Dear Special Birth Mother

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. My name is Laura and I reside in Los Angeles, California where I was born and raised. I have been waiting for this special moment for a long time. From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be an adoptive parent. My career is well-established, and my house is ready to be a home. I have so much love to give, and I cannot imagine going through life without being a parent. It is now that I find myself ready to embark on this beautiful journey.

With love and light,


About Me: I grew up in the hills of Los Angeles which felt like a small community nestled in such a big city. I feel grateful for having been raised in this diverse community where I still live today.

My grandfather built the house that my mom was raised in, I grew up in, and where my parents still live. The house is the heartbeat of our lives; it is where we have celebrated births, graduations, baptisms, baby showers, weddings, Sunday BBQ’s, and so much more.

Outside of spending time with family and friends, I love my career. I am a clinical psychologist and I work with Veterans, and I have a private practice where I see teenagers, couples, and adults. One of the reasons I chose this career is because I can work from home and set my own hours. That will be so helpful when it comes time to bring the new baby home.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I lived in Spain and Paris
  • I got my Doctorate in Psychology
  • I used to be an actress (I’ve even walked the Red Carpet)!
  • I went to High School with Leonardo Di Caprio
  • I was awarded at camp for being able to do the “best worm” (a dance move)
  • I have been in over 10 bridal parties


Dear Special Birth Mother

About Me

Get to Know Me:

  • I am American-Lebanese
  • Christmas is a very memorable time-I have many special traditions to share!
  • I enjoy creating themed birthday parties for my friends and kids, such as Roaring 20’s, Country Hoedown, Carnivals, Princess Parties, & 80’s Dance Party themes
  • I have so much fun spending time in my Palm Desert, California vacation home
  • Music makes everything better! I love hip-hop, 90’s music, R&B, international music & old school love songs—and I love to dance!

My Home and Community: I live in Silver Lake, a hillside neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. At the lake you will see people of all ages walking and jogging, as well as kids on bikes and scooters making their way to a friendly dog park, basketball courts, or the Community Center where dance classes and sports are offered. Also nearby is Griffith Park where there are hiking trails, horseback riding, train rides, tennis, basketball, golf, parks with fun play sets for children, and the Los Angeles Zoo. The picnic areas overlook the famous “Hollywood” sign, which is fun to see (and it’s not unusual to see a movie star or two!).

About Me

What I Love to Do

I love beach days, sometimes I go to clear my mind and unwind. I love nature walks, hiking, meditating, BBQ’s, game night, cultural events, travel, community engagement, non-profit work/giving back, festivals, amusement parks, museums, to name a few. Most of all being with family and friends making memories.

I love traveling and I have learned so much about myself and the world through visiting multiple cities and countries. I am excited to share my love for travel with my child and expose them to a wealth of knowledge through understanding how others live. Some places I look forward to traveling with my future child are the Mexican Riviera; Paris to meet cousins and visit the Eiffel Tower; Rome to visit the Vatican and eat pizza, and road trips up the coast of California where we can stay in various beach towns, and of course Disneyland.

My Favorite Foods!

  • Sushi, seafood, crab, lobster
  • I will never say no to guacamole and chips
  • Homemade Middle Eastern Food
  • I always say YES to ice cream
What I Love to Do

Meet My Village

All About My Family & Friends: I grew up with my three siblings, Noelle, George, and Joseph, my parents and our maternal grandfather; and countless relatives who graced our home. My sister, Noelle and her husband Tony have three children, Gabriella, Micho, and Raphaella. My brother Joseph and his wife Adriana also have three children, Sofia, Eva and Jude. I am a Godmother to two of my nieces, as well as to three other children from my extended family.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I love to share in my niece and nephew’s daily lives whether it is attending a school assembly or popping over for dinner. No birthday or holiday is overlooked in this family, and we have fun as we swim, cook, and play games; yet, my favorite time is when my mom plays piano and we all sing and dance.

Aside from family, I am incredibly lucky to have a solid group of friends, both new and from childhood. Living in such a large city, it is a true blessing to have such close-knit relationships. We interact daily in one form or another and we support each other wholeheartedly. This child will be embraced and loved deeply by so many.


Meet My Village

What People Say About Me

“I’ve never met a more loving, caring and nurturing person than my sister. My wife and I have often turned to her for parenting advice during difficult times raising our three children.” – Joseph & Adriana, My brother and sister in-law

“I am so excited to welcome this baby into our family. I am ready to support my sister in any way possible!” – George, My brother

“Laura accepts others for who they are without judgement. My three daughters are always happy to hear Auntie Laura would be babysitting because she asks questions and gets on the floor and plays with them.” – Maya, My cousin

“After spending many warm holidays with Laura’s family where you are greeted with kisses and hugs and offered food, drinks and a seat at the table; I can only imagine how much love, care, and affection will be showered on the child. There is always music and dancing.” – Leah, Childhood friend

“Our Auntie always takes such good care of us for days at a time. Even though we see her often, our time together is always special. She makes us laugh when we are down and lights up our day when we see her. She brings joviality to our lives and encourages us to try new foods!” – Sofia (16), Raphaella (12), Micho (19), & Jude (10), Nieces and nephews

“Laura is the most dedicated Godmother, we are incredibly grateful for her. She always finds a way to look at the bright side regardless of circumstances. Laura is such a strong female
presence in our lives. We love our sleep overs, sushi dates, and all our conversations!” – Gabriella (22) & Eva (14), Goddaughters

“Laura was born to be a mom!  She is patient, happy, selfless, brave, passionate, hardworking, stable and a loyal person. She has been there for us at all hours of the night whenever we call.  She is the best friend and sister anyone could ask for!” – Childhood friends, Devon & Melissa

“Laura is a gem. Her personality is contagious and far too bright to put into words. She lights up any room she walks into. She is very respectful of her parents and takes care of them consistently.” – Mona, My colleague

“Laura has been an active aunt in the lives of my three children. Whether it is going to opening night of a play, or a Friday night football game, she makes time! She can silence a 2-year-old with her humming, and throw a mean football in a pool with teens. Most importantly she can converse with each age in a caring and considerate manner. She is the best sister!” – Noelle, My sister

My Promise to Your Child: I promise to give them unconditional love, treat them with kindness, provide safety and stability, teach them how to have healthy relationships, responsibility, education, let them explore and try new things, nurture their gifts and abilities, show them adventure, listen with an open heart and mind, provide a shoulder to cry on, be their biggest fan, and give them endless hugs and kisses. I promise to offer your child love without limits, understanding, patience, fun and most importantly honor and respect who they are. I will also ensure that they understand that the decision to adopt shows how much you love and care for them.

I hope that you have clarity and comfort during this process. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and my family.

Finally – Thank You: I am very grateful to you during this time. You are certainly the most courageous person as you navigate through this journey. You are the brightest among stars to be giving the most precious gift to one who has hoped for a child for many years. It is both unique and special that my bundle of joy is handpicked by YOU-something I get to share with my child in the future.



What People Say About Me