both German and English and will support them in any other languages and cultures of interest.
• We will honor your role as birth mother and wish to support your presence in your child’s life, if desired.

Thank you: Thank you for taking the time to get to know about us!

Our Family & Friends and Hopes & Dreams