Liz and Adam


We are Liz and Adam. We cannot wait to meet you! Thank you for your selflessness in considering adoption. We cannot imagine the weight of this decision for you and want you to know how blessed we feel to be a part of your decision. We have four amazing children and hope to be able to add your sweet child into our family. We already feel a love and a bond to your baby and can’t wait to expand the love into our family. Thank you for making this difficult decision for your baby.

Our Story: We met at a high school basketball game and both knew we would get married one day. We were high school sweethearts, wrote during Adam’s two-year church mission and got married soon after he got home. We’ve been married for 15 years! Adam is a residential appraiser and Liz is a stay-at-home mom. We love spending all of our time with our children. We live in Idaho and are blessed with the great outdoors. We love soccer, camping and Disneyland!

Interests and Hobbies: Our family loves to travel! We love Disneyland and warm Mexico beaches. We prioritize family dinner every evening together. We love nerf wars, Lagoon, soccer practice with picnics, and family movie nights. We are building a new home on two acres and are so excited to have chickens, goats and a big backyard. We love to care for baby ducks, chicks and had 10 labradoodle puppies last year.

Thoughts on Religion: We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We love the Lord Jesus Christ. We attend church every Sunday and weekly activities. We love to be actively involved in service opportunities within our community.

We Will Teach Our Children:

  • To love life
  • To honor mother and father
  • To love others
  • To keep God’s commandments
  • To love God



About Liz

What Adam Loves About Liz: I have known Liz since we were sophomores in high school. I remember the first time I meet Liz I knew I was going to marry her! She is the most kind, loving and caring person I know. She is always concerned about our children health, safety and security. She is the best mother to our children. There is not a day that goes by she does not give them hugs and kisses and tells them she loves them.

What Makes Liz Happy:

  • Chocolate
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Disneyland
  • Sunshine
  • Boating

Liz Loves:

  • To be loud and sing
  • To do kids’ hair
  • To make holidays a big deal for kids
  • To bake
  • To sleep and go to bed early

Favorite Vacation: Disneyland and Mexico

Favorite Hobby: Decorating

Favorite Animal: Labradoodle


About Liz

About Adam

What Liz Loves About Adam: Adam is loving, tender and full of life. Every child we meet instantly feels safe and comfortable around him. We lovingly refer to him as Addy or Daddy Addy. He loves to be silly and make our kids laugh. He is a part of every tween conversation in our home and really good at dad-jokes. He can relate and be fun around our daughters and son equally well. He loves to be outdoors camping, hunting, dirt biking, snow-mobiling, boating, anything outdoors! Adam is tender hearted and loves to make people feel good about themselves. He is a motivator. He is confident. He is self-motivated and loves his career. Adams highest priorities in life are his family and Jesus Christ. He loves the Savior and includes Him in every decision in life. Adam loves children and has wanted to adopt since he was young.

What Makes Adam Happy:

  • Liz
  • Taylor
  • Bailey
  • Raegan
  • Brigham

Adam Loves:

  • Basketball
  • Camping
  • Dirt bike riding
  • Working out
  • Family time more than anything

Favorite Vacation: Mexico

Favorite Hobby: Saving for vacations

Favorite Animal: Labradoodle


About Adam

Our Children

We have four beautiful children.

Taylor (13) Loves competitive soccer, volleyball, choir, is an incredible reader, and going to mutual. Taylor is calm, graceful, mature and thoughtful.

Bailey (10) Also loves competitive soccer, plays guitar and loves to paint gel nails on her sisters. Bailey is athletic, loyal and highly motivated.

Raegan (8) Loves tumbling, playing the piano and is always making everyone laugh. Raegan is tender, loving and always wants to be home with the family.

Brigham (5) Just learned to ride his bike, plays on a soccer team, loves super heroes and loves going camping. Brigham is happy, huggable and caring. All four of them love life and cannot wait to meet a new sibling.

Both of us grew up in large families. We get together with both sides of the family often. Adam’s side all lives in town and we see each other for almost every holiday as well as travel to Mexico, California and Thailand together. Liz’s side lives more distant but we also meet often in Oregon, Arizona, Idaho and California. We have both been blessed with loving and wonderful families. Both of our fathers have passed but our mothers are wonderful and really involved grandmothers. One grandma will pick up each grandchild individually for birthday lunches. The other grandma will come visit and teach the kids to paint, sew or do woodworking.

Our families are both loyal, loving, silly and fun! We have a huge support group and can’t wait to introduce your baby to them.

Our Children

Our Home and Community

We are currently building a new home on two acres in Idaho. We both grew up in Idaho and love it’s conservative family ideals. Our purpose in moving is to give our children opportunities to be in nature, grow a garden, raise animals, and play outdoors. We love the community feel of Middleton for example their 4th of July parades through town and Friday night football tailgating. Adam grew up with a pool and has fond memories of being in the pool with his siblings. Because of his love for his pool, we added one to our new home. We also added a theatre room because we love family movie night with popcorn and blankets. Middleton is close to the mountains, rivers, lakes all of which we love to camp at. Middleton has awesome schools and close-knit families.

Our Furry Friends: We have two pups, Honey is a four-year-old labradoodle and Taffita Muttonfudge is a one-year-old Cavalier King Charles. They are super sweet and cuddly!

Why We Love Living in Idaho:

  • Camping – because Idaho is gorgeous
  • Waterskiing -because it’s the best sport ever
  • Soccer – all of our kids play soccer and we spend a lot of family time at the fields together
  • Swimming – We have a backyard pool
  • Visiting grandma because she lives close by and we love her

Our Thoughts on Parenting: We both came from amazing parents and families. Family is super important to both of us. We both had large families and want our kids to have the same. We love family traditions that create a bond and a belonging in our children. We feel strongly about the need for children to work around the home. This is why we are moving to two acres so that the children can have responsibilities and opportunities to work and develop. We also feel strongly about sports and church activity. We know that when children feel a part of a team, their desire to be accepted is met and they become better people for learning to work as a team.

Our Home and Community