Lindsey and Frank

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Frank, Lindsey, Benji, & Henry from San Jose, California.

We understand the importance of finding loving, caring, and supportive parents for your child. We realize this choice must be incredibly difficult for you. We have so much respect for this decision you are considering. Thank you for considering adoption and considering us as your child’s parents. We are looking forward to opening our hearts and our home to your child.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us through our profile. We hope you are able to see the love we have for one another and our family, as well as the love we would have for your child. We are unable to have children of our own, but through adoption, we have been blessed with our son, Benjamin, and we are very excited to try to grow our family again through adoption. Henry is Frank’s son from a prior marriage, and he lives with us part-time. He can’t wait to become a big brother, too! Adoption is one of the most special experiences you can share with another person. We admire your strength, love, and selflessness as you make this difficult decision. We will provide your child with the most loving and secure home possible. We are committed to raising your child and giving them unconditional love, support, and encouragement. We will encourage your child to be curious, confident, respectful, and kind. We have loved every moment of being parents to Benji and we hope to share that again with a new little brother or sister for him.

We hope that we can share a glimpse into who we are and our dreams for our family. If we are fortunate enough to be chosen, we promise to always be truthful and open about your child’s adoption story, and they will know of your great love and generosity.

Thank you for your bravery and consideration – We are so grateful for you taking the time to learn about our family and the possibility of making our dreams come true!

About Us: We live in Willow Glen, a small neighborhood in San Jose, California. We have been married for four years. A friend set us up on a blind date in 2013. Although we both hesitated on being set up, we are so glad we did it! We hit it off instantly. We connected on our love of the outdoors with long walks, bike rides, and taking the time to get to know one another. Spending quality time together at the start of our relationship helped us create a loving and solid foundation for our future.

After four years of dating, we were married in the mountains of Idaho. Our wedding was a very special day for us. It was a beautiful day celebrating our commitment to one another with the love and support of our closest family and friends.

Creating a family together has been our greatest accomplishment. We wanted to have a family, but we were unable to have children of our own. We have loved sharing our lives, love, and home with Frank’s three older children, so we chose adoption to create our family.

Being Benji’s parents has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. He brings us so much joy and love. We are incredibly fortunate to have a home filled with love and laughter. Our hearts and home would love to welcome another child into our family through adoption.

A Few of Our Favorites:

  • Family time – we are happy anywhere, as long as we are together!
  • Our dogs Bruno, Guido, & Lui
  • Early mornings at the beach for dog walks
  • We love burritos!
  • Family bike rides before dinner
  • Our summer trips to Idaho – for fresh mountain air, hiking, swimming in the lakes and rivers, and visits with Benji’s grandparents
  • Early mornings cuddling on the couch with Benji, blankies and books!
  • Our Friday night tradition of Frankfurter Friday – hot dogs, dessert and backyard fun with friends
Dear Birth Mother

About Lindsey

About Lindsey by Frank: I was drawn to Lindsey as soon as I met her. Even though I told myself to be cautious about getting close to someone since I had recently been divorced, the chemistry we had was strong from the very beginning. At first, it was easy to spend time together because we loved doing the same things. Right away I noticed that when Lindsey would text or call me, I would get a smile on my face right away, and I still do to this day.

No one I know cares as deeply about people who need help or are being mistreated as Lindsey. Shortly after we met, I was amazed to walk around the neighborhood and see how she would offer rides to elderly people, how she knew and talked to people with disabilities, how she could not stand to see anyone be bullied or mistreated. I am so lucky that my number one fan is Lindsey. She has stood by me through really hard times when my mother was dying and I had to make a risky career change. All of Lindsey’s good qualities have shown themselves 100 times over when I see her being a mother to Benji – she is a complete natural and any child who comes into our home will be lucky to have Lindsey for a mom.

More About Lindsey: I was raised in Los Gatos, California. I am the youngest of three girls. I had a wonderful upbringing in Los Gatos with great schooling, after school activities, and sports. After graduating from the University of Washington, I lived in Sun Valley, Idaho for twelve years. I love to ski, hike, and spend time in nature. I have owned my own business for the last 14 years and recently closed it to be a fulltime mom to Benji, which has been an amazing gift for both us. Now that I am not working, I will have plenty of time to love and care for both Benji and another child.

A Few of Lindsey’s Fun Facts:

  • I love dogs!
  • I love my daily runs & walks with Benji and my dogs
  • I am an avid reader
  • I love to collect sand dollars on the beach
  • I used to own a Pilates studio and still practice regularly
  • Anything with chocolate is my favorite dessert, even chocolate covered gummy bears!
About Lindsey

About Frank

About Frank by Lindsey: When I first met Frank, I was most impressed by how much he loved his children and what great care he showed to his mother. His kindness is one of his most attractive qualities. He is a loving father and partner. He leads by example and shows all of his children how to be a kind and loving man and father by living his best life every day. He has been an amazingly patient, nurturing, and attentive father to our two-year-old son.

Frank is not only the kindest man I know, he is also very smart, easy going, funny, chivalrous, and generous. He is a hard worker and provides for his family. He has a great attitude and makes me laugh every day. He is always there for me, he is a great friend and listener, and he will always help anyone in need. Raising our son together has shown me that he truly is a great person, I am lucky to be his partner.  I would love to parent another child with Frank by my side. He is an incredible dad and husband.

More About Frank: I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I am an only child and like most only children, what I wanted most was a brother or sister. I always gravitated to friends with big families. Fortunately, I have been blessed with four great, healthy children, and I can’t imagine a house without kids in it. I was lucky to have two parents who worked hard and gave me lots of opportunities. My mom and dad immigrated to the US from Cuba, so they really valued education and that really stuck with me. I went away to the East Coast for college and law school, and work gave me the opportunity to live in London, where my oldest son was born. Eventually I settled in Northern California for work and I have been working in high-tech companies for over 20 years.

A Few of Frank’s Fun Facts:

  • I am fluent in Spanish
  • I love my Chicago sports – Go Bears! Go Cubs!
  • I can cook, especially on the BBQ
  • I love to ride bikes – cycling is my passion!
  • I’m really good at rocking babies to sleep
  • I love helping my older kids with homework
  • I love reading to our youngest son at bedtime
About Frank

Our Family & Friends

We both come from small families. We strongly believe in surrounding ourselves and filling our home with family and friends to create a loving and supportive environment for our family. We truly believe – the more love the better – and try to fill our lives and home with love, laughter, support, and kindness.

With only one set of grandparents in Benji’s life, they are a big part of our lives. Grandpa and Gigi live in Idaho. We see them in the summers in Idaho for vacation, and they are very involved in Benji’s life through social media, Facetime, and always spoiling him with packages filled with books, trucks, and all sorts of fun and educational toys. They would love to share this love with a new grandchild!

Since our families are so small, we have embraced our closest friends as our family. They have always been our best friends and are so supportive of us, but now with Benji, they have stepped up exponentially as aunties and uncles. Through our extended network of family, Benji has many cousins of all ages to play with at our BBQs, vacations, and family holidays. Thankfully, our hearts and home are full of love and we would be thrilled to share that with a new little one.

Our Home and Community: We live in a safe, quiet, and family-friendly neighborhood called Willow Glen. It is a small community located in San Jose, California. With our home being on one level, it is perfectly situated for raising a young family. We have a great fenced-in backyard, which is great for children to play in, ride their bikes, and be busy little kids! Our neighborhood schools are ranked as some of the best in the state, we have a huge park a few blocks away, and there are many young children in our neighborhood. We are close to the mountains and the beach, which is where we try to go on the weekends for day trips and fun adventures. We would love to share all of this with your child!

Our Family & Friends

Meet Benji and Henry

Our two-year-old son Benji joined our family through adoption. From the moment we met him, our hearts exploded, and we instantly fell in love with him. He is a very happy, curious, and loving boy! He loves to eat, read books and play with his trucks. He also loves to garden in our yard with the watering cans and hoses. He loves our dogs, taking them for walks, and scooping their dog food into their bowls. Benji LOVES his big brother Henry and follows him around everywhere. Benji is going to be an amazing big brother, too. He will love sharing his favorite things with his little brother or sister!

Henry is Frank’s youngest son from his first marriage. He is 17 years old and a junior in high school. He shares his time between our home and his mother’s house. Henry is a fantastic big brother to Benji. He is loving, kind, and patient with Benji. He shares his time reading books, playing trains, and building Legos with Benji. He also loves to show Benji how to throw the ball, shoot hoops on his mini basketball hoop, and ride bikes and scooters around our neighborhood together. Henry was so excited to become a big brother to Benji, he will be thrilled to welcome a new little one into our home!

Our Pups: We love our dogs! We have three sweet, cuddly, and very shaggy dogs that are gentle and loving. They are family dogs and go just about everywhere with us. Bruno and Guido are 12 years old and Lui is six years old.

Our dogs love a good rub, treats and snuggling with you. We love taking them for their daily neighborhood walks and fun weekend trips to the beach. They have taken Benji in as their littlest friend and they love him unconditionally. Seeing Benji care and love his animals has filled our hearts with joy. There is nothing more important than a child learning how to love and care for another living creature. They are loyal and our best buds!

Our Heartfelt Thanks: We hope our profile has given you the chance to get to know a little bit about us, our home, our values, and our family life. We can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. Please know, we would love to give your child a life filled with unconditional love, support, opportunities, and adventures.

Our home is full of love to give to your baby – from our children sharing their love and fun with a new sibling, to us providing a warm, nurturing home filled with boundless love for your child. As you take this time to make your decision, you are in our hearts and we are thinking of you and your child.

With love,

Lindsey, Frank, Henry, & Benji

Meet Benji and Henry