Mahagany and Rob


We are Mahagany and Rob from the Netherlands, a country located in Europe. We have the deepest respect for the difficult choice you are about to make. We can only imagine the courage it takes to choose the best possible future for your child. With this profile we would like to give a glimpse into our lives and show you the warm and loving environment in which we would welcome your child.

Since our youth, we both have dreamed of starting a family. In September 2014, we made the decision to fulfill this dream through open adoption, due to struggles with having a biological child. Our hearts go out to open adoption because we value openness and honesty, and we want your child to know their origin story. We also value open adoption because it means that you can keep playing a part in your child’s life to a degree that meets your comfort levels.

Our desire to become parents has only become stronger with every step we have taken in the adoption process. We have been open with our family and friends regarding our plans to adopt and have only received excited and loving reactions. This has only strengthened us in our dream of becoming parents. We can’t wait to give your child the most loving and caring childhood possible.

We will raise your child to be respectful, polite, caring and patient. Above all else, we will teach them to enjoy life and be kind to others!

About Us: Our story began 23 years ago when we were both students in Groningen,

a city in the north of the Netherlands. We had already met in high school where Mahagany wrote a sweet note to Rob. Rob was honored but still too busy with sports and other girls! In 1998 we met again and have enjoyed our lives together ever since!

In 2003, we moved in together in Eindhoven, a city in the south of the Netherlands, where Rob graduated with a degree in Architecture, and Mahagany earned a degree in Tourism. We married in 2010 in a Castle built in 1616. We share our lives with our two cats Doerak and Hulk and cannot wait to add a beautiful baby into the mix.

Over the last two decades, we have had a lot of fun with each other, as well as our family and friends. We love each other more than ever and wish very much to share this love with a child.

We are so ready to become a family!

Top 5 Favorite Things We Enjoy Doing Together:

  • To go camping in Italy
  • Cooking in our kitchen
  • Gardening together
  • Playing games, our favorite is Settlers of Catan
  • Being lazy on a Sunday morning

About Rob

About Rob by Rob: I grew up with my loving mother and brother. My other brothers (seven total!) are older and had started their adult lives already. We are a very close family and get together often throughout the year. Everyone is very excited for me to become a father and all my brothers cannot wait to be uncles! After high school, I studied Architecture in college. I worked for several architecture firms in the area, before starting my own company in 2014. I can arrange my own time schedule and will be flexible to stay at home at daytime.

In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, both recreationally and competitively, as well as spending time with friends and family, and of course design and architecture! I look forward to being able to teach my future child how to golf and share my passion for design with them as they grow up.

More About Rob by Mahagany: Rob is my best friend and the love of my life. He is loved by all of his friends and family and is always willing to lend them a helping hand. Rob will show your child the world with honesty, responsibility, respect and lots of humor! He will always be a great dad and I can’t wait to see him with a child.

Rob’s Favorites:

  • Food: Italian Pizza
  • Artist: Prince
  • Books: Design and Architecture
  • Color: Blue
  • Guilty Pleasure: Paprika Crisps
  • City: New York
  • Time of Year: Summer
About Rob

About Mahagany

About Mahagany by Mahagany: I grew up in Borger, where I lived with my loving parents and my sister, Gabrielle. I had a lovely childhood. After high school, I studied Tourism, and I’ve worked in several hotels in our area before starting as a manager of Hospitality and Events just a couple of months ago. When our future child comes home I will be at home for a few months. After these months I will work for 3 days and we registered already for daycare at a farm in the neighborhood.

In my spare time, I like to play sports; boxing, ride horses and play tennis. Cooking and baking are passions of mine, and I’d love to teach my future child all the recipes that have been passed down to me. I also volunteer at the library, where I read books with children who have difficulties with Dutch. Your child will be bilingual learning our native language, Dutch and English!

More About Mahagany by Rob: Mahagany is an honest, loving and warm person. She has a big heart and likes to share it with her loved ones. She is active and likes to organize a day trip or cook a dinner for family and friends. Mahagany will be an active mother with patience and respect. I know that she will love every minute that she can spend with our future child and I look forward to seeing her become a mother!

Mahagany’s Favorites:

  • Food: Nachos
  • Artist: Kensington
  • Books: Thrillers
  • Color: Red
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate Truffle Pecan Nuts
  • City: Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Flower: Tulip
  • Animal: Cheetah
  • Shoes: Sneakers
  • Time of Year: Spring


About Mahagany

Family and Friends

Family is very important to us. We like to visit our parents, along with our brothers and sisters, every chance we get. We like to have dinner together or plan an activity like visiting a historical castle or a trip to the zoo. Our parents are delighted to become grandparents (again!).

Rob’s mom and her husband love to camp and their biggest hobby is their two Dalmatian dogs. Rob’s dad and his wife lives near the Frisian lakes and love to sail and explore nature. Mahagany’s parents live near some old castles. They love to visit and they also like to travel. They’ve visited South America, Canada, Tibet, South Africa and of course Europe.

We are very close with our siblings, including seven of Rob’s brothers and Mahagany’s sister, as well as many more extended family members who live close by. We have many nephews and nieces, who are all very excited about meeting the newest cousin in the family!

Besides our family, we are very close with our friends. Most of them live in the Netherlands, but we have friends in New York, Dubai, and Madagascar too. We all met while in college but have maintained a close relationship throughout the years. When we all get together, we like to go sailing on the lakes, camping in Italy, or just share a meal together as a group of old friends. It’s been incredible to see them grow their families and they are all very excited for us to adopt a child. One of our best friends have three children, and they asked us to be their Godparents. This was a huge honor for us, and we are excited that our godchildren will grow up close in age with our future child.

Top 5 Dutch Family Traditions:

  • Each year we celebrate Dutch traditions, and of course Christmas with a lot of presents.
  • Carnival
  • Kingsday
  • Martin’s Day (Fairy light festival)
  • Dutch Santa
  • Dutch doughnuts on New Year’s Eve
Family and Friends

Our Home and Community

For 17 years we lived in Eindhoven but two years ago we moved to Waalre, a village nearby. We live in a detached house designed by Rob and we built the house together. In the surrounding area is a lot of nature and at the corner a farm with cows, horses and sheep. About 6 miles from our home is the city Eindhoven, a cultural city with a lot of things to do and a large variety of nationalities. It is very diverse, and there’re lots of opportunities to get to know other cultures. Eindhoven also has a cozy theater, where we often go to see shows. Once a year there are events like the Dutch Design Week and Glow (a light festival), which we love to attend with family and friends. We cannot wait to share the festivals and traditions of this city with our future child!

Our village, Waalre, is centrally located and about two hours from our parents, six hours from Paris (France), and six hours from Berlin (Germany). That means it’s the perfect place to travel from and we look forward to going on many adventures around the Netherlands and Europe with our future child.

We Have Two Cats, Doerak and Hulk: Doerak is already 15 and grew up with her sister Teiger who passed away two years ago. Last year we brought home Hulk from the shelter. He was a very shy little kitten but he grew up like a tiger and brings almost every day a special gift, a mouse! Our cats will make great fur companions to your child!

We Promise To:

  • Respect and support your child
  • Let them be the person they are, no matter who that may be
  • Spend every day showering your child with love
  • Make them smile and laugh every day
  • Teach them kindness and compassion
  • Never let them go a day without hearing how much we love them

In Closing – Thank You: We are honored that you have taken the time to read our profile. We hope that we have given you a good first look into our life together and a glimpse of all the people that we love. We and all of our loved ones are ready to welcome your child into our lives and our hearts. Our greatest hope is that you find happiness and peace of mind with whatever decision you make.

Lots of love,

Rob and Mahagany



Our Home and Community