Laura and Dave

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Laura & Dave from Macomb, Michigan. It may not feel like it right now, but you are working a miracle. We hope you recognize how much we admire you. Thank you for viewing our profile. We hope our love will shine through and provide a place of comfort and connection. We look forward to learning more about you, your journey to adoption, and your hopes and dreams for your child.

A Little About Us: Our first date at a local cafe was everything we’d been waiting for, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

From the beginning, we bonded over the importance of family. We both come from loving families that share similar values. We were welcomed into each other’s families with open arms, and we know our child will feel the same sense of love and belonging. Whether it’s attending a concert or sporting event, hiking a scenic trail, or snuggling up to a movie at home, our greatest joy is being together. We can’t wait to share this joy with our little one!

This or That?

Morning or Night?

  • Laura: Night
  • Dave: Morning

Beach or Mountains?

  • Laura: Beach
  • Dave: Mountains

Math or History?

  • Laura: Math
  • Dave: History

Iced or Hot Coffee?

  • Laura: Iced Coffee
  • Dave: Hot Coffee

Saturday or Sunday?

  • Laura: Sunday
  • Dave: Saturday

Tourist Spot or Hidden Gems?

  • Both: Hidden Gems
Dear Birth Mother

Get to Know Laura

Laura grew up all over the map — Arizona, Texas, Utah, Michigan, and Tokyo. She was born in Detroit and has always considered Michigan home, so it was meant to be when she fell in love with Dave, a Michigan native.

Laura LOVES to visit new places and has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. She can’t wait to share new adventures with her little one- whether it’s visiting the planetarium, our neighborhood park, or a weekend trip to Lake Michigan. Laura went to college out West where she studied economics.

She’s a numbers nerd, but her real passion is people. Laura is the COO at a national nonprofit where she advocates for improving healthcare, supporting patients, and furthering research for autoimmune disease. She’s grateful to have a job she loves with a team that’s supportive of her growing family.

Above all, Laura has always wanted to be a mom. She loves kids! She’s kept a running list of her future children’s names since she was old enough to babysit. Her high school and college jobs always revolved around kids— preschool, daycare, summer camp, and nannying. She LIVES for playdates and sleepovers with her nieces and nephews and can’t wait to be a mom.

About Laura by Dave: Laura is a gem. Her capacity to love and accept all of those she holds close never ceases to amaze me.

She has the ability to connect with children of all ages. Everyone loves their Auntie Laura. The older nieces confide in her and look to her for advice. The younger ones LOVE to read books and play games with Auntie Laura or video chat with silly filters. More than anyone I know, Laura was born to be a mother. She leads by example and has all of the qualities to encourage a child to become the best version of themselves.


Get to Know Laura

Get to Know Dave

Dave has always been interested in the arts, especially music and theatre. He’s proof that success is best achieved by working hard and following your passion. After college, Dave was hired by a local school district to build and manage an incredible 600-seat performing arts center. Through his career, he has helped to foster the creativity and passion of students over the past 18 years.

Dave strongly believes being active in your community creates a better place for everyone. In addition to founding a summer music festival, being elected mayor pro tem, and chairing the city planning commission, Dave also lends his time and talents to volunteering with many local nonprofits.

About Dave by Laura: Dave is the kindest, most loving person I know. When we met, I knew he’d be in my life forever. Dave is hilarious, hard-working, and always puts family first.

It melts my heart to see him with our nieces and nephews — searching for tadpoles in our neighborhood pond, teaching them to play ping pong, or riding their bikes to grandma’s house. They adore their Uncle Dave, and I have no doubt he’s going to be the best dad!

Dave is the definition of responsible. He is very handy around the house and is constantly learning new skills. He’s prepared for anything, always on time, and knows exactly what to do in a crisis. Dave is my rock, and I know he’ll be an amazing role model to our future children.

Get to Know Dave

Our Home and Community

Our neighborhood is the best! It’s a newer sub in Macomb, Michigan filled with sidewalks, bike paths, and maple trees lining the streets. The neighborhood kids love to play outside together — jumping on backyard trampolines, climbing on playscapes, or fishing in our neighborhood pond.

We love to take part in the community gatherings, complete with holiday parades! We live in a beautiful new two-story house with a finished basement and a huge backyard. We LOVE hosting big family gatherings, game nights, and sleepovers with our nieces and nephews. When our nieces and nephews come over, they know exactly where we keep our toys, games, and puzzles.

Our goal is to have everyone feel at home when they come over. In fact, when Laura’s family visits from out of town, they love staying at our house — their home away from home!

Activities We Love:

  • Traveling & exploring
  • Singing off-key to 90s music
  • Pumpkin patches & cider mills
  • Concerts in the parks
  • Backyard BBQs & yard games
  • Summer bike rides along the lakeshore
  • Snow days & snuggling up by the fire

Say Hello to Our Dog Jackson: Jackson is our fun-loving Boston Terrier. He loves any combination of naps, sunshine, and snuggles. He LOVES babies, especially “supervising” mealtime. Jackson has mastered the ability to tuck himself into blankets of any shape and size. His greatest accomplishment was training Dave and Laura to play fetch with him on-demand.

Our Home and Community

Our Loved Ones

We both come from large, close-knit families. Laura’s family is spread all over the country, where most of our vacation time is spent. As much as we love to travel, we love to host family gatherings even more. We’re blessed to have Laura’s sister and Dave’s entire family within a five-mile radius!

In addition to family, we have been blessed with the best of friends. Many of our friends have children, and they often talk about what amazing parents we will be. We’re grateful to have such an incredible support system now and always!

In Closing – Thank You: We are so honored that you have taken the time to get to know us

and are incredibly grateful for your consideration.

~Laura & Dave

Our Loved Ones