Luis & Katie

With Gratitude

Dear Birthmother,

We appreciate you taking the time to look at our profile. We would first of all like to thank you for having the courage and strength to consider adoption. Your strength and integrity are evident as we hopefully travel together through this journey.

Although Katie was able to conceive Diego, doctors have recently informed us that Katie is not able to carry a baby to full term. Looking towards adoption was an easy decision since Luis’s oldest son, Alex, is adopted and we’ve always been open to the idea. Our dream to grow our family and give Alex and Diego a younger sibling is just that, a dream.

You are giving a gift that we have only dreamt about and look forward as we start the next chapter in our life. Thank you doesn’t seem like a big enough expression to show our gratitude for your consideration.
With gratitude,
Katie & Luis

How We Met
We met while working together at the same school 7 years ago not knowing much about each other, other than Katie was a math teacher and Luis was the school’s psychologist. During a casual conversation about how our weekends went, we discovered a common interest in soccer. Katie was in need of subs for her coed soccer team and Luis was a willing participant. From that day on, we were each other’s top fans!

In our down time we enjoy…
• Cooking together
• Jogging/hiking in the local mountains
• Netflix movies and curling up on the coach
• Camping
• Do-it-yourself Projects
• Family BBQ’s

With Gratitude

Meet Luis

Meet Luis by Katie
Luis is “that guy”. He’s the guy that makes people laugh because of his humorous twist on stories. Luis is the guy whose shoulder is strong enough to hold me up when I am sad and can make me laugh to feel better. He will make you a pot of soup when you don’t feel well and runs to the pharmacy at midnight for medicine just so you can sleep that night. From our first official date, which lasted 6 hours at a restaurant, I knew Luis was the man I wanted to talk to about everything.

Luis has found his calling as a school psychologist. He can connect with some of the toughest students in our district and get through to them to make a positive difference. Not just students, but fellow teachers and staff members look to Luis for guidance and support when dealing with tough situations within the classroom.

Twenty months ago I saw Luis go from “that guy” to “that dad”. When I saw the tears of joy on his face during delivery when doctors announced, “It’s a boy”, I fell in love all over again. Luis is the dad who will help with late night feedings, teething babies at 2am, bedtime and story time routines as well as teaching our children how to throw and kick a ball. I know this joy will only grow as our family grows.

Luis is the man who works side by side with me not only at the same school, but also at home as we parent our children and grow as a family together.

Things that make Luis smile
• Waking up next to the one he loves every morning, Katie.
• Spontaneous hugs from Diego
• Watching Diego grow and seeing his personality flourish
• Conversations with Alex about school, cars, and sports
• Teaching Alex how to use tools
• Passing on family stories learned from parents
• Being outdoors, hiking and fishing
• Cooking traditional meals

Meet Luis

Meet Katie

Meet Katie by Luis
After seven years I continue to admire the qualities that made me fall in love with Katie. She has recently given me the best title I can have…Dad. I see her unwavering love and excitement she shows in preparing Diego for the day while singing and dancing each morning putting everyone in a great mood and brightening our days. Just saying good morning to her has a special meaning to me because each waking day allows me to fall in love with her again and again for the joy she is. What a great way to start a day! I’m a lucky guy.

As a teacher, Katie’s students have an excellent role model in her and as their instructor she teaches one of the most difficult courses for middle school students, math. She never gives up on them and is always trying to help, even if it means she tutors students before school starts. It is very endearing to hear her tell me stories of her past students that often drop by to visit and thank her for her guidance.

Undoubtedly, Katie is a committed individual that does things very well and with a smile. For 16 years Katie volunteered her time to coach a soccer team for children with special needs. She will help swing a hammer and plan home projects with me. Together we make a perfect team.

She has taught me how to see details in nature that I would otherwise not see. I am very appreciative of the journey not just the destination now. I’ve said this before and I will say it again…I’m a lucky guy.

What makes Katie smile
• Diego’s face when he finds a ladybug
• Camping with Luis and our boys
• Do-it-yourself projects with Luis
• When a student has an “ah-ha” moment
• Baking desserts
• Hiking
• Swim lessons with Diego
• Organizing
• Playing soccer with my students
• Learning how to fix my car with my dad

Meet Katie

Our Family

Meet Diego
Diego is our 20-month-old son. Diego is a typical little boy by all definitions. Everyday he brightens our lives with his full teddy bear hugs and bright smile. He’s full of love for exploring, playing, books and bugs. Each day he is learning something new and expanding his vocabulary.

He has brought so much joy to our lives and we can only imagine how great it will be when he has a younger sibling to grow with.

Meet Alex
Alex is Luis’s 17-year-old son. Luis adopted Alex fourteen years ago from Mexico. Alex is an easygoing teenager whose story is awe inspiring, from overcoming a language barrier to excelling in academics with hopes to become an engineer. He has developed into a natural runner in cross-country and track and field. We enjoy each season so we can cheer him on at his races and have Diego greet him at the finish line.

He enjoys being a big brother and looks forward to teaching his younger siblings all the typical games and tricks big brothers pass along.

Katie’s Family
Katie’s brother, Joey, is a geologist and wears the title of “Uncle” with pride. He connects with Diego in a way that only uncles can and talks about all the adventures he plans on taking his future nieces or nephews on as they get older.

Katie has several aunts, uncles, and cousins with whom all spent summers together in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Katie has continued the tradition of mountain trips as an adult, and Luis and his family now join Katie’s family during the summer for a week of camping, hiking, and fishing.

Although they are divorced, Katie’s parents have maintained a positive friendship over the years, making sure the needs of their children came first. Both of Katie’s parents and their spouses visit regularly to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other events which they would want their whole families present. Katie feels very blessed that she has been raised with this positive example.

Katie’s mom is over the moon with excitement at the idea of another grandchild to read to and take to the park. Katie’s dad cannot wait to add a little camper to the team to teach how to fish and take on train rides. Both have taken on the role of grandparent with their full hearts and are fully supportive and excited at the prospect of more grandchildren.

Luis’s Family
Luis grew up with three brothers and one sister in his immediate family. They are a very tight knit group which is evident by everyone getting together often to BBQ and hang out. If they are not at each other’s or their parents’ house, they are regularly talking on the phone and catching up.

The nieces and nephews love when their Tio (Uncle) Luis comes over because he’s the fun uncle. Luis plays, jokes, and mentors them all. Luis has taught them to fish, cook, and helps guide the older ones with their university decisions.

Luis’s mother instilled a strong faith in them, which is being passed down generations. Growing up around the corner from the neighborhood church, many of Luis’s childhood stories are centered around the Church. Luis maintains a strong faith and is passing that along to Alex and Diego as he leads by example.

Amongst things passed down, many of the recipes Luis uses today are those that were taught to him growing up. Our home always smells delicious.

Our Family

Our Home & Promises

Our Home and Community
We bought our house five years ago. We are proud of the work we have done with our own hands on our home and enjoy having our families over on a regular basis.

We have four bedrooms, three bath, two-story house with plenty of space and are looking forward to the day when we can hear Diego and his younger siblings running around playing together.

We’ve developed our backyard into a play area oasis. With plenty of green grass to run around, surrounded by gardens full of flowering plants specifically planted to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. There is a fountain, which Luis built himself that Diego loves watching small yellow finches and hummingbirds bathe and drink from.

Promises to the baby
You will be loved unconditionally
You will be surrounded by family who are eager to meet you and love you
You will learn to say please and thank you
You will be raised with a strong sense of faith
You will be encouraged to let your imagination grow
You will know that every day we consider you a gift and a blessing and tell you that you are loved
You will be read to every day
You will learn about respect and experience different cultures
You will experience God’s work through nature
You will know your birth story and how much your birthmother loved you and how grateful we are for her gift of you every day.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our profile and get a glimpse of our life and hopes for the future. We have faith that you will make the right decision and know that you are admired for your strength. We are open to talking or a visit if you wish.

Thank you.
Katie and Luis

Our Home & Promises