Laura and Jon


We are Jon & Laura along with our son, Alexander. Welcome to a brief snapshot of our lives. We hope that you’ll see the love and respect we have for our family and for you. We can’t imagine the difficult emotions you’ve gone through before arriving here at our story, and we pray you receive guidance through every step of your journey.

We always planned on adopting after having our first child, but as life would have it we were not able to conceive. As hard as it was, we truly believed that the children meant for us would find their way to us. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but we continue to trust that things will unfold as they should for our family.

And what’s unfolded so far has been more extraordinary than we could’ve ever imagined! We adopted Alexander when he was an infant and never before experienced such joy and wonder. A day doesn’t pass where we don’t feel the honor and privilege of being his parents. Alexander is super excited to be a big brother and already talks about how he will care for his sibling.

We’ve always wanted a full house with children, laughter and love and we’re continuing to build our dream. Adoption is our way of making our family, and our love is the same as any family’s. We will love and protect your child WITH everything we have. We will pray every night – for you, for the world and all the things we are grateful for.

About Us: We were introduced by a mutual friend and the stars aligned the night we met. Our relationship evolved quickly! We were engaged 3 months after we met, and we were married 9 months after that! When you know, you know. We’ve been together for 12 years, and every day our character, integrity, love and honesty deepen. We use challenges to grow and learn and are committed to using the hard moments to make us better.

We settled in Maryland so we could be close to our families. Maryland also offered us access to beaches, mountains, and forests all of which are incredibly important for us.

Our Passions: We love to hike, swim, run, bike and be outside as much as possible. Movement and nature are two things we absolutely can’t live without. We also love entertaining and throwing parties.

Things That Makes Us Happy


  • Having fun with my wife
  • Donuts
  • Making my son smile
  • Summer Thunderstorms
  • Concerts


  • Delicious, nutritious family meals
  • Traveling
  • Snuggle time with my boys
  • Road trips with the windows down and loud music
  • Being a mama

Living healthy, traveling, and learning about other cultures are also passions of ours. Growing our own food and cooking together is a central part of our life that connects us more deeply. And traveling feeds our curiosity to see and learn more about the world and different cultures.


About Jon

About Jon by Jon: I love spending time with Alexander because it is filled with pure joy and innocence. We like to run around like fools outside, wrestle, play ball of any kind, build Legos read and get on Mommy’s nerves. Fortunately we share a great sense of humor. With our future child, I am looking forward to watching them grow, learn, and thrive. I look forward to the love, tenderness, and experiences we will have as a family of four.

My Career: I majored in History at the University of Delaware and spent most of my life after graduating working in sales. After Alexander was born, I knew it was time for a more fulfilling career and I currently manage a family-owned restaurant and wine shop. The hours are very flexible allowing me more time at home with Laura, Alexander, and our future child.

More About Jon by Laura: Never has there been a more loving, tender, kind, generous, funny and wise husband and father than Jon. He’s truly the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known. He listens and showers Alexander and I with kindness, and always has us laughing. The example he is to Alexander melts my heart. The way Jon plays with Alexander is extraordinary. I marvel at Jon’s ability to turn a cardboard box into a rocket ship, a cape, a monster car garage and much more. I truly feel deeply blessed to be married to Jon. He’s the most incredible balance of strong and gentle. Jon makes family time his number one priority and is extremely present.

Fun Facts:

  • I used to play the violin
  • History, golf and observing nature are hobbies of mine
  • I study the weather for fun
  • I received 10 Silver Dollars for winning an art contest.


About Jon

About Laura

About Laura by Laura: I love baking homemade sourdough breads and pizza doughs and practicing yoga. I love to read, hike, cook and garden. Our family loves to play together and we are always doing something fun, whether it’s going to the zoo, creating projects from the craft table, riding bikes or reading there’s never a shortage of things to do.

My Career: I went to University of Florida and have had careers in advertising, interior design and recruiting. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 13 years and intentionally designed my life so I could create my own hours, work from home and be with my family. Two years ago I closed my business and have been a stay at home Mom ever since. It’s been incredibly amazing and fulfilling. I can’t wait to envelope our next child into our home and hearts.

More About Laura by Jon: Quite simply, Laura is my everything. Laura is truth and does not come from a false place. Laura is supportive of my growth and my successes, as well as my failures and my struggles. She loves me for me and I love her for her.

Laura navigates motherhood with a grace not found in nature. She is nurturing, loving, caring, and silly. I am so fortunate to be witness to such a wonderful woman, and to have Laura as my friend and wife. I am so excited to watch her continue to thrive in her favorite role as mom to our children.

Fun Facts:

  • The smell of coffee makes me happy
  • I competed in Irish Dancing when I was young and was on the cover of the Washington Post
  • My to do list includes: learn an instrument, a new language, martial arts and horseback riding
  • Every day I try to be a little bit better than the day before


About Laura

Meet Alexander

Alexander is six years old and so much fun! He has a hysterical sense of humor, is always trying to figure out how things work and is extraordinarily creative. He’s always loved books and his observation skills are mind blowing. He is also is a master builder, especially with Legos. Running and wrestling are his favorite activities right now and he’s getting so fast and strong!

He loves people and wants to play with his cousins and friends any chance he gets. He’s in love with the outdoors and every animal in the world, and if he could, he would have a black panther as a pet.

Our Home: Living in the DC area offers a unique and special place for children. There are so many places to adventure, explore and learn. We have access to tons of playgrounds, museums, music venues, theaters and nature preserves. We can walk to two playgrounds and a creek from our home. All the neighbors look out for each other and enjoy spending time together.

Our home is filled with love. You can feel it – the laughter, the honesty, the peace, the incredible unity we have. We hear this all the time from friends and family. Our love is a great fortune that we do not take for granted, and our next child will be graced with a solid foundation, strong role models and selfless love.

Meet Alexander

Our Family and Friends

We’ve been blessed with strong family bonds & friendships. We live a full life with large family gatherings, traditions and friendships. Our families are close by and we see them often. We are big on traditions and annual trips. Every year we cut down our Christmas tree, pick pumpkins and decorate cookies. We have annual family camping trips and beach trips.

We don’t take for granted how lucky we are to have such meaningful friendships, old and new. It takes a village – and ours is waiting with open arms to meet and shower your child with love.

In Closing: We hope our story conveys how much we will love your child. Our bonds are very strong and we know our family will provide a safe, healthy, fun, strong, adventurous and nurturing environment for your child.

If you choose us to become part of your life we will be open and willing to share. We will treat you with the same honesty and respect with which we treat our family.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope to meet you and learn about you too!



Our Family and Friends