My name is Lucy and I live in The Hague, a city in the Netherlands, in Europe. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile. I really admire your strength for considering adoption. Therefore, I want to absolutely assure you that I will give my unconditional love and energy to your child!

Many years ago I dreamed of becoming a mother. My job as a doctor and my journeys all over the world made me choose adoption as a way to start my family. Every child deserves a secure and loving environment! My family and friends are 100% behind this. They support me in every way and will help me in being a great parent. Because adoption in my country can be more difficult, I am grateful to be able to adopt in the USA!

I cannot wait to take care of a little one!!!


About Me and My Family

I was born in the Netherlands 32 years ago. One year later my brother Pim came into this world and four years later my little sister Hetty followed. In our youth my brother, sister and I did many things together like swimming, playing hide and seek or tennis, we built wooden huts and explored forests with our parents. Most important of all, we had so much fun together.

Nowadays we are still very close. We see each other several times a week and live close to each other. I also have many nieces and nephews, so your child has many cousins! As a family, we celebrate birthdays together and every year we go skiing. We love spending time together! Everybody is very excited about my plans to adopt. They cannot wait to meet the little one and welcome them to our family.

When I turned 17 years old, I finished high school and went to university in the northern part of the country. I studied medicine and in 2013 I became a doctor. After graduating I worked in several hospitals. Next year I will finish my specialization as an urologist. I love to help people and to support them in difficult times.

Our Family Traditions

Time sharing and creating memories is so important to me and my family. We often meet, have dinners, walk along the beach or in the woods and even have family vacations together. We go to the sun having a lazy holiday and to Austria for skiing. Furthermore, we love celebrating special days like Christmas and New Years Eve. A house full of people you love fulfills my life with happiness.

My 10 Favorites

  • Spending time with my family
  • Taking my parents’ dog Saartje for walks
  • Having great dinners with family and friends. I love all kinds of food!
  • Going to the theatre and movies
  • Traveling to new destinations
  • Skiing
  • Boat trips
  • Reading romantic books
  • Art
  • Watching historical drama series, Grey’s anatomy, Station 19
About Me and My Family

About Me, From My Loved Ones

From my friend Ellen:

I have known Lucy almost my entire life. She will be a great mother to your child.

Lucy is a very warm person, she is open-minded and doesn’t judge other people. In fact, she will always support other people. Also, she is a great doctor, she will do everything she can to make sure her patients get the best care. In general, Lucy is very good with people, she treats people with respect.

I fully support her plans for adopting, because I feel that Lucy will become a great mother. She will take care of your child as if it would be her own. I know that her adopted child will be fully accepted by her family and friends.

From my friend Rinske:

Lucy is a very cheerful, social, warm and passionate person, both private and in her work. She fulfills her work as a doctor with great passion and love. In addition, I can describe Lucy as a close family person. If you need her help she will never refuse. She is socially responsible and will always stand up for the people who need it.

I am confident that Lucy will become a very loving and caring mother who will always put her child’s needs before herself. Lucy is very responsible and will make informed choices for the benefit of her child’s happiness.  Your child will really end up in a warm family nest where there will be no shortage of love.

From my sister Hetty:

We grew up in a very warm family. Lucy always took care of us. Nothing was too much for her!

Lucy is absolutely capable to offer any child a very good future. She will solve any problem that might arise and she will certainly ask for help if necessary. I would like to assist Lucy where I can.  I can assure you without any doubt that Lucy will be a great mum. She is a happy, responsible, social person and she is totally capable to give a child all the love and happiness in life they need.

About Me, From My Loved Ones

Home Sweet Home

I live in a city called The Hague, full of people from cultures all over the world. More than half of the population has a non Caucasian origin and 25% of the population consists of children. Especially in my neighborhood there are many families with children.

My house is filled with art. Colorful paintings and sculptures make me feel happy. In the baby room I already chose a nice painting of an artist who painted a cow with lots of colors.  I live near the beach and a beautiful old forest; both are only a few miles away. I am already looking forward to playing with my future child over there! Furthermore there are many schools nearby, museums, historical buildings and different restaurants where you can eat food from cuisines all over the world. The purpose of the municipality is to let every child become acquainted with culture, so they get cultural education already at primary school.

Meet My Pets

I share my home with my cat, called Fleur. She is an American Ragdoll. She is very friendly and gentle and has a special meaning for me because of the connection to my grandfather. My parents have a small dog, named Saartje. She can be a little bit naughty sometimes, but she is so sweet! She is always happy to see me and so am I to see her. Both of them are going to be great playmates for your child.

My Travels

My biggest hobby is traveling. I was lucky to see many countries all over the world, to meet kind people and to explore different cultures. I cannot wait to show my future child the places in the world that are most beautiful and full of history and culture. It is a privilege to be able to travel, so a child can grow up informed with a truly global mindset that is so important in today’s reality.

About the Netherlands

Let me start with a short introduction of the Netherlands. It is a small country in Western Europe with only 17 million inhabitants. I guess in the USA they would probably call our nation a state!  The Netherlands is famous for its cheese. Cheese and flowers are the largest Dutch export products. Furthermore you can find windmills all over the country; these historic buildings were used to pump water out of the lowlands back into the rivers to enable farming. Nowadays it is a tourist attraction.  Another fun fact about the Netherlands it that is has more bicycles than citizens!

Although grades at primary and secondary school determine the level of further education in the Netherlands, every child is able to study. Being rich or poor or having a different skin color does not determine your future. Every year more women study medicine too. In fact, in most hospitals female doctors are already in the majority.

In The Netherlands there is a special parental leave so I can take care of your baby. Besides, I have a very good support system. My mother and sister are always there to help me where needed.

Last but not least, in 2020 there was a new report released by UNICEF. According to them the Netherlands is the best place to be a kid. Dutch children are the happiest in the world!

Home Sweet Home

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me, my home, family, friends, values and interests. I am sure this decision is very difficult for you and this is why I want to absolutely assure you that I will do everything I possibly can to create a secure and loving environment for your child. I will love them with all my heart and soul. I think I have learned the do’s and don’ts in my own life as I observed those who took care of me. Most of all, I will try to recreate the loving environment that my parents and family offered me when I was growing up. I promise to do my utmost to provide your child with the best education and health care, a healthy lifestyle and surrounded by loving family and friends. I wish for your child to always be happy and brighten our days with big smiles. Wishing you all the best and praying for you to make the best decision for you and your baby.



Thank You