Launa and Mario


We are Launa & Mario from Los Angeles, California. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and learn more about us. We are thrilled that you are considering us as parents for your child. We know you are making a decision out of love, courage and selflessness. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great amount of respect and admiration for the choice you are making.

While we were unable to have a child of our own naturally, we know that we want our family to include a child. We are excited to share the love and passion that we have for each other and life with your child.  We promise to support, love and encourage your child to dream big and live life to the fullest. We hope that this is the beginning of our journey together.

A Little About Us: Despite living only a few miles apart in Los Angeles, we met on New Year’s Eve on the small British Virgin Island of Jost Van Dyke. We quickly fell in love, moved in together and got engaged in less than a year. On my birthday, he proposed and that evening, while celebrating with family and friends, we announced our engagement. It was a perfect day filled with love and happiness.

Early in our relationship, we learned the importance of showing our love and appreciation, so we began two rituals. We start our mornings with our “love you becauses” and drink our coffee together discussing our “grateful fors.” While some find us a bit silly, we think it’s important to not take life too seriously. We take time to laugh, be present with one another and enjoy and appreciate life. It’s common to find love notes throughout our home in addition to thoughtful and unexpected gifts. We are looking forward to sharing this same passion, energy and love for life with our child. Everything is just a little better when we are enjoying it together.

We Enjoy…

  • Traveling
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Last-minute weekend adventures
  • Extended getaways to remote countries to experience different cultures, lifestyles and food

Since marrying, we also spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Mario generally takes the lead but Launa has become a great assistant. Not only has Mario mastered his Mother’s German brats and sauerkraut, he is great on the grill and makes delicious homemade pizzas. Together, they love to recreate dishes from their many travels and Launa cannot wait to try her hand at homemade baby food someday!


Meet Launa

Although I grew up in a small town in Indiana, I have lived in California for most of my life. I am the youngest of four children and feel blessed to have wonderful parents who were incredibly supportive and raised us with education and sports as the cornerstone of our lives.

I have been employed by the same company for the past 14 years and feel fortunate that I have the flexibility to work primarily from home. I am grateful to represent industry leading products and services that empower women and men with greater confidence.

Thoughts About Launa by Mario: I was a content bachelor when I met Launa, but as soon as we met, I knew I had found my life partner. Launa is smart, affectionate, passionate and committed. Her love shines brightest when life presents one of its many challenges. Whether it is injury, illness, professional disappointment or personal loss, she can be leaned on to provide amazing support. To give you an idea, she moved back to Indiana at one point to help raise four of her nieces and nephews, leaving her own professional aspirations on hold. That is the kind of commitment and nurturing Launa will provide our future child.

Fun Facts About Launa:

  • She is in the University of Evansville’s Hall of Fame for soccer
  • She completed a half-marathon
  • She has a sneaky creative side and often writes poems
  • She’s become quite the cook
Meet Launa

Meet Mario

Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, my father had his own business where I learned the value of hard work. I graduated with an accounting degree, but always knew I wanted to be an actor. I went to Penn State (go Nittany Lions!) where I earned my Master of Fine Arts in Theatre. I was blessed to appear in all sorts of TV shows, films, commercials and plays.

After 25 years, I decided I wanted to do something different, and I now lead adventure tours in the great outdoors. My work combines my passions for being in nature, cooking, hiking, cycling and most importantly, sharing those experiences with other people. I really look forward to sharing my passion for travel and adventure with our future child.

Thoughts About Mario by Launa: The day I met Mario, my life changed for the better. I have never met a nicer, more sensitive, fun-loving, compassionate, authentic and genuine man than my Mario. He is my best friend, my biggest fan, greatest supporter and the absolute love of my life. He lives his life to the fullest, and I am grateful that he has taught me to do so as well.

I cannot wait to see the joy that he will bring a child and the love that he will share. His wisdom-filled, yet goofy nature will definitely make him a great dad.

Fun Facts About Mario:
• He was an actor for 25 years and was on tv shows like Charmed, CSI, Criminal Minds, Will and Grace and ER.

  • He’s traveled to nearly 40 countries.
  • He didn’t learn to ride a bike until he was 24 and yet he is now an official Ironman!
  • He is a wonderful cook, in the kitchen or on the grill.


Meet Mario

Our Family and Friends

The People We Treasure: Launa has a large and close-knit family. With three older siblings and 13 nieces and nephews, family gatherings are loud and fun! When all together, we are often playing a friendly match of volleyball or soccer, as well as board and/or card games or completing puzzles. We are definitely a “games family,” but spending time together is at the core of it all.

Sunday night dinners with Nana and Bumpa (Launa’s Mom and Dad) have become a tradition. Living just 10 minutes from each other, we see them often and are grateful that they help us with our many fun home projects.

Mario has two older brothers and four nieces and nephews who all live in Minnesota. We see his family a few times a year. We typically spend July 4th at the family cabins in Northern Minnesota.

About Our Friends: We have become “Auntie Launa and Uncle Mario” to our friends’ children and we are excited to have our own child to share in the joy that we experience as we do things with them and their children.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home

Meet Skipper: Skipper is nearly 15 years old, but you would never know it. He has so much spunk and is full of life. Everyone who meets him falls in love. Launa rescued Skipper, who is a terrier mix, back in 2007 and Mario quickly became one of his biggest fans.

Our Home: We live in a charming 1923 Craftsman home in a quaint neighborhood of Los Angeles called Eagle Rock. It is a safe, walking community where we can take advantage of parks, museums, boutiques, cafes and restaurants, theaters, libraries and more.

We are just minutes from Griffith Park, which has countless activities for families! There is an outdoor theater, an observatory, a zoo with an amazing merry-go-round, tennis courts and horseback riding. We are very close to Sunset Blvd, Hollywood Bowl, Dodger Stadium and Downtown Los Angeles. We are 10 minutes from the mountains and can be at the beach in 30 minutes. We love the beautiful weather in Southern California and look forward to providing all of these wonderful experiences with our future child.

In the morning you can find us journaling, listening to music, reading or completing crossword puzzles all while enjoying one of Mario’s perfectly brewed cups of coffee. Since we like to

be active, we then often go hiking or biking or just walk around to explore the new establishments in our neighborhood.

Our Promise to You – Your Child Will Be:

  • Supported and loved unconditionally.
  • Encouraged to follow their dreams.
  • Have education, family, faith, music and arts, as well as sports as cornerstones in their life.
  • Taught to be bright, bold and brave.
  • Encouraged to embrace and understand their story and the beauty that it holds.

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you for reading our profile and for considering us as parents. We hope that you have enjoyed a little glimpse into our lives, and that you feel assured that we will provide a loving home and future for your child. We are so excited to be parents and can’t wait to share our love.

Launa & Mario

Our Home