Kylie and Will

Warm Greetings to You

We are Kylie and Will. We live in a beach town in California. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child! We are a fun-loving couple who wants to build our family through adoption. We have a lot of love to give and feel blessed that you are getting to know us.

We want you to know that we think you are a strong, brave, and beautiful person and that your child will always know those things about you! We look forward to walking this adoption path with you and getting to know who you are. We are grateful for your courageous decision and for taking the time to learn more about us.

We have always felt adoption is the best way to grow our family. If you feel like we are the right family, we are ready and excited to do this with you! Thank you for taking time to get to know us.

We Will Teach Your Child:

  • The importance of family
  • The advantage of hardwork and education
  • The value of honesty and loyalty
  • The benefit of confidence and self love
  • How to have fun!


Our Life Together: We met 12 years ago on Our first date was at a Taco Tuesday which led to hours of the best conversation. It felt like we knew each other for years. Before our first date was even over, we planned our second date! We got married in our hometown and the joy of our wedding day was more than we could have asked for!

There is never a dull moment when the two of us are together. We are Disneyland Annual Passholders and like going on Friday nights for a few rides, fireworks, and a Mickey Ice Cream Bar. We love to travel to our family vacation home in Lake Tahoe for hiking, skiing, and boating. Kylie is the daredevil in the family and always pushes Will to try adventurous things.

What we love most about our relationship is that it is a true partnership. We take care of one another, pick each other up when we’re feeling down, celebrate each other’s victories, and work together to accomplish our dreams.

A Few Things we Love to Do:

  • We love Disneyland. We are annual passholders!
  • Picnics at the beach
  • Hiking the costal trails near our home
  • Watching Sunday night football
  • Traveling to new places
  • Backyard BBQ’s with our friends and their children
  • Paddle Boarding in the harbor
  • Going on Christmas lights tours around our Town
  • Game nights with our family
Warm Greetings to You

About Will

A Little About Will – by Will: I grew up on the East Coast outside of Philadelphia and moved to California in High School. I studied business and economics in college, and I am currently studying to get my master’s degree in Financial Planning.

I work as a financial advisor at a bank helping people achieve their financial goals. I really enjoy my job and look forward to going to work every day. I believe if you find something you love to do you won’t work a day in your life.

I enjoy starting my day with fresh air by going for a run in the morning. Over the past six years I have been a flag football coach for children ages 6-13.  Whatever activity or sport our future child chooses, I know I will be very involved.

Meet Will – written by Kylie: Will is a “give you the shirt off his back” kind of guy. If one of our friends or family needs anything he is the first to volunteer. He is always trying to make everyone around him happy and laughing. I am so excited to watch Will become a dad, the thought of it makes my heart want to burst into a million little pieces. Whether it is throwing a ball, playing Barbies, helping with homework, or reading a book to our future child I know he will give it 100% every day. He is such a hard worker and the most positive person I know. Will takes such great care of me. He is always honest, dependable, and loving. I know he will be the exact same way with his future child.

About Will

About Kylie

A Little About Kylie – by Kylie: I was a very happy child, my parents said I was always smiling, which is how I got the nickname Smiley Kylie.

I studied Communications in college before joining my family’s company, where I am now the general manger. I get to see my parents every day which is fun for me. One day I plan to take over the family business. I enjoy my job and the flexibility that it affords me.

In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling. I am a girly girl and love spending time with my best friends or cousins. I enjoy shopping, getting my nails done, and doing crafts. I also have a very outdoorsy and adventurous side which sometimes surprises people! I love camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, and boating. Traveling is a passion of mine. Every year we choose a new city to explore. I hope to instill a sense of adventure and fun in our future child.

Meet Kylie – written by Will: They say good things come in small packages; well I believe it! Kylie is the most caring, compassionate woman I have ever met. When she smiles at you it just warms your heart. There is no one else I would ever want by my side no matter the obstacle ahead. Kylie is hard working, organized, and stubborn to a fault. She is full of ambition and encourages everyone around her to reach for the stars. Kylie sees the potential inside of you and pushes you to do your best. She is also the best cook I know, there is nothing she makes that I don’t enjoy. Without question, Kylie will make a wonderful mother and I will be right there by her side.

About Kylie

Home Sweet Home in California

We live in a beach town in Orange County, California. We have both lived here for over 25 years and have fond childhood memories from this area! It is a great neighborhood to grow up in with excellent schools, parks, and activities. We are 10 minutes from the beach so you can almost always find us there enjoying a picnic, swimming in the ocean, and laying in the sun.

We live in a four-bedroom house which is light and bright. Kylie enjoys cooking in our kitchen which opens up to the living room. It’s great for entertaining and we love to host BBQs with family and friends in our backyard. Our neighborhood is filled with young families, so our future child will have a lot of little ones to play with. There are a lot of fun events like summer parties, 4th of July fireworks, concerts in the park, a Christmas Parade, and Easter Eggs hunts.

Our Furry Friend, Bianca: Bianca is our two-year-old French Bulldog. She is our spoiled little furry friend with a spunky personality. She has a lot of energy and loves playing with kids. Bianca is loyal and will make a great playmate for our future child.

Home Sweet Home in California

The People we Love

We are both very family-oriented people. Family is everything to us.

We are lucky to have Kylie’s parents, her brother, nieces and nephews living in the same city as us. Every Sunday we have family dinner with Kylie’s family. One of our favorite pastimes are game nights. We also enjoy swimming in the backyard pool. Kylie has three nieces and nephews who live with Kylie’s mom and dad after Kylie’s sister and husband unexpectedly passed away. We are very involved in their lives and frequently have them over for sleepovers, help them with homework and attend all of their school events.

Will’s mom and siblings live in New York. We enjoy traveling to the East Coast every year to see them. We enjoy spending time in the city, going on the double decker busses, and touring the museums. Will’s two nieces love to go to Disneyland when they come to visit. Will and his mom talk often and the whole family is planning to move to California someday!

Will’s dad and stepmom live locally. Will and his dad get together every Friday morning for coffee.

Christmas is a big deal in our home! Will, who grew up Jewish, has definitely adopted the Christmas spirit. We love going overboard with Christmas lights and decorations. This year we added a 9ft blow up snowman! Kylie’s mom, aunts, and cousins all get together before Christmas for a big cookie baking party. Each year Kylie’s mom buys matching Christmas PJs for the whole family. This year’s pajamas even had matching sets for the dogs!

Thank You: We hope this isn’t a goodbye, but a see you soon! Thank you again for considering our family. Words can’t describe how grateful and privileged we feel for your consideration. Should you choose adoption and consider us the right match for you and your child, we promise to love them more every day and do our best to provide a wonderful life for that special child. We promise to have open communication with you, if that is something you would want. It is important to us that your child be proud of who they are, which includes knowing where they came from and their whole adoption story.

The People we Love