Marc & Meg

Hi from Marc, Meg & Isabelle in CA!

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering our family for the adoption of your baby.

We have so much respect for the selfless choice you are making and want you to know that we will be by your side during this journey. Your baby will be told about how your unconditional love made this possible, choosing just the right family.

We hope our photos and words give you some insight into who we are, what we value, and the warmhearted home your child will be raised in.

We are currently a family of three, but would love to become a family of four! Our daughter Isabelle is the joy of our lives. Although we have not been able to conceive naturally with our second, it is our deepest desire to expand our family and we are honored that you are considering us!

About Us: We live in San Diego, California and have just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. Whew! Time flies when you’re in love. We met serendipetously on and it was Meg’s beautiful smile and catch phrase, ‘A match made in Heaven’ that caught Marc’s attention.

We dated for six short months before he got down on one knee and proposed on a local beach…9 months later we tied the knot and off we went on our honeymoon. It was a whirlwind of a romance and we’ve never looked back!

Hi from Marc, Meg & Isabelle in CA!

Meet Marc

About Marc, through Meg’s eyes: Marc is loyal, encouraging, adventurous, young at heart, courageous, and goofy. He is my best friend and makes me laugh like no one else. I love you’s are never far from his lips. Loyalty is very important to him and it not only extends to me, but to all his friends. He’s always had a way of getting even strangers to open up and share their life stories with him.

He has an extremely compassionate heart and always sees the good in people and goes the extra mile to help them. He loves to play basketball and is a mentor to a 15-year-old boy. He is positive and uplifting and has the gift of encouragement.

Marc is a real estate investor and property manager. He is very good at his job and has a real knack for turning dilapidated homes into something beautiful for families to live in. He brings his good morals and kindness into every project. He has provided a safe and loving home for our family and has always put us first.

Our daughter Isabelle, loves him to pieces and he loves to take her on daddy daughter dates. Sometimes they play mini golf together, or simply browse the bookstore for a new book to read together at bedtime.

He is wonderfully present and spontaneous with her. There is an eternal youthfulness to him, coupled with a magnetic energy and personality that draws both adults and kids to him, young and old. We are so very excited to grow our family and are honored to have you consider us as adoptive parents for your baby.

Meet Marc

Meet Meg

About Meg, through Marc’s Eyes: Meg is the most virtuous person I have ever known. She has a deep and passionate love for God, our marriage, our family and our community. I knew just after a few dates that there was something special about her and she is the best partner I could have ever asked for.

There is a quiet inner strength and calmness that adds to her beauty and draws people in, making them feel right at ease. She definitely has the gift of hospitality and loves making and keeping our home a warm and welcoming place where friends and family often get together.

A large amount of her time is spent in the kitchen discovering new recipes and making delicious meals. She is very knowledgeable in nutrition and healthy eating and is never afraid to try new things. One of the things I love about Meg is how she prioritizes family meals around the table. She loves to cook comfort foods like pot roast and mashed potatoes. Most evenings, dinners are spent sitting around the table, eating and unwinding the details of the day. She also makes sure our daughter gets a good, healthy breakfast each morning before heading off to school.

I love that we get to work together as well! She is my other half in our real estate ventures. Meg is detail oriented and great at keeping the books organized and orderly. Her flexible schedule will make it easy for her to stay at home all day with the new baby and I am looking forward to Meg becoming a mother again! Meg is a devoted daughter, a loving mother, a wonderful wife and my best friend.

Meet Meg

Our Loving Families

Meet Big Sister Isabelle: Isabelle is a happy-hearted, compassionate, fun, energetic animal lover. She loves to draw, dance, make slime, do cartwheels and practice her tumbling skills on our outdoor trampoline. She is easy to laugh and has a big heart, especially for dogs and anyone she sees who is being mistreated. She has a great sense of style and can’t wait to be a big sister.

Isabelle has already traveled many places around the world. It is important to us that she grows up with a balanced perspective and social awareness to other cultures and that her childhood is filled with meaningful experiences. Some of our recent adventures include exploring English castles, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, learning about her family heritage in Taiwan, and most recently, spending Christmas with her cousins in the Philippines and horseback riding in Cambodia.

As parents, we encourage her to be her own unique person, to take chances and be kind to everyone. We know that it is our privilege and responsibility to give her guidance as well as the room to grow into a well-rounded, happy, capable person. We look forward to loving and providing these opportunities for your child as well!

Marc’s Family: Marc’s family lives in Indiana and Arizona. They are a very tight knit family and often share long conversations over the phone. They are extremely supportive of our decision to adopt and are happily anticipating the new addition to our family. Grandma and Grandpa can’t wait to buy their plane tickets to San Diego to meet the new baby and spoil him or her with love and attention!

Meg’s Family: Meg is lucky to have her mother and many members of her extended family living nearby in San Diego, making yearly family reunions easy and fun. Thanksgiving and Christmas are always filled with holiday joy and an endless rotation of homes for gathering and eating. Meg’s mother is one of 8 sisters.

Meg also has one older adopted sister who is a U.S. diplomat and lives in the Philippines with her husband and 3 beautiful children. We normally get together at least once a year to spend with them. Last summer was spent road tripping from Scotland to England, exploring castles and having lots of laughs and adventures.

Meet Our Pups:
George is our sweet 12-year-old Labrador retriever. He’s been the most loving, gentle, and smartest dog we’ve ever had. He waits to be invited inside the house even if the door is wide open! His favorite activity these days is napping, but also loves to play ball and swim in our pool.

Wylee is our feisty 9-year-old Pomeranian who was aptly named after Wylee Coyote. He is the ultimate ball dog as well as couch cuddler. He waits for us to sit down so he can snuggle on our laps. He is wonderful around children and brings us much laughter and joy.

Roxy is our delightful new Pomeranian puppy we added into the mix recently. She brings a new energy and effervescence to our lives, and we adore her.

Our Loving Families

Our Home & Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in a spacious and comfortable home in a beautiful, safe community in Northern San Diego. We chose this location because of the excellent school district and friendly neighborhood feel.

Our daughter has recently learned to ride her bike and can be seen whizzing around the cul-de-sac with other kids in the neighborhood. There is a nice park within walking distance and lots of canyon trails where we take our dogs for walks.
Meg’s mother also lives 5 minutes away and is extremely helpful when it comes to watching Isabelle when we want an occasional date night!

Twice a month we host a couple’s Bible Study in our home where we fellowship with other young families and eat dinner together.

In the summer, we frequently have backyard BBQ’s and lazy pool days where lots of memories are made. We enjoy having a home where friends, families, and kids like to hang out and have fun. Marc can often be seen grilling up delicious burgers while Meg makes her famous strawberry shortcake.

A Special Message To You: We want to close by saying how grateful we are to be considered as adoptive parents. As our flexible schedules allow both of us the privilege to stay at home most days, we will have the time to provide our attention and love to your baby!

We want you to know that as parents, we will always be supportive, nurturing, steady, and constant in his or her life. They will always know how loved they are. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say thank you!

Our Home & Closing Thoughts