Marco & Kristy

Hi from Kristy, Marco, Alexander & Isaiah!

Dear Birth Mother: It is with much SINCERITY that we would like to thank you for reviewing our profile to learn more about us and our family. More importantly, thank you for your COURAGE and SELFLESSNESS in choosing adoption for your child. We think much about who our new family member will be, and have much appreciation for you and the choice you are making.

After over three years of infertility, we made the decision that adoption is the best choice for us to grow our family. We always thought we would have four kids, but a challenging pregnancy with our twins, Alexander and Isaiah resulted in one of our son’s becoming physically disabled. We worked hard to find him the therapies he needed, and now we’ve settled into our new normal with our twin boys. We are READY and EXCITED to welcome a new little family member into our home!

We tell the boys often that they are loved. We share with them that they are the best thing to ever happen to us and we feel blessed that God trusted these two little guys, and soon their new brother or sister, in our care. We anxiously await the arrival of our new family member to share this same LOVE and AFFECTION with him or her.

About Us: We met our first week in graduate school. After graduating and establishing our careers we were married in a beautiful intimate ceremony with family and friends in an old Catholic Church in Montana, near Kristy’s parents’ home. Before we had the twins, we did a lot of traveling abroad.

We are very fortunate to have been able to visit many famous places such as the Great Wall of China, the Church of Notre Dame in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, the Tower of London, and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to name a few. Our recent vacations have been child-focused – such as spending a couple days at Disneyland. Our lives are centered around our kids and building fun childhood memories for them. We can’t wait to create new memories with our future child!

Fun Family Activities:

• Visiting THE ZOO with our annual family membership
• Visiting DISNEYLAND for a couple of days at least once a year
• FAMILY HIKES through the neighborhood hills
• SWIMMING during the warm months
• Trips to the BEACH for lunch and play
• Trips to the ICE CREAM PARLOR

Hi from Kristy, Marco, Alexander & Isaiah!

Meet Marco

About Marco, by Marco: I grew up in former East Germany. I was a teenager when the Berlin Wall came down and share stories with the kids from that time that are now recorded in history books!

I moved to America to attend graduate school. Today, I work in sales for a transportation company. Working in sales, I have the flexibility to work from home from time to time, but it also requires some travel a few days per month. When I arrive home from work each day, Alexander runs to the door to greet me and Isaiah screams with excitement. I can’t wait to become a father again and LOOK FORWARD to adding to our family!

By Kristy: Marco has always behaved like a gentleman towards me. As long as I have known Marco, he has opened my car door and carried my bags. Marco goes over and above trying to lessen my load. He often offers to clean up the dinner dishes, to make school lunches for the boys, and to run errands with the boys on weekends so I can have some time alone.

Most important to Marco is growing our family while providing a loving home and a strong support system for all three of our children – the boys and our new baby. By creating this type of home, when the kids become adults, they will continue to provide LOVE and SUPPORT to one another – this is our hope and dream for all three of their lives.

Fun Facts About Marco:
• FAVORITE DESSERT: Anything sweet

Meet Marco

Meet Kristy

About Kristy, by Kristy: As a teenager and young adult, I worked hard to save up money to attend college. I received my bachelor’s degree in Criminology and became a police detective so I could help people. Six years later, I chose to attend graduate school to study business and later became a successful businesswoman. After the birth of the twins, we decided it was best that I stay at home with the boys. I will remain a stay at home mom when the new baby arrives!

By Marco: Kristy is an extremely strong, hard-working and loving mother. For our son Isaiah, who is disabled, she fights hard to make sure he receives the appropriate care. Our boys are attending a school that educates typical, special needs, and gifted kids all in the same class and differences and individuality are appreciated. Their new brother or sister will also attend this school.

I think what made me fall in love with Kristy was her silliness and her authenticity. She was always quick to crack a joke about a situation. Kristy is very aware of making sure our kids both feel loved and appreciated for their strengths and for their differences. This is very much driven by her determination to be a strong mother, but also because she is deeply in love with our kids. Kristy will do anything for either one of our boys and for the new baby to come.

Fun Facts About Kristy:

• FAVORITE DESSERT: Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio ice cream
• FAVORITE CHILDREN’S BOOK: James and the Giant Peach
• FAVORITE MOVIE: Anything with a happy or humorous ending

Meet Kristy

Our Family & Friends

Meet Big Brothers Alexander and Isaiah: Isaiah laughs more than anyone else in our household. Isaiah has taught us that life is based on your own perspective and not that of others. Isaiah knows life only with a disability, it is his normal and it doesn’t hold him back. Isaiah makes friends quickly because of his great sense of humor and his ability to flash a big smile from ear to ear. Most physical tasks are a challenge for Isaiah, but he is so determined and motivated to always try his best. Isaiah is so excited to have a little one in the house that he can help do things and protect.

Alexander is the entertainer of the family. He often has the family laughing at his dance moves and silly expressions. He loves music and shares that joy with his father. Alexander is a very mature and compassionate little six-year-old. Growing up with a brother with special needs has resulted in Alexander being very mature for his age. He is quick to cheer on his brother for his hard work and quick to speak up in his defense.

Alexander is very excited about playing Legos with his new brother or sister and helping Kristy to care for the baby. He insisted he would care for the baby, but we convinced him to be a big helper instead.

Our Family and Friends: MARCO’S ENTIRE FAMILY still lives in Germany. He grew up with two sisters and a brother with whom all remain close. His parents were married for 50 years before his father passed away. His sister, Manuela, visits us two times a year and stays for three weeks. We call her ‘Tante’, which is German for aunt. She is the adoring aunt who sends gifts on holidays and enjoys plenty of playtime with the children during visits.

KRISTY grew up in Southern California with her parents and four sisters. Her parents have been married for forty-four years! They live in Montana and come down every three months to spend time with the boys. Kristy’s mom, ‘Nana’, spends the entire time playing games and reading to the boys. The kids absolutely love their Nana.

Our Family & Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in a single story, four-bedroom home in a quiet suburb in Los Angeles County, in Southern California. We often ride bikes around the neighborhood with an occasional stop for a picnic at the park. Our area has an excellent school district!

Our Furry Friend: Meeko is an English Crème Golden Retriever. He’s great with the kids, already potty trained, and continues to learn new tricks. The boys love him and we know he will be a great companion for all of our children.

Thank you very much for taking the time to get to know us. We are anxious and excited to continue our adoption journey and discover the joy that lies ahead.

It is our hope, that you are at peace in your own journey and when choosing a family. You will know in your heart when you have found the right family, if it is us, we promise to always love and respect the beautiful gift we have been given. Your child will grow up being loved.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts