Mark & Katelyn

Hello & Thank You from Katelyn & Mark in CA!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are so grateful and respectful of your difficult decision to place your child for adoption.

I’m sure we can never fully understand everything you are going through but we are entirely committed to supporting you with CARE, COMPASSION, and HONESTY. It has been our dream to start a family, and we promise to provide your child with unconditional everlasting love, support and guidance.

Our home is full of dedication, hard work, strong morals, fun and laughter. We believe a good foundation starts in the home you are raised in and we look forward to being able to share our lives with our future child.

We wish you peace of mind and comfort throughout this process. Thank you again & we hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Here’s Our Story: We first met when we were in high school through a school club. We went to different schools 15 minutes away but always had friends in common. Through college we would see each other when we came home on break because our best friends dated and later married.

When Mark finally moved home from San Diego, Katelyn reached out to him to meet up and we have been hooked on each other since. Mark surprised Katelyn with a proposal in 2014 at the family cabin in Mendocino, where his parents were also engaged. We were married in May 2015, the same month both of us were born.

We will be the first on both sides of our families to bring a new addition into all of our lives. WE ARE ECSTATIC ABOUT THIS NEXT PHASE IN OUR LIVES.

Things We Love To Do:
• Having friends and family over on the weekends for PIZZA NIGHT!
• Playing GOLF AND CARDS with Mark’s family
• FLYING AROUND CALIFORNIA in search of the best airport breakfast spot
• SNOWBOARDING the Mountains of Northern California
• BOATING on the Sacramento River with Katelyn’s Family
• Summer and Winter Trips to the LAKE HOUSE
• ABALONE DIVING in Mendocino
• FISHING new locations
• WINE TASTING with Friends
• RECREATING RECIPES from our favorite restaurants
• TRAVELING the world

Hello & Thank You from Katelyn & Mark in CA!

Meet Katelyn

Katelyn Through Mark’s Eyes: Katelyn is my rock. She is my best friend and biggest supporter. Her smile and laughs are what make me melt. Katelyn grew up in a small town 15 miles from where I grew up where her parents were pillars of the community and raised her with outstanding morals and amazing family values that have always shown in her personality.

She is the glue that keeps all of her friends and huge family bound so tight. She constantly finds fun and exciting ways to bring everyone together for everlasting memories.

Katelyn is also a very responsible and hard worker which has made her successful in the car industry. Although she loves what she does, nothing can bring more happiness to her life than being a stay at home mom.

Kids are always excited to see Katelyn and they look up to her. I first witnessed this when she taught my cousin’s kids swim lessons when we had just began dating. Katelyn is also active in children’s basketball camps where she is a great teacher and roll model. I look forward to watching her becoming a loving mother to our own child.

Meet Katelyn

Meet Mark

Mark Through Katelyn’s Eyes: I truly don’t think I could have gotten any luckier having Mark as my companion for life. He isn’t only my husband, but he is my best friend. I know that I can depend on him for anything I need. But it doesn’t stop here. Being raised in a small town in Northern California, you learn a sense of community. Therefore, lending a helping hand is something you can always find him doing.

Positivity is key to Mark and he always strives to make sure people are happy. He makes you want to be a better person and encourages you to set goals in life.

Mark has an admirable sense of adventure. Always looking for new places to travel to, day trips to take, and foods to taste. He is constantly challenging me to expand my horizons and try new things. His favorite thing to do when eating out is to order multiple things on the menu. As he would say, “You never know what you might miss. There might be something really good!”

I know that Mark looks forward to being a Dad and showing our child the wonders of living in the country. Tractor rides will be of plenty!

Mark went to College in San Diego where he received his degree in Engineering. He has since moved home to farm with his family. He takes pride in his work and is always looking for ways to grow the family farm for generations to come. He is constantly working hard to better our lives and I am proud of him for taking this risk of leaving his career behind in San Diego.

Meet Mark

Our Family & Friends

The People We Love: We are very close with both of our families and love spending time with them. We feel fortunate that both of our parents are within 15 minutes of us. Raising a family close to our parents has always been important. Mark’s younger brother lives only a few blocks from us, as well as his Grandmother.

Two of Mark’s cousin’s and their families live on our street. They have five young girls combined, who are always stopping by. Katelyn’s older brother and wife live in the Bay Area, a couple hours drive away.

Both our family and friends have been supportive through our decision to grow our family through adoption and anticipate the arrival of another precious child into their lives.

We also consider our best friends our family. We have kept in close contact with our college friends. We travel together and make it a point to see each other often. We have enjoyed watching them grow their families and are excited about future playdates.

Our Family & Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home is where the heart is: We live in a 3 bedroom home in a small town an hour North of Sacramento, California. Living in our small town gives you security, since everyone knows one another. Town Schools and playgrounds are all walking distance from our house. With a large lot, we are able to grow summer gardens and have planted a variety of fruit trees.

We have a great home for entertaining and often have friends and family over for pizza in our outdoor kitchen and pizza oven. Being centrally located in California, we are a short drive to the ocean, mountains and city of San Francisco. Therefore, there is never a shortage of adventures to be had.

Meet Hallie: Hallie is our 8 year old Labrador. She may be a large dog, but she surely thinks that she is a lap dog. She loves playing with kids, but mainly to try and steal their ice cream cones. Her favorite stuffed animal is a duck. She loves running on the ranch, naps, rides in the truck, belly rubs, playing frisbee and swimming in the river. She loves doing tricks for treats such as speak, shake and roll over.

Our Hopes and Dreams: We CANNOT WAIT TO OPEN OUR HEARTS and share everything special about growing up in an agricultural based community just as we did. We look forward to taking your child swimming, riding bikes and going to the beach. We are here to support and encourage their interest whether it is learning to play an instrument, fishing, playing a sport or taking on the great outdoors. We will always be here for them.

We want more than anything to be able to pass our family values and traditions onto your child, while they grow into their own individual and create new memories of their own. We hope to pass on our love for food, travel and adventure!

A Special Message To You: From the bottom on our hearts, we thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We admire your decision of choosing adoption and if we are lucky enough to be chosen as the parents of your child, we are committed to giving your baby love, support and encouragement. You will be making our dream on having a family come true.

We hope that by looking through our profile, we have provided a glimpse of our life and family. We appreciate this opportunity and we are excited to become parents through adoption.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts